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Of turtles and solar panels

Posted by laurie on June 1, 2011

It was Commencement Day at Princeton yesterday and non-essential staff are encouraged to take the day off in order to free up parking spaces. I was happy to oblige. It was in the 90s, too hot to do anything outside, but being the intrepid lawn mower that I am, I mowed the lawn.

As I was turning a corner in the backyard I noticed a large rock which looked a lot like a turtle. Oh wait a second, it WAS a turtle! It was huge, its shell was about 18″ in diameter and it looked like a snapping turtle. I quickly scooped up Sherman who was helping me mow, and deposited him on the other side of our temporary fence. Phillip tried to find the turtle when he got home, with no luck. That turtle is the second large animal in the backyard, joining the groundhog. It’s getting dangerous back there.

Installation of the solar panels should be completed today. Time to crank up the air conditioning!

Yesterday, in addition to working on the roof, they crawled through a window into the guest room to hook up the solar to the router. We’re going to be able to watch our solar production on the World Wide Interweb!

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