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Posted by laurie on June 13, 2011

So the architect was over on Friday to look at the sunroom. While he was here, Phillip had him look at the original plans of the house, and the architect confirmed what Phillip had thought — that the wall separating the two rooms in the mother-in-law suite was NOT load bearing and therefore could come down. Phillip’s been waiting twelve years to take down that wall so he got started right away! The mother-in-law suite is above the garage and stairs in the garage lead to it. Phillip also knocked down a wall in the guestroom closet and you can get there that way. We only use the space for storage. Please take note of the 1970’s decor: the dark wood, ugly walls, hideous curtains, and green and orange plush carpet. This is what the whole house looked like when we moved in. The carpet was everywhere in the house and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere: the carpet was IN THE KITCHEN!

It doesn’t take long to take down a wall, although he’s got a bit of electrical work to do. I believe that was an elective in third-year med school.

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