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Bon Appetit

Posted by laurie on August 31, 2011

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy fared much worse than we did in the storm. Their driveway was reduced to a series of massive potholes and required delivery of 25 tons of gravel. Plus they’ve had no power or water since late Saturday. They came over on Monday night to shower and have a real meal. Bob is a terrific cook and he is trying to interest young Sherman into becoming his apprentice.

Sherman seems willing. Stanley says he’ll serve as official taster.

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Back to normal

Posted by laurie on August 30, 2011

This was at 4PM on Monday, the water was just about gone. We were so lucky. If you Google on “Manville NJ” or “Bound Brook NJ” which are two adjoining towns, you’ll see how terribly they were flooded.

This was Command Central on Sunday. Phillip juggled between cable and satellite, and his mother on one line, the hospital on another (his hospital – he was on call).

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The water recedes

Posted by laurie on August 29, 2011

I took this picture at the height of the flood yesterday, and the next picture this morning.

Now look back up at the first photo and notice that the fence at the bottom of the driveway is completely covered. The water was at least 5′ deep. Our house is a good 20-30′ above so we did fine. While our road is impassable, last night Phillip somehow drove his car through the yard across into our neighbor’s property (with permission) to an unflooded road on the other side. This morning he hiked over to it and drove to work. Princeton University is closed, but I’d stay home even if it wasn’t. Our power came back on last night, and we were only without it for 22 hours, during which time we ran the generator. And our Internet connection returned after the power did. I’m back in business.

The boys were entirely nonplussed by the whole thing but join me in thanking you for all prayers and well wishes!

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Glub, glub

Posted by laurie on August 28, 2011

We are fine! However, the road is under 4 feet of water. On generator power, no hot water, no house phone and no Internet. No property damage, no one hurt!

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Almost ready

Posted by laurie on August 26, 2011

As I write this Phillip is halfway up the house, caulking two windows which leak in heavy rain. It does look like the hurricane is going to hit New Jersey, as well as most of the other states in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Our biggest threat (unless a tree falls on the house) is flooding. On the other side of the canal the Raritan river floods without much provocation, and if it’s a big flood (we’ve had two in the thirteen years we’ve lived here) then it floods into the canal, onto the road and up our driveway. The house is way up, safely out of reach, but this kind of flooding does enormous damage to homes and businesses nearby. Hoping for a 10-year, not a 100-year flood. Be safe everyone!

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Of tornados and hurricanes

Posted by laurie on August 25, 2011

Although Phillip was never a Boy Scout, “Be Prepared” is his motto. Hurricane Irene is possibly headed our way for a Sunday rendezvous, and there’s a tornado watch in the area for this afternoon. Phillip ordered this dumpster yesterday morning and it had arrived when I got home. After dinner we spent about an hour moving this pile into the dumpster. The pile was probably twice as large as what’s visible here. It contained all the detritus of the mother-in-law suite and the sunroom. Tonight we’re going to look for more stuff to throw out before they come for it on tomorrow.

This morning we hauled stuff inside and cleaned up whatever was laying around. Mother Nature is looking pretty serious this week.

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Your Wednesday recipe

Posted by laurie on August 24, 2011

My former neighbor gave me this easy recipe for Italian Wedding soup. Chop up a large onion and a few cloves of garlic. Sautee them in olive oil in a large pot for about 5 minutes. Then pour in 2 cartons of chicken broth. I’ve found that Swanson Organic Free Range chicken broth actually tastes like chicken. Bring it to a boil and add a little less than half of a package of Acini de Pepe, a teeny tiny pasta that plumps up like you wouldn’t believe. While it cooks for a few minutes prepare some meatballs. Since I’m Jewish and never learned how to make them (we only do matzoh balls, although I can’t make those either), I buy precooked turkey meatballs and cut them up into small pieces. Put those in the soup. In another couple of minutes add a bag of baby spinach (and marvel at how quickly it shrinks!) Then add maybe 1/8 cup of grated parmesan cheese, and a couple splashes of half-and-half. Let simmer until you’re ready to eat. It’s delicious!

I don’t get this. If one of them gets too close to the other’s supper bowl they growl. But this is OK. Maybe it’s because Phillip is wielding the ladle?

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Lido deck update

Posted by laurie on August 23, 2011

Phillip’s been working pretty much non-stop (during his copious spare time) on the deck. He has put up most of the edging, and is now working on steps on the two exposed sides. At first we were going to use pavers but agreed that the decking material would look better and cost a whole lot less. But that’s not all! I wanted to replace both of the sliding glass doors but when he told me they go for at least $1000 a pop, I suggested that we replace the door from his office (on the left in this photo) with a wall and a window. Sometimes I come up with these things and when I see him make a face I realize it’s going to be too much work, and that was the reaction I got at first. Then he started to warm up to the idea and began pricing windows online. So that will be the next project. I bet you didn’t know that they teach Intermediate Building in medical school, huh?

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My little shadow

Posted by laurie on August 22, 2011

Due to pool closures I have been running more than swimming these days. I usually run for 50 minutes, but on Saturday and Sunday I did a full hour and the additional 10 minutes per day practically did me in. Consequently I spent more time than usual on the couch.

I felt rather guilty because Phillip spent the entire weekend working on the Lido deck. I’ll have an architecture update on the deck tomorrow.

P.S. Happy 40th anniversary to my sister Nancy and her hubbie Rick!! They got their 4th grandchild (Ari Max) as a present!

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Phillip reconsiders bunkbeds

Posted by laurie on August 19, 2011

Congratulations to Susan In DE for: What “working from home today” really looks like.

And the runner-up is Patr for: It’s a LOVE Seat after all.

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