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Phillip reconsiders bunkbeds

Posted by laurie on August 19, 2011

Congratulations to Susan In DE for: What “working from home today” really looks like.

And the runner-up is Patr for: It’s a LOVE Seat after all.


18 Responses to “Phillip reconsiders bunkbeds”

  1. ChristyACB said

    Psst, Dad! How long do you think we have to pretend sleep before we get a treat?

  2. kim Jackson said

    Well earned nap after all that deck building!

  3. kcbeagle said

    The newest craze……beagle and human planking.

  4. C Siding said


  5. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Dad, I think you need a longer couch!

  6. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Sweetheart – hide quickly! The paparazzi are back!

  7. Angela said

    Phillip: “I’m exhausted after building that deck.”
    Sherman: “I’m exhausted from watching you build that deck. Let’s nap.”

  8. sississippi said

    Pa and Paws pause.

  9. Patr said

    It’s a LOVE Seat after all.

  10. Nancy J said

    Doctor recommended cure for stress and sore muscles. No prescription needed; however, license required for warm, fuzzy love-beagle.

  11. Tom B said

    Here comes mommy with the camera lets pose for a caption contest moment.

  12. Jeanne Kaiser said

    Like father, like son!

  13. Susan in DE said

    What “working from home today” really looks like.

  14. Glizzie said

    Backstage with Kramac the Magnificent and his loyal side-snooze

  15. joie de beagle said

    Unlike in a double-blind sleep study, in this study only one of the subjects was given a funny pillow to cover his eyes.

  16. Junebug's Mom said

    Ohhhhh Swami! I see a nap in my future!

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