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So close and yet so far

Posted by laurie on September 2, 2011

Fortunately, those as-yet-to-be-cooked turkey burgers are out of reach of the boys, despite the burgers’ proximity to the edge of the counter. This would have been child’s play for Spenser. Once he pulled an entire pizza onto the floor. If you’re wondering what the blow torch is doing on the counter….no, it’s not part of the hurricane prep kit, it’s for starting the grill. Really! There’s something wrong with the starter, so you take a piece of paper towel and place it in the grill, light it, then turn on the gas. Now you’re cooking!

There was an extra burger, and good things come to those who wait!

17 Responses to “So close and yet so far”

  1. Amber said

    Sounds like a much better plan than my husbands. He turns on the gas, closes the lid, lets it fill up, THEN lights a paper towel and throws it in…Now HE’S cooking

  2. Karen S. said

    Even better things come to those to counter-surf and steal!

  3. Darlene Main said

    I like your beagle mat!

  4. Nancy J said

    You folks out on the East Coast really like living dangerously. I use fireplace matches!

  5. Angela said

    That first picture is all kinds of adorable! They are so in synch: the head tilts, the fanned out ears, the crouched hind legs, even their tails are in synch! Monkey see, monkey do. They are just too precious!

  6. Scott and Scout said

    Great Photo of the guys dancing!

    BTW: per yesterday’s postings, thanks to everyone who gave me great ideas how to keep my beagle Scout off of some pieces of furniture. Of course, he will have squatting rights on some!

    • Martha M said

      I’m kind of surprised I didn’t see the suggestion we use. Ruby isn’t allowed on any furniture (blame my husband!!!! I’d love to snuggle on the couch with her). We put a piece of foil across whatever we don’t want her on when we’re not home. Works like a charm and no pain.
      I feel like I’m back on planet Earth…Just got power back yesterday. WHEW!!! Irene did a lot of damage in Richmond, but sounds like you up North got the flooding. Happy to hear all is well with everyone.

  7. Carol said

    Synchronized beagling. I can almost hear a waltz playing in the background 🙂

  8. Linda UK said

    Regretfully Dylan is a very tall beagle & CAN reach the worktop!! He has a perfectly honed technique of checking out what’s there, then crouching down, jumping as high as possible, & snatching the item (edible of course) whilst in mid air… Oh dear…
    Our first beagle, Tosca, wasn’t able to do this so this manouevre came as quite a shock to us.
    Needless to say, all food is pushed to the back of the worktops in our house. Woe betide visitors. . .

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