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Darn ticks

Posted by laurie on September 13, 2011

I took Sherman to the vet yesterday for his annual checkup. They have some fancy shmancy blood test that checks for Lyme and a bunch of other tick borne illnesses and gives the results in 10 minutes. Sherm has Lyme Disease! He’s asymptomatic so it came as a complete surprise. Treatment is thirty days of Amoxicillin. Because Lyme can impair kidney function, we have to collect some urine to bring in. Any hints on how to do that are welcome. I made an appointment for Stanley to get tested next Monday. Thirteen years here and no Lyme up until now. I guess that makes us lucky?

30 Responses to “Darn ticks”

  1. Lynne said

    Oh no, poor Sherman!!! We have had to collect urine samples from our beagles before. You do it with an aluminum pie plate. Put it under him when he pees. I would bring out more than one because I have had them move from place to place as I tried to collect because they did not like the noise it makes as it goes in the pie plate. You then pick them up and pour the pee into a bottle to bring to the vet. Always worked well for us. Hope it works for you.

    • Susan in DE said

      Rubber glove, and a plastic container … it’s not as noisy as the aluminum. Jordan is easy (boy dog is definitely easier than girl dog) Josie always looks mortified about the invasion of privacy.

  2. Kristian said

    Collecting urine is done exactly how you think it is done. It can be easier for boys dogs, but the shorter the dog (regardless of sex) the more difficult it is. So… 1) Grab container. 2) Wear gloves, 3) Follow dog, 4) Place container appropriately, 5) Wash hands, 6) Attempt to hide shame, 7) Apologize to said dog for invasion of privacy.

    -Kristian (Teddie’s dad)

    • Freckles' Mom said

      Agree with the said scenario. Fortunately no neighbors commented on the sample collection. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve used a clean small dipping sauce container that I had gotten at the local BBQ restaurant. Even kept one for the next test….

  3. Howlingchamp said

    We urge everyone to have your dogs tested for Lymes, we lost our precious Hope in 2009 because we didn’t know until too late that she had it, and she went into kidney failure and couldn’t be saved. Test your dogs for everything!!

  4. Harper said

    Poor Shermie!!!!
    I couldn’t get a urine sample for Whisky before the vets ( since she’s having difficulty peeing) but the vet was able to get a sample because her bladder was full.
    Good luck and keep us updated

  5. Marilyn Beebe said

    Are there symptoms with this disease that I can look for ? Thanks,Marilyn

    • lois said

      I’m sure you can look up the symptoms somewhere. We have good friends who adopted a dog with Lyme’s Disease – he had a thyroid condition caused by the Lyme’s Disease & eventually developed the doggy version of dementia.

      Laurie – sounds like you caught Shermie’s condition in time to treat it with Amoxycillin! Good luck!

  6. Rebecca Campbell said

    Oh no! Poor Shermie! I also do the foil pie plate routine when collecting from the boy dogs.

  7. Rebecca said

    I followed my Beagle Hunter around with a little plastic container (that has a top) – I put the container in his stream and collected a sample. Put on the top and dropped it off at the vet – Easy Peasy.

  8. Linda UK said

    Do hope poor Sherm responds well to the Amoxycillin, thank goodness you found out. The above collection techniques are good advice, but we’ve found somehting non-noisy is best!

  9. Molly's mom said

    A tip from Howard K that has worked wonderfully for me. Use a soup ladle. No gloves required!

    • Joan said

      We do this too. We have female beags and it works great.

    • Susan in DE said

      Yeah, but then no matter how much you wash it, I don’t think you ever want to use it for soup again. :->

      Reminds me of a funny story about my grandmother … She was living with my mom and was in her mid-80’s, and I came to visit with her, and there was a toilet bowl brush on the nightstand next to her bed. Rather horrified, I asked, “What is THAT doing THERE???” And she responded, “Oh, I use that to scratch my back. It works really well.” As I was just about to run shrieking out of the room, she quickly added, “It’s brand new, I bought it for just that purpose.” But it begs the question …. how did she know a toilet bowl brush would make a good backscratcher so that she would decide to go out and buy one for that specific purpose?

  10. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    A soup ladle, LOL that made me laugh. But seriously I am so glad that you had him tested, but what a blessing. Let us know how Stan does.

  11. Karen S. said

    A soup ladle is a great idea! Disposable pie pans make good pee-catchers, so it’s a good idea to keep some on hand for this purpose. You have to be fast and nimble to catch urine in some dogs.

    My Daisy Mae (beagle/terrier) came with Lyme disease, and was treated for it before I adopted her. Trouble is, she was turned down for insurance for this reason. She is my healthiest, loudest, and wildest dog, though. She’s only been to the vet for inoculations and a couple of torn dew claws. She’s never, every sick, thank goodness. I can’t remember her having even any mild maladies. I’d say that the pet insurance company has missed a good opportunity to make money from me.

    Wishing Sherm a speedy recovery!

  12. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    A long handled ladle works too!

  13. Dee said

    try a clean frisbee…… not so scary as an aluminum pie pan.

    • Carol said

      We had success with the clean frisbee, it doesn’t make as much noise as the pie plate.

      Take care Sherman, we’re all praying for you. And good luck Laurie on your collection efforts 🙂

    • Lynne said

      Only thing with the frisbee is I would think it would be difficult to pour it out after. They have the edge the is folded over the bottom which I would think would catch the urine and not let it pour and maybe end up causing it to miss the bottle. You need something that is tapered in such a way to allow for easy pouring.

  14. One of our vet techs once told me to cut a clean capped Clorox bottle diagonally across the middle and use the half with the handle as a collector.

    Our Herbie came with Lyme disease also. He was full of ticks at the shelter when AZ Beagle Rescue picked him up. We treated him and had him tested periodically and eight years later he’s now a spunky senior (see avatar).

    Best of luck to Sherman!

  15. Kathleen said

    Our tried and true method: Take one old yardstick and attach a tuna fish can or something similar to the bottom at an angle. Sort of like a lazy “L”. This works for both boy and girl. The hard part is looking like you do not have a care in the world as you walk around the yard carrying the lose of dignity instrument. Usually they do not catch on until I have the sample. Hope Spencer does not also have it!

  16. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Best of luck to Shermie that the amoxycillin works! We are all keeping our fingers (and paws) crossed that Stanley’s test next week is negative.

  17. Carol said

    I believe we all have WAY too much urine catching experience.

  18. Try this: Use a soup ladle, wash it really well, put it back in the drawer, then wait until your roommate has just ladled soup into her soup bowl and taken a delicious bite of hot soup, and say, “When was the last time I used that soup ladle….oh yeah, it was a couple weeks ago, in the backyard, when I used it to collect Lula’s pee, ….”. Stand back several feet while saying this to avoid having soup spit on you.

  19. Lynne said

    Here’s hoping the antibiotic works and that Sherman gets better soon. Also, here’s hoping Stanley does not have it.

  20. Glizzie said

    Awww, we are so sorry to hear this. Shermie, please feel better soon! Put the lyme in the coconut…. and leave it there!

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