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Let there be light

Posted by laurie on September 14, 2011

I would use my iPhone as a camera more often except for the fact that I have a mild hand tremor and it’s very difficult to keep it still. Not so with my hefty SLR.
The light in this photo comes from the picfx app.

P.S. Correction from yesterday: Sherman is on 30 days of Doxycycline, not Amoxicillin. Thank-you, Dr. Kramer.

4 Responses to “Let there be light”

  1. Debra said

    One tail up, one tail down!

  2. Lynne said

    Heads or tails!!!

  3. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    coming or going?

  4. Susan in DE said

    Okay, so you know you’re a metal music fan when you see the title of today’s DD, and all you hear in your head for the rest of the day is AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock” …. (that, or bagpipe tunes ….)

    Let there be light ….. and there was light
    Let there be sound ….. and there was sound
    Let there be drums …. there was drums
    Let there be guitar …. there was guitar, ah
    Let there be rock!!!!

    (Insert head banging here :->).

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