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Posted by laurie on September 19, 2011

Welcome to the Guest DD week! I received lots and lots of photos, and I’m sorry I couldn’t use them all. I chose ten and will post two per day. Enjoy!

“Happy to be here” That would be Cassie’s motto. She loved to sit in the sunshine and smell the breeze. Cassie has been gone for 2 years now, we miss her. I imagine she is lined up for a treat and bellyrub in heaven.

From Carol

19 Responses to “Cassie”

  1. Karen S. said

    What a sweet smile!

  2. Susan in DE said

    Agreed, love that smile!

  3. Rebecca Campbell said

    Such a happy face! She is spreading joy in doggie heaven.

  4. Harper said

    What a darling pup!!! She looks like she spread her own sunshine where ever she was!

  5. Kim Jackson said

    That happy face should be on the next Calendar! She makes me laugh!

  6. Scooby's Mom said

    What a sweetheart! Love that smile!

  7. Lynne said

    It sure is a great smile. Bet Samantha, our beagle we lost over the summer is right there with Cassie lined up for treats and belly rubs.

  8. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Was there a happier pup on the planet that day? What a sweet baby girl and sweet memories. Our Hoovie probably helped show her where the treat line started at the bridge πŸ™‚ Love, Love our babies. here and there.

    • Susan in DE said

      In heaven, there is no line for treats, they just endlessly drop right into the waiting beagle mouths. :->

      • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

        What a grand idea! I’m sure Cassie (what a smile!) is enjoying them right along with my Bogie and Benny!

  9. ChristyACB said

    This is where the phrase, “So happy sunshine comes out of her butt,” comes from. Beautiful baby and so very happy. Clearly you were the best pup parent ever! Boscoe probably boogied right on up to her upon his own arrival.

  10. Love her happy face. She must have been such a joy to be with!

  11. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    What a happy dog. I’d just love to hug her!!!

  12. Nancy J said

    Sophie Jean had a smile like that–especially after she had her dust bath. It makes me think they just appreciate life and its little pleasures. Something we can slow down and learn.

    She is a sweetheart.

  13. Vivian said

    God she reminds me of my old girl Katie. Always with a happy smile. I think Cassie and Katie are both at the front of the treat dispensing line.

  14. Carol said

    Thank you all for the kind words, you made my day πŸ™‚

  15. jenn said

    Beagle smiles always melt my heart. Cassie’s is no exception!

  16. Martha M said

    What a sweet girl! How wonderful she must have been! And Trumbo’s picture is great,too. That pose is so very familiar!

  17. Angie, Kenny, Lydia, and Mia said

    Look at that adorable face! We miss Cassie too….she was such a sweetheart. I hope that her and Gus are being spoiled together in heaven…..endless treats, bellyrubs, and kisses! She was a very lucky girl to have had such an awesome family!

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