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Heads of State

Posted by laurie on September 26, 2011

First, check it out! The man that Phillip (wearing a red tie) is looking at is Ernest Koroma, the President of Sierra Leone. I kid you not! Unbeknownst to me, our town has a quite sizable population of people from that country and he spent the weekend here during his recent trip to the United Nations in NYC. Phillip was there as a Councilman and is standing next to the Mayor. It was very moving to hear his many supporters sing the Sierra Leone national anthem, immediately followed by the Star Spangled Banner.

Second, in the Lyme department: Stanley also has it and we’re waiting on bloodwork because his urinalysis showed his urine to be a little too dilute. Sherm’s is fine. They’re both on antibiotics, and for once the pills are small enough to hide in their food.

And third, I’ve extended the Guest DDs through another week! I still couldn’t get to everyone but ten more are on the way.

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Posted by laurie on September 26, 2011

Dexter says “Dang, summer’s over already?”

From Bobbie, Casey, Dexter and Daisy’s Mom

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Posted by laurie on September 26, 2011

This beauty is Chardonnay. She eats here meals in her cage and if she feels it is time to eat, she will bang the metal bowl around the cage. Plus she gives the pitiful “feed me, I’m starving” look as captured in this picture.

From Jane

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