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Taj ma beagle

Posted by laurie on October 11, 2011

Several friends of ours have been asking where we’re going on vacation this winter (we usually go scuba diving in Nov/Dec) and my answer is, “In the new hot tub, on the new deck, underneath the new $olar panels, $urrounded by our new land$caping. Care to join us?”

Does it look like Stanley has lost weight? He was 29 pounds the other week at the vet, down from 31. I think he would look very nice at 25. So the “diet” continues.

18 Responses to “Taj ma beagle”

  1. ChristyACB said

    He’s clearly enjoying that sunshine on the pavers like only a beagle can. Sometimes I envy them the ability to just plop down where they like. If I did that, I’d get some strange looks.

    He is looking pretty handsome! A few more pounds should do it. Of course, even skinny beagles look tubby when they are on their side or sitting. Just one of those things. No bikini bodies for them!

    • Angela said

      I agree with Christy! Even a slender beagle can look plump when they’re reclining or laying on their side. The weight just spreads out. πŸ™‚ I think Stanley looks very handsome, and congrats on losing the 2 pounds! That’s almost 10 percent of his body weight. Good job, Stanley!

  2. Susan in DE said

    Yeah, I think we’re going to do a lot of staying home in the next several months as well. Several home improvements, and some vet bills will do that to you. But sometimes it’s nice to just stay home and relax, too.

  3. Kim Jackson said

    I $o Under$tand the $tacation!

  4. Carol said

    Congratulations, it is hard to get the pounds off a beagle. BUT I think Stanley is trying to convince us that he is starving.

  5. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Poor Stan, Beagles are so pathetic looking when they are on diets. Mine included, hence the diets continue,. The ever begging eyes win, I am weak 😦

  6. Jayne said

    Whenever I see a beagle from this point of view, It always make me think of how God would hold them by their four legs and the tip of their tail, then dip them in to a whirlpool of tri-colour ink! πŸ˜€

  7. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Passive solar beagle. Nice.

  8. Rita said

    So there will be a photo book that chronicles the vacation, right? Especially the hot tub in winter part.

  9. Karen S. said

    You can bet that Stan is dreaming about food.

  10. Harper said

    Stan sure looks regal in his nap mode…

  11. Anne said

    Solar beagle very funny! Gunner was up to 30lbs so I had him on diet food to then find out he had a thyroid issue. Now with the thyroid meds and the diet food, he lost about 4 lbs in 4 weeks so slowly back on the regular food he goes…. I think he is losing too much too fast for a little guy. Guess it’s a trial and error game. Anyone else have thyroid advice?

    • ChristyACB said

      Boscoe had undiagnosed thyroid issues when I got him. A quick blood test (all older beagles should get this blood test because they do tend to have thyroid issues) and he was diagnosed. He had it pretty bad but the meds are cheap, small and easy to hide in food.

      They do tend to lose weight really fast when they get the meds going, but get him re-checked to make sure he isn’t getting too much thyroid med now.

      It isn’t just the increased metabolic activity, it is also that they sleep better, have more basic energy and have other systems running in better order that lets them lose it so fast. I had to up Boscoe’s food a bit also.

      I wouldn’t worry about it, just get him re-checked to be sure his levels are good and not overdone.

      • Jake has Thyroid issues brought on by age and also Cushings Disease. We caught the Thyroid when Jake became rather lazy about three years ago. He would just sleep all day. It wasn’t until the Cushings kicked in that he lost all sorts of weight. But it’s hard to tell if that was the same time he lost muscle mass. He has been on Thyroid medicine for almost two years and we are about 6 months on the Cushings medicine. All seems to be working, we see small signs of the puppy in his actions. It doesn’t last long but considering we thought we were losing him over the summer, I’ll take whatever he gives. Right now his favorite activity is sleeping and eating. I’m not sure how that is different from regular beagle behaviour, just that now he is the Gold Medal winner at it.

      • Martha M said

        Shiloh had thyroid issues as well. I also realized that she was acting sluggish, my husband kept telling me that was a beagle. I took her to the vet. Guess it’s the mom instinct, Maureen!

  12. This could have been a picture of my beagle (no longer with us). Sleeping in the sun….brings back memories.

  13. suepfox55 said

    Let sleeping beagles lie.

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