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Mr. Turtle

Posted by laurie on October 19, 2011

Whoa! After everyone telling me that they look at the DD first thing in the morning, I fail to produce on time! Mea culpa. This is a photo that Phillip took while walking the boys on the canal. He said that the turtle initially had his head out, but not for long. This is the sort of thing that would make Sherman apoplectic if it was in the yard.

Little miss baby turtle?

13 Responses to “Mr. Turtle”

  1. ChristyACB said

    Awwww…just look at the itty bitty one! So cute. I’m sure if one of my dogs found (yes, Miss Gigi, I’m thinking of you) they would eat it immediately.

    Stan looks genuinely curious and not a bit aggressive at all. Sweet boy, that one.

  2. Carol said

    Love the fall colors in the first photo. Stan and the turtle are nicely camouflaged. Cute little turtle, neat to see the symmetry in something so tiny.

  3. Neat photos!

  4. lois said

    Beautiful turtle – & one stunningly handsome beagle.

  5. Karen S. said

    How do you know the turtle is a Miss? Does she get a tiny pay check?

    • Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

      . . . and her gorgeous Jimmy Choos.

    • Carol, Libby's mom said

      Hi to all, and Thanks Karen for the “tiny pay check” observation. LOL!!!

      I have retired but when I was still working I always checked the BotW and the DD first thing in the morning before we opened. I told my colleagues about all the Kramer beagles. I would tell them about the funny things, like the Kamp Kramer Beaglefests. I could not hide tears when one of the Kramer beagles or any of the other DD beagles were doing poorly or had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

      BotW has always been in my “favorites” so I get to it first. Now I read the BotW and DD in the early evening. Dog of the Day and MuttsComics are also “favorites.

  6. Peggy said

    Yeah, Little Miss Turtle would not have been well treated by Penny girl, who as a puppy, tried to eat roadkill frogs, and last week managed to grab a field mouse ( yes, we have all sorts of critters in Brooklyn–Thank goodness it wasn’t a rat). Ginny saw that Penny had something in her mouth, took her to the front of the house ( it was night, and the light was better out front) gave Penny a stern “leave it’ , and Penny obediently opened her mouth, and the mouse fell out, then ran for its life.

    • Angela said

      That is hilarious! That mouse had to be traumatized, but aside from being suffocated from beagle slobber, was probably no worse for wear. 🙂 Funny story!

  7. Jenny said

    My daughter and I check DD every morning. At 5:30 (eastern). Think you could get it posted earlier just for us? 😉 My dog Xander (about 90% beagle and 10% poodle) thinks turtles are VERY DANGEROUS!!! He alarm a-rooos whenever he sees one. I’m sure he thinks there is some ninja turtle conspiracy.

  8. Susan in DE said

    Great pictures, and fabulous fall colors. And looky at the cute bite sized turtle, yummy! (that is really cool though). There’s a really neat (albeit kinda short) river walk in downtown Wilmington, Delaware by the Christina River. Lots of great restaurants, and some office buildings. Unfortunately there are a lot of empty shops and they’re trying to encourage the young and hip urban type to move in down there, but it’s catching on very slowly. And now there’s a cool nature center in the marsh at the end of the walk as well.

    Anyway, why do I mention this? A few years ago, Rob came to pick me up from the Amtrak station and brought the hounds, and we went for a stroll on this walk. There were all sorts of hazards to avoid in the middle of the city …. most notable was the giant snapping turtle that I didn’t notice Jordan was sniffing at since I was trying to pull Josie away from the dead Cedar Waxwings that were the victims of glass strike on one of the office buildings (beautiful birds, such a shame). Fortunately I did spot it in time, because that sucker was NOT putting his head inside his shell!

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