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Comin’ through!

Posted by laurie on October 27, 2011

When we moved into the house thirteen years ago Phillip installed a temporary doggy door in the sliding glass door. Clayton and Spenser, having had a doggy door in Baltimore, learned it instantly. It took about a day to train Matisse, my cousin’s toy poodle. A few weeks (or maybe months) later, Phillip installed this permanent doggy door. We pushed Matisse out of it but when he wanted to come inside he went to the sliding glass door and practically bounced off of it. (It was hard not to laugh.) Then, for days, he would sit in front of where the temporary door had been located to be let in and out. Poor Matisse. But with poodle determination, he eventually figured it out.

17 Responses to “Comin’ through!”

  1. Nancy J said

    This is something I can relate to. We have had pet doors for over 20 years. The 1st was a solid door. When you have a dachshund (which we did years ago) or a basset, for them, going through one of those is a leap of faith. We had a lot of collisions. My hubby used to play a terrible trick on my Eskimo. He’d lock the pet door, then call her. She’d accordion herself against the door, just trying to be obedient! When we switched to a see-through door, it took 3 full days for the pack to go through it willingly. Quite often, we have 2 or 3 beagles going out at the same time. Or, a doberman and 2 beagles. Now we have one with double flaps. It keeps the wind and the weather out quite nicely.

    • Karen S. said

      Your hubby has a mean streak

      • Nancy J said

        He does…but he loves the dogs dearly. He would play ball with that Eskimo until he couldn’t kick the ball anymore. He just loves to pick on them sometimes. He also likes to sneak up on them and “goose” them–our 1st doberman would get even, though. She’d come up behind him and nibble him in the tush.

  2. Tam said

    We have a pet door. We stopped using it a number of years ago because we were worried about what might come IN to our house. Elvis has never used it, but he acts like he knows what it’s for, because he sticks his head in the door area all the time.

  3. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    The photo is too funny. Sherm looks like he’s saying Just a second! Quit being so pushy!!
    Very cute,

  4. Libby and Emily's mom said

    So cute! I just moved and for the first time was able to get a doggy door for Emily and Libby. They learned how to go in and out of it without a problem….but only if I was home! This week (it has only been 3 weeks…so I guess not too bad) they finally figured out that they are allowed to use it anytime!! We are all very happy about it!!!

  5. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    We cut out part of the dining room wall and installed a doggie door (it was really the only option). At first we had an electronic door- the beags had sensors to wear on their collars and when they got near the door, it opened. Worked great! Until it malfunctioned and caught Cobalt going through the door. He wasn’t hurt but was traumatized for life. Seriously. It’s been about 8 years, and he won’t go through the doggie door (we have just a regular one now) unless you OPEN the door for him. Sort of defeats the purpose, but it’s easier than taking them out through the garage… Onyx plows right through the door, no problem. She also thinks it is her window to stalk things. You frequently see her hanging out the door, head outside, butt inside, looking at the squirrels and birds. And then she slowly eases herself out and stalks the creatures. Hilarious!

  6. Susan in DE said

    We had the sliding glass door insert for years, but last year finally had the hole cut in the family room wall to install the double flap style door because we were tired of the snow drifts on the carpet in the winter. Josie was fine with the change, Jordan wasn’t so pleased. The newer door is a little smaller, and the dogs have to both step up and crouch down a little at the same time in order to go through, and Jordan didn’t like that. For about 4 days, Josie would race outside after meals, and Jordan would go to the new door, poke it with his nose, then sit in front of where the old door used to be, and would look sad as only a hound dog can do.

    I promised him that if I ever won the lottery, the very first thing I would do would be to hire a servant to sit in a chair by the door all day long to let him in and out whenever he wanted.

  7. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    I have wanted a dog door for years, but I live with a security freak (love him but…)
    Anyway then my friend that has one (for her cats) told us that she has had a racoon coming in at night, eating whatever food it can find. Now I will NEVER have one. LOL (she is now keeping the cats in with the door closed at night) eeekkk

  8. Amber said

    I can relate to the running into the door thing 🙂 Eddie got so excited over a bird one day that he wanted out, but didn’t realize that the screen door was shut in addition to the sliding door. So I opened the sliding door and was getting ready to get the screen door and the poor guy just tried to barrel run right through! He bounced right back on his butt, shook his head and looked at me like “what did I do wrong momma?”…I’m sorry, but I laughed!

  9. Marci said

    Love the pic! What would we do without our doggie doors? We finally got one 5 years ago and I instantly wondered what had taken us sooo long! My ‘children’ had no trouble catching on to what it was for and love the freedom of coming at going as they please.

  10. Ellen said

    Years ago, I was sitting in a screen house out in the yard. Merlin came outside, and started running towards me. He ran right into the wall of it, and bounced off. It was hysterical.

    We we first got a doggy door, we had to use treats to lure the dogs through it. They finally picked it up. Except Merlin thought he should get a treat every time he came inside.

    The dogs have taught each other how to use it. It only took Abby an hour to use it. Bentley took a bit longer longer. But thankfully he learned it before I had to go to work the next day.

    • Susan in DE said

      They do teach each other, but it does take a little time. A few years ago we had another beagle visiting us for a few hours (I was watching Teena for her foster mom between an adoption event and a family activity she had to attend). Teena would go through if you held the flap up, but couldn’t figure it out on her own. But Josie and Jordan were going in and out, and Teena was watching them with utter amazement — the other beagle disappears into the wall, and then all of a sudden, it reappears (or even crazier, a different beagle appears!) …. I think she thought it was magic or some kind of worm hole to another dimension, the look on her face was priceless.

  11. Carol said

    Looks like Stanley is looking after Sherman again. He wants to be sure he gets inside safely.

  12. Ellen said

    One problem with the doggy door is the dogs discovering a possum in the yard at 2am. Four dogs barking up a storm at time is not fun. Especially not when you have to go outside, and force them to come inside. Oh, and my husband saw a cat calmly eating our dogs’ food one time. And none of the three dogs even noticed it was in the house.

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