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Posted by laurie on November 3, 2011

Despite the fact that our neighbors have never complained about the barking, I get tense anytime it lasts for longer than a minute or so. Stanley is pretty good about coming in when he’s called, but Sherman can’t hear so calling doesn’t work. If it’s dark we can turn the outside lights on and off several times, and that occasionally brings him in. Fortunately he doesn’t bark much for the fun of it, unlike his brother. Yes, Stanley, that’s you I’m referring to. Now please be quiet.

19 Responses to “Woof”

  1. Trumbo barks and he’s loud. Very loud. Once he’s caught sight of a squirrel, deer, wild turkeys, the UPS man then it’s time to get the ear plugs. And of course, the other two then have to chime in. Our neighbors hate us.

  2. ChristyACB said

    Boscoe was s quiet little angel and when he did bark he had a very hoarse old man voice that couldn’t get very loud. I loved to hear him get riled up because it was so rare.

    Now that Charlie is here…well…let’s just say his voice comes from the Basset Hound side of the family. You can literally hear it a block away from inside the house. Shocking! And he has NO editing. He does it for everything. Just because he’s happy or because I went into the bathroom or anything.

    Someone on here was nice enough to recommend the water spray bottle. I will love whoever that was forever! It works. Now, he’s still a barking psycho, but I can help him control it some just by setting that down on the floor. LOL.

    • Xanti and Ximmi said

      You are very welcome I love my water bottles. I literally have them setting all over the house for the fast snatch.

      • Lily is my talker…unfortunately a water bottle to her just means she can wet her whistle to keep barking! I have gone to just about all my neighbors and apologized! I give up during the summer months when the kids are out playing and my house acts as base camp for them. She goes absolutely nuts! She is a great multitasker–barking and doing her business. Thankfully Jake (aka grandpa) is my quiet one. But I’m thinking since he’s hard of hearing his bark is getting louder! He sounds like a sea lion when he barks. I tend to pay attention to his barking because it’s so rare I perk up–especially after I have gone to bed. He’s a good alarm system.

    • Sue K said

      Huey had that old man hoarse bark and I loved it so much. Brady now has his voice back and doesn’t sound like a goose anymore and he is back to barking for the fun of it. Love that too (most of the time)!

  3. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Gandolf rarely barks, but when he does, he sounds like he’s gonna kill ya. He’s very obedient though and comes when called. Kramer on the other hand, he has that old man hoarse bark, and is losing his hearing. Usually I venture into the yard to bring him in. One time, he was SO caught by the neighbors wood pile, I went out to get him, and 3 times he pretended to come, only to turn around mid-way and bark at the wood pile. Finally, I went and picked him up, and you’d think he was dying of embarrassment. The noises he made as I carried him!! Too funny. Meanwhile, Gandolf was joyfully circling me carrying Kramer in quite the playful mood.

  4. Spunky's Mom said

    I’ve noticed Spunky’s bark has changed as she’s gotten older. Not quite hoarse yet, but not as clear and sharp as it used to be.

    I once contacted our local animal control about ‘possums because I was concerned that Spunky’s barking at them passing through our yard would bother the neighbors. The officer pointed out to me that, according to local ordinance, dog barking is not considered a nuisance until they’be been going for 30 minutes – or 15 minutes after 11:00 pm. Can you imagine 30 minutes straight of beagle baying?!?! Five barks in a row and I’m poking my head out the back door and telling her to knock it off! Not that she always listens……. šŸ™‚

  5. Karen S. said

    My Timmy the beagle is surprisingly quiet! When he does howl it sounds cute and melodious. Blue the bird dog tends to bark a lot, and Daisy Mae the terrier yaps her head off non-stop.

  6. Harper said

    JD the lab barks at planes and bays at fire engines. Shotzy the Shepard is more discerning about her barking. The new Basset, Bartles, barks when he plays the deep loud Basset bark…. Other than that, he’s fairly quiet. He’s a rescue so we’re still working on his issues… He is definitely a love noodle and just wants to be with the humans… But the other two are teaching him to be a Lash dog/family member.

  7. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    We are the same way, not wanting to disturb the neighbors. If there is a squirrel in the yard or heaven forbid a cat, well it is ON. Calling them does nothing, Barney has a “normal” beagle bark, but Jodi, God bless , her has a shrilling, nerve shattering bark. But we love them.

  8. Susan in DE said

    Fortunately, Josie and Jordan are surprisingly not regular barkers/bayers. I love Jordan’s arooo, it is very melodious. As previously reported, Josie sounds like a middle aged red neck chick with a 3 pack a day habit, letting loose with drunk hooting at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert … “Ahh-WOOOOOOO!!” (waves underwear and Bic lighter in the air). Josie is definitely losing her hearing as she ages, so if she’s bellowing at assorted wildlife in the yard at night (since that’s of course when they’re wandering around just out of her reach outside the fence), Rob will strobe a flashlight at her to get her attention. Then if you pretend you have a cookie, she’ll come running over to you.

    • Martha M said

      Oh! my FAVORITE description!!!!!!! It still cracks me up. Thanks for repeating, Susan!
      One of the reading strategies I teach is visualization. That is a great example– I wish I could use your description at school, but alas, my kids are too young.

  9. Harper said

    I forgot to mention that JD barks at birds flying over the backyard too… And of course the evil UPS….
    Susan, Love love love your descriptions!!!!! I’m in the office now and have embarrassed myself by laughing so hard!!

  10. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I’m enjoying all of the comments and descriptions of our beagle “kids” whooping it up! You have to have a beagle(s) of your own to love before you can understand!

    Henry’s bark is sort of hoarse in the house, but once he gets outside with all the smells he is LOUD! I brace myself every morning before he goes out because (like Laurie) I feel tense when he goes out and starts bellowing at the first scent. If the boys see a squirrel or other prey in the yard through the windows before they go out, they barrel out the door hollering like crazy! We only have one neighbor on the north side and a vacant house on the other side, but there are other houses in the neighborhood. I think they can hear the boys all the way down the street!

  11. lois said

    All these comments about our beagles whooping it up make me miss Andy. He had a melodius baritone – blood hound sort of bay – & he had something to say about EVERYTHING that came his way – from moles & squirrels to that nasty school bus that stole his kid every day. I can’t imagine putting up with his noise for more than a few minutes. We always brought him in as soon as he started barking & rarely let him out after 9 pm.

    Sherry has better manners – she only barks when it’s really necessary (mainly to announce whoever’s at the front door.

  12. Nancy J said

    4 beagles and 1 doberman–we do our share of noise pollution. We live on a well-traveled street (for our small town, anyway), so we have lots of walkers and cyclists; we are next to a big church, so the faithful get an earful; we are across the street from the library and the community center, so plenty of opportunities there. If we quiet Sugar up first, the rest are pretty cool. She is very anti-social. However, daytime noise is nothing compared to what we do at 4 am every work day. If Scottie gets a scent while he’s out doing his chores, oh, my. His voice is very high-pitched and it carries a looong way.

  13. Gretchen L. said

    My little Midgie is slightly blind, so she see’s shadows. That’s when she starts barking and she has no clue why….Booger barks at anything that comes in her yard. I love the braying, neighbors don’t!

  14. Ellen said

    We have three beagles and a mutt. And when there is a scent caught, all of them go ballistic. They had a possum treed last week, and were out there at 2am. We had to bring them in and close the doggy door. We have an alley that goes along 2 sides of our yard. The dogs are always barking at people there. And they’ll howl at the volunteer fire department siren. We haven’t had a complaint recently, and I’m really hoping it stays that way. They do bark, but usually quiet down soon. Unlike the terrier next door that yaps at everything, constantly.

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