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Could I get some dental floss, please?

Posted by laurie on November 11, 2011

Every night after dinner Phillip gives the boys their treat while I start on the dishes. Sherman takes his into the living room (he takes all treats into the living room, scampering in with his tail wagging) but Stanley just plops down because he doesn’t want to waste ONE MINUTE. Then he eats it as fast as he can so he still make it to the dishwasher in time for his evening shift.

Did I mention that we’re going to have 13 Kramers and 3-4 dogs for Thanksgiving? Yikes!

16 Responses to “Could I get some dental floss, please?”

  1. Karen S. said

    Stanley is obviously ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. Harper said

    Happy Veterans Day!!!

  3. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    Oscar always takes his treats into the livingroom and Spence chows down by the kitchen sink. They both eat quite rapidly so they don’t have to share.

  4. Carol said

    When does Stanley sleep, he is always ready to help! We often find spoons, sometimes bowls in Eddy’s bed. He quietly steals them from the dishwasher and takes them to his bed to lick clean.
    Can’t wait to see the Thanksgiving pictures! Happy Veterans Day.

    • Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

      Silverware in the livingroom that’s Oscar. I have to hand wash Anything with peanut butter on it or it manages to be in the livingroom.

  5. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Happy Veterans Day Captain and others!

    That Stan is so dang helpful! Jodi takes her treats to her bed and Barney takes them outside, sometimes to eat, sometimes to bury, but always to keep them away from Jodi. LOL

  6. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    My two hornk down their treats right where they stand, as quickly as beaglely possible. Blindingly fast, actually.

  7. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Cody will take his pig ear and trot happily into the dining room to chew it up. Henry chews his on the spot where I give it to him. Benny would always happily grab his chewies and trot into the living room to eat them. They all have their individual ways!

  8. Martha M said

    Do you all give a treat every night? What do you give?
    I give Ruby a ‘porkskin chew with chicken liver center’ every night.
    She is completely wired when it gets dark and we’ll play until I’m done–she’s still ready to go and it’s really hard to have a glass of wine by the fire with a beagle in play attack mode. So like every lousy parent, I bribe her with those bones. It’s 20 minutes of peace and she usually goes outside for a while afterward.
    I think she needs another dog, but my husband says NO!!! And what with our 25th anniversary coming up, it’d be embarrassing to get divorced!!!
    Advice? Empathy? Scolding?

    • Harper said

      I gave to play ball with Shotzy every night or she doesn’t settle down…. If I could find something to occupy her, I would forgo our game of throw the ball…even Bartles the new rescue Basset can’t get her to play UNTIL they’re back in the house….
      So I sympathize with the “bribe”..
      Maybe your hubby will surprise you with another pup for your anniversary?
      My hubby was the same after we lost Whisky, he didn’t want to get a third dog, until he met Bartles…. I was still evaluating the Basset when Rick said okay let’s take him home…. Best decision we made!

      • Harper said

        Stupid fat fingers…. That should’ve been HAVE to play…. 😦

      • Sue K said

        We are in the same boat with Brady. Huey was an old man but when Brady moved in, Huey’s puppy spunk returned and I believe Brady added years to Huey’s life. Brady is now 5 years old and he loves our guest dogs (see my other post) and we do have cats, but you are right Martha – it isn’t the same as another dog.

    • Carol said

      Empathy here. Guilt aways gets me to stuff a bone with a bit of peanut butter for Eddy every time I have to crate him. So when he has his crazy time at 9:30PM, I play ball with him. I’m trying SO hard not to let me get fat!
      We do what we have to do because we are beagle/basset people

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      After we had Cody for a few months we realized he needed a canine companion, and that’s when we adopted Henry. Cody would play with our cats, but that wasn’t the same as another dog. When we took Cody to visit a friend who had dogs, he would run and play with her dogs and have a great time. I know that adopting Henry as a playmate for Cody was a good thing for both of them.

    • Susan in DE said

      Bedtime snacks are served around 9:30, and Josie will remind you starting around 9:15 that it’s almost time. They each get about 10 training treat sized snacks from our local dog bakery and marketplace Giggy Bites, and they’re so small they probably equal a small to medium traditional sized dog biscuit. That serves two purposes: 1) they think they’re getting 10 treats each, and 2) it keeps them from wolfing a larger treat down whole and choking on it. (Oh, and one of Jordan’s snacks is a pill pocket with his daily dose of Pepcid). Regarding larger chewy treats, we don’t give them often now because of Jordan’s diet restrictions with the kidney failure, but similar to other reports, Jordan plops down and eats his where he gets it, and Josie races out the dog door and lies in the middle of the yard with hers (and/or buries it in my flower bed).

  9. Sue K said

    Brady likes to eat his treats on the sofa (thank goodness for leather)!

    We have been dogsitting for two honorary beagles since Wednesday night. One of the dogs, Angel, is taller than Brady and is a hound mix of some sort. The other dog, Smoke, is a miniature Schnauzer, who I swears bark more than any beagle I have ever had or known! Smoke barks at anything he hears, sees, thinks he hears or thinks he sees! He is a cute though. They are all having a great time.

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