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Archive for November 14th, 2011

The 2012 DD Calendar

Posted by laurie on November 14, 2011

Finally, the calendar is ready! I’ve increased the price this year from $15 to $17 ($18 non-US) to help with some of the shipping costs. A full $15 per calendar will go to beagle rescue. You can pay through PayPal, which I prefer, or by check. I’ve also set up a form (for purchasers) to enter up to five special days to go on the calendar: birthday, gotcha day, or in memory of day. Please use the form, not email. I’m hoping it will keep me better organized. Let’s make the weekend after Thanksgiving the deadline for the special days, so Ron can get started on the printing after that.

Here’s the web page for the calendar with the special days signup and purchase info. Buy one, buy many, support beagle rescue! And please don’t forget to thank Ron (Bailey and Gypsy’s dad) for donating ALL the printing!

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