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Daddy’s home!

Posted by laurie on November 18, 2011

I don’t know what possessed me to paint Phillip’s office that color. Frankly I would like to repaint all the rooms except the two guest rooms, but am too lazy. Also, can you IMAGINE what fun Stanley would have with cans of paint?

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32 Responses to “Daddy’s home!”

  1. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    This year we finally took down the 80’s wallpaper that came with the house in the kitchen and painted the walls. We were worried about noses in cans, but the problem really was tails swishing against wet paint! We were forever wiping green paint off Onyx’s tail! (Not the green like you have here though…)

  2. ChristyACB said

    I’ve got a solution for you, Laurie. You can simply wrap a brush to the end of Stan’s tail and let him help. 🙂 or…not….

    But yeah, that color…yikes.

  3. Sue K said

    We are remodeling a house we purchased last year and I know what fun beagles have with paint! Brady is a paint magnet. He looks like the paint samples from Lowes or Home Depot as he has two room colors on him – white for the trim on his ear and peach for the kitchen/family room on his rump! Yesterday he almost had light blue paint on his paws but I stopped him just in time.

  4. Karen S. said

    Beagles usually come with their tails dipped in white paint.

  5. Harper said

    The colors always look so much better on the paint samples at the store!!!! When we redid our house after “The Flood”, I had so much trouble picking out paint colors — Too many choices! Thank goodness for my husband… he kept a cool head and gently led me to the “neutrals”, and yet we do have some great accent colors for walls & trim! The brown he picked out I thought I would hate (goes on looking like chocolate pudding but dries to a nice not too dark brown and covers a lot of smoodgies from the dogs).
    My fave is still the kitchen color (“Oak Notes”, from the “Napa Series” of Dutch Boy) — it’s a nice neutral, but warm creamy color…

    As for the bed hoggers… Whisky Girl used to take up my half of the bed … and our new Basset curls up between my husband and my shoulders, tucks his little head, and is out like a light. Very easy sleeping companion — except that he’s between us!

    Laurie: how long/big are Elliot and (I forgot the other Basset’s name… bad Harper, no cookie)??? Bartles seems to be a “midget” Basset; I’m wondering if he has some Beagle in him. He seems awfully small for a Basset.

    • Nancy, basset mom and Laurie's sister said

      Harper–Elliot and Telsha’s person weighing in here. Elliot weighs 76 pounds–kind of big for a lap dog, wouldn’t you say? Telsha is a petite 43 pounds. Wish SHE were the lap dog! Elliot was bred as a show dog, and his uncle is some kind of US champion. He is truly a standard basset. Telsha was definitely from a backyard breeder, as is this week’s house guest, who is only 35 pounds. But the two little ones are definitely all basset.

      • Harper said

        Nancy, I’m so sorry I didn’t remember Telsha’s name!!! And forgot that they are your Bassets!! (duh, I should’ve looked in the archives).
        Hmmm. Okay, after your post and Susan in DE’s post, I’m thinking that Bartles is a full Basset. He was 40 lbs at the vet at the animal shelter; he looked wayyyy tooo thin to us (too much of the rib cage sticking out). But he’s got that wide deep chest, pointy head, wrinkled ankles, and fat big feet (they’re wider than our Lab’s and German Shepard’s). Regardless, he’s a rescue and we’ll never know…. or really care… he’s ours now. 🙂
        We’re taking him in for a vet check first week in December – I’m curious on his weight and possible age… Kern County vet said he was 3 years (he was wandering the streets of Bakersfield… we really should have named him “Dwight” or “Yoakum”); the rescue group vet said he was probably 2…. with us he acts like he’s over 1 but maybe not quite two…
        Sorry for the long post… two last questions… we’ve been reading up on Bassets, and the issue with “bloat”… he does hork down his food in record time (think nano seconds)…. so I bought a “slow feeder” (bowl with three different elevated mounts in the middle) – this cut the time down slightly…. and he uses his tongue to get the food so hopefully less air inhalation during “horking”…. any suggestions on how to prevent bloat? And how much food should we feed a 40-lb smaller field Basset? I’ve been giving him 1.5 cups per serving twice a day (3 cups total); and I dole out the food about 1/3 of cup at a time (trying to slow his eating)…Is this too much? His rib cage is still nicely defined.
        If I knew how to link to my facebook page, I’d put it here … but it’s just under Harper Lash. I’ve got two great pictures of Bartles posted.
        Lastly, (geez, can I go on or WHAT?!)… he is a total lap dog, which I love, except that he loves to throw that big ol’ nose up in our faces…. and we can’t walk anywhere without stepping on him… he’s very attached to us.

        Thanks Nancy & Susan for the input, I truly appreciate it!!!

    • Susan in DE said

      Harper, there are a lot of small bassets. As Nancy mentioned, there’s show ring bassets that are humongous, but field bassets (for hunting by pack on foot, just like with beagles) are a lot smaller. Here’s a link too a photo of one:

      And speaking of that, one of the coolest events ever that is held annually in the Philadelphia suburbs is the Bryn Mawr Hound Show (the Saturday after memorial day, it’s actually held at the Radnor Hunt Club). It’s British style showing and while it’s mostly done in a ring (rather than trials), it’s all about Foxhounds (English, American, crosses, and classes for the Penn-MaryDel strain [a little bit of Coonhound ancestry as well, if I recall correctly), beagles and bassets. Good times if you can ever get there (and my all-time favorite kennel name is “Bedlam Beagles”).

    • Susan in DE said

      Harper, I love the reference to Dwight Yoakum with “Streets of Bakersfield,” that would have been great! But Bartles is a better name for a basset than Dwight, I think. :-> Regarding your questions about bloat and how much to feed him, check with the vet on his/her thoughts. I think most hounds (and most dogs, probably) inhale their food, I think your idea with the slow feeder is probably the best thing you can do. I’d just keep an eye on Bartles’ weight … weigh him every two weeks (I weigh myself, then pick up a dog and step on the scale again, and then do a little math). Once you get him to where you and the vet think he looks good, make note of that, and then just adjust food upward/downward as the scale tells you. (PS – Sent a FB friend request so I could see Bartles’ photos. :->)

      • Harper said

        Thanks much Susan! Got the request and accepted. Yeah Bartles suits him better I think… Though Dwight would’ve been fun.
        I’ll try the scale idea… Bartles doesn’t mind a bit being picked up, and maybe this will help me get back on my diet 🙂
        I can’t pick up the lab or the Shepard – besides which I’d probably tilt the scale 🙂

  6. Amber said

    Although we are not talking about bed situations today, this is funny. It’s only happened one other time in the 7 years we’ve had Eddie, and that was when he was a pup.

    He likes to snuggle when it’s cold outside, and the hubby works nights so I USUALLY don’t mind. However, this morning I woke up to the UNDERSIDE of a beagle butt w/ a leg on either side of my head! Seriously! That is not what I want to see first thing in the morning!

  7. Jasmine's sidekick said

    Actually, I think the color is pretty neat – it looks like the ocean and the sky above it. Maybe, subconsciously, you painted it that way to evoke the memories/moods of your wonderful scuba diving vacations. And, of course, every wall color looks great with a beagle in front of it!

  8. Fanniemae's mom said

    everyone is commenting on the color of your walls – I want to comment on the photo. Such love in that photo!!

  9. Scooby's Mom said

    I have a painting story. We were painting our fence white and my husband accidentally spilled about a quart of white paint on our lush green lawn when he was refilling the paint tray. Of course, on cue, Scooby comes running through the puddle of white paint and leaves a trail of white pawprints all over our lawn! He has a whole back yard to run through but had to come barrelling through the paint spill. My husband is very anal about our green lawn, so that one hit him hard.

    • Susan in DE said

      LOL at your husband, not Scooby! Good news with paint on lawns is that it’s resolved with the next cut of the lawnmower (or two cuts at most).

      Speaking of cleaning your lawn, that reminds me of a story … one day a few summers ago, Josie came racing in the dog door towards me, all happy-waggy and looking pleased with herself. When I went to pet the silly girl, her shouder was soaking wet. I’m thinking, “What the heck is wet in the yard right now?” and smelled my hand and almost passed out from the stench of Something Very Very Dead. After cleaning both of us up, I went out to find it before more rolling and/or possible ingestion ocurred, and easily found the Very Very Dead and Nearly Liquid Bird because of the cloud of black flies hovering over it (We’ll stop the description there). After cleaning it up while shrieking “Eww! Eww! Eww”” the whole time (since Rob wasn’t home and leaving it was not an option), I was afraid the grass and dirt were still going to be attractive to the hounds, so I actually dug up some of the grass, threw it away, and then sprayed the ground with Nature’s Miracle.

      • Donna & Oscar & Spencer said

        I ran across the street and dragged my husband out of the neighbors house when Rosco rolled in nest of old dead putrefied duck eggs. He was my first beagle and I didn’t know you were suppose to rush right in and stop the silly dogs when their necks started squirming on the ground.

    • Amber said

      at least you didn’t have a deck or patio for permanent future prints 🙂

  10. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Scooby’s Mom, that is a funny story.
    When I painted my bedroom, the dogs were good enough to leave me along. However, the cats on the other hand, I thought I did so well not getting paint anywhere but the walls. Low and behold, both our cats’ tails were blue. 🙂

    • Harper said

      During our “remodel”, our cat, Tang, jumped up on the freshly painted white window sill in the kitchen nook (his fave spot to watch the world go by in the front yard), didn’t like the wet paint, jumped off, walked across the (still concrete at that time) floor, and then jumped up on a chair. The chair still has white kitty cat prints, as does the concrete floor… though it’s now covered in hardwood. 🙂
      He hasn’t been back up on the window sill since.

  11. Carol said

    We’ll be painting in the next few months so I don’t have a painting story yet. But I really like todays picture, I pictures where you can see and feel the love.

  12. Donna & Oscar & Spencer said

    Is the blue all four walls? A couple of suggestions. Paint one wall white to open the room up. That way you only have to deal with one wall. Or get a lighter complimentary blue and some sponges and texture one or two walls to lighten the room up. That would actually be fun it you actually got around to do it. I went so far to buy the sponges once. I see them still in their packages every year when I clean the carport closet.

    Color is real tough. We hired painters to paint all the dark brown trim and doors in my dining room and hallways a terra cotta color. I came home and everything was bright orange. So we ended up repainting everything and choose three colors and it took us a couple of months because we had to keep re-doing everything and changing the colors.

    Maybe you should just leave everything the way it is, much similar.

    • laurie said

      Actually, the other two walls are white, although one has a green stripe. I must have been on drugs.

      • Susan in DE said

        LOL!! See, it does tie back to Jasmine’s Sidekick’s comment … a little bit of the ganja, stare at the walls for a while, and you’re right back on the beach in Jamaica, ready to go scuba diving. :->

      • Harper said

        ROTFLMAO!!!!! That was hilarious, Susan!!!!

      • Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

        Better than PUMPKIN ORANGE!

        By the way, New York is out. Maybe the Philippines instead…talk about a 180. But you can scuba dive in the Philippines. I wouldn’t want to try that in New York.

  13. Kim Henry said

    Okay, ordered my 2 calendars, the Gotcha Days & memory day entered fine. Thank you Ron!!!! And thank you Laurie, for using the best Beagle shot again! “The Picture”
    When we went to look at Maxine & Ferris a year& a half ago, the vet that was keeping them as a temporary foster had a 9 month old Bassett pup come in by the name of Winston. Winston appeared to be on steroids… I never seen a Bassett, much less a Bassett puppy that freakin’ big!! He looked like he had a bloodhound in the woodpile! But, now I know that there are large & small Bassetts. Learn something new every day! LOL!

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