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Thanksgiving recap #1

Posted by laurie on November 28, 2011

Let me tell you, my three mile birthday swim last week was NOTHING compared to Thanksgiving for twelve plus lodging and four more meals for eight. It was totally exhausting but lots of fun. Moses did not come (sorry!), nor did the other dogs, Elizabeth or Levi; Vous was the only doggie guest. We did have a one-year old little boy though, and you can look forward to some adorable pictures of Cole and Sherman. That’s Sherman above, guarding Chad’s mashed potatoes. He did an excellent job.


This was not posed! And with only beer, coffee and hot sauce left, the table was relatively safe.

7 Responses to “Thanksgiving recap #1”

  1. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Wow. That was not posed? I am impressed. The stealth and determination of Beagles never ceases to amaze me. Sounds (and looks) like y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Karen S. said

    Beagles are also good with the old tablecloth trick! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I tried your cranberry pie and it easy to make and came out very good! You’ll have to tell us what else you had for your meal (besides turkey).

  3. ChristyACB said

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Shermie is just so cute. And that Stan caption is so perfect I had to giggle!

    Did anyone brave the Black Friday (or late Thursday) crowds? Would love to hear your stories!

    I made one tentative foray (Michaels) and then ran back home to safety. Crazy town out there…especially WalMart. My poor niece got a terrible scratch and my sister dropped and ran because people were grabbing stuff right out of hands.

  4. Rebecca Campbell said

    I am a Federal employee so worked on Friday – which was fine with me šŸ™‚ I do not have the shopping gene that would make me want to go into the masses on Black Friday. On Saturday morning my Mom needed a few items from WalMart so we went and it was calm and peaceful. The sales associates were friendly, the few shoppers were smiling and polite. We were in and out quickly with everything on our lists. Perhaps we didn’t get any great bargains, but our sanity is intact.

    Table dancing Beagles are too much fun. Mom’s old Beagle boy got in the middle of the dining room table and ate a gingerbread house that we had spent hours making a couple of years ago. There is no determination like Beagle determination.

  5. Susan in DE said

    Sounds like it was fun, controlled chaos. We had a little of that here as well, but only had 6 over for supper in a very small house, and no one stayed overnight. Josie and Jordan were fairly well behaved, they just circled like polite sharks and didn’t even attempt to climb onto anyone’s lap during the meal.

  6. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    How nice for your family to be together for the holidatys! Ours is so small far apart. Anyway, it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Can’t wait to see more pictures. A Beagle and a bowl of mashed potatoes (or any food) side by side, don’t see that very often. LOL
    We had a cold front come thru (Houston TX) and my girl Jodi would NOT get out from under the covers this morning. I practically drug her out and she quickly went to a chair in the living room that her blanket was on. got under itand turned into a stone.
    Did NOT go out on Black Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I am not fond of crowds.. My Mom and I used to love Black Friday, but that was years ago when the stores opened “early” at 6 or 7am.
    Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.!

  7. Carol said

    Is Sherman beginning to believe he is a centerpiece? His coloring looks beautiful on the tables. Even though Stanley wants to get past the soup course, I’m curious about what kind of soup you served?

    We ended up at Best Buy on Friday afternoon. It was crowded, but worth it, we got a tv for 1/2 its normal price.

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