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Thanksgiving recap #2

Posted by laurie on November 29, 2011

Stanley was thankful for the abundance of mashed potatoes. (You’ll see more of little Coleman tomorrow.)

Sherman was thankful for the abundance of guest bedding.

Carol asked what kind of soup I made. It’s this tried and true curried butternut squash soup. A bit time-consuming to make (especially for twelve), but yummy.

13 Responses to “Thanksgiving recap #2”

  1. Martha M said

    I also had 12 here for dinner and overnight guests-mostly my husband’s family…..three truly wonderful teenagers, and, uh, others……
    Ruby was pretty good, considering the chaos in my small house. She does jump and of course gravitates toward my mother-in-law-who has the patience of a (what’s the OPPOSITE of a saint????). We decided to try a little water sprayed from a bottle, and it works quite well. I kept whispering to Ruby that she could get in my lap later!

    One holiday down, we are getting our Christmas tree this weekend. Can’t wait to see Ruby’s reaction to it! Shiloh used to scoot the presents asides and curl up on the velvet tree skirt after she drank some of the sugar water!

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Martha – LOVE your comments about certain members of your family group!

      Laurie – LOVE the pix of YOUR family group, including the beagle boys, and the yummy-looking food you had for Thanksgiving!

  2. ChristyACB said


    Since I put in my dates when you were having the weird thing with the date maker, can you let me know if my dates are in there? Gigi, Boscoe and Charlie Bryant?

    I would also like to see the recipe for your soup! Even just out of the oven those squashes look pretty delish!

  3. Susan Hann said

    Thanks Laurie for the crustless cranberry pie recipe. It was a hit at Thanksgiving!

  4. C Siding said

    Please put that picture of sherman in next year’s calendar pile

    • Susan in DE said

      I like your thinking, Phillip … already committing Laurie to a 2013 calendar, and 2012 isn’t even at Printer Ron’s yet. :->

  5. Karen S. said

    Good things come from the Kramer Kitchen, that’s for sure! Try toasting pumpkin seeds and garnishing your butternut squash soup with them– they are so good!

  6. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Dang, that soup sounds absolutely wonderful. I’m going to have to give that a try!

  7. Karen S. said

    At the next beaglefest we’ll all be 10 pounds heavier thanks to these great recipes.

  8. Carol said

    Loving the Thanksgiving pictures. Pretty obvious why Norman Rockwell included beagles often, they just fit in with people so well.

    Thanks for the recipe Laurie. I’m going to start a file “Laurie’s recipes”…so far there is biscotti, italian wedding soup, blueberry sour cream pie, cranberry pie and now the soup. Can’t wait to try it, you haven’t steered me wrong yet!

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