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Summer (well, spring) in December

Posted by laurie on December 23, 2011

It was a lavish 60 degrees yesterday and I came home from work early. The pond is always so pretty this time of year, with the algae finally gone.

I followed the boys around they yard and they got on a particularly urgent scent.

Me and my Stan.

N.B. The DD will be on vacation all next week and the following Monday. We’re not going anywhere except into our hot tub, but I could use a little break. (Though if I get a really good picture I might post it!) Have a safe Holiday week, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!

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Sun gets in your eyes

Posted by laurie on December 22, 2011

Trash pickup is on Wednesday so on Tuesday night I made an executive decision and put Stanley’s multi-colored doggie bed in the can and brought it down the driveway. The bed he loves. I’M SORRY, STAN!! I promise to buy you a new one next week!!

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Posted by laurie on December 21, 2011

You know the sound – that sharp intake of breath, “SNIFF!”, because there is something underneath the fridge. It might only be molecular in size but that’s entirely beside the point.

I love it when they scratch at something that can’t open or move. We could learn a thing or two about determination and the power of positive thinking!

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All the colors of the rainbow

Posted by laurie on December 20, 2011

After months of digging and with the help of Mr. Skunk and Mrs. Raccoon, Stanley finally reaches the good stuff in his bed.

Which turns out to be a lovely popuri of color! Have you ever seen this? I wonder if there’s a prize inside.

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My little kitchen helper

Posted by laurie on December 19, 2011

This weekend I made five batches of cranberry-pistachio biscotti. Stanley was with me practically the entire time. This is a recipe that I’ve been making for ten years. They’re delicious and it’s a nice change of pace to make a batch of cookies that doesn’t have a stick of butter in them, know what I mean? I might have given you the recipe before, but here it is anyway. Phillip and I ate probably half a batch, and I still have at least three more to go.

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Blast from the past

Posted by laurie on December 16, 2011

This is from 2000. Three adorable boys sacked out on the bed. Soon they would all crawl under. I always wondered how they could obtain enough oxygen.

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At your service

Posted by laurie on December 15, 2011

After dinner the boys get a good-sized treat for being so patient while we eat. Sherman takes his into the living room and lingers over it. Stanley plops down and eats it as fast as he can so that he can make it to the dishwasher before I finish loading it. As you can see, he has hired on a butler to help with the prewash.

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One ferocious beagle

Posted by laurie on December 14, 2011

“Wait a sec, lover boy, I have to pummel your brother.”

“Okay, your turn! Kissy kiss!”

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Posted by laurie on December 13, 2011

Stanley is the toy boy, but every once in a while Sherman will show interest in whatever Stan has. This can lead to a tug of war, or, as pictured, a standoff.

Sherm’s toy attention span is short, and he’ll suddenly decide he’s through, much to the disappointment of his brother.

I’ve mailed all the orders of 2 or 3 calendars, plus those that went out of the country. The post office ran out of $1 stamps so I have to find another in order to mail all the single calendar orders.

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Where’s the restroom, please?

Posted by laurie on December 12, 2011

There’s no chance of taking outdoor photos on weekdays since I leave home in the dark and return in the dark. So the weekends are it, and I didn’t remember that until 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

No matter how many times I tell the boys that they should pee before a photo shoot, they never do.

I picked up the calendars from Ron and they’re gorgeous! I’ve stuffed and addressed and all that remains is to weigh and stamp. It’s not too late to order one!

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