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Do the math

Posted by laurie on January 31, 2012

I wonder how many hours a day these guys sleep? Sherman sleeps more than Stanley – no surprise there, huh?

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Tango romeo echo alpha tango sierra

Posted by laurie on January 30, 2012

Stanley has declared this the “helicopter free zone.” What a nice coincidence that it’s adjacent to the treat cabinet!

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I still don’t get it

Posted by laurie on January 27, 2012

Stanley is fascinated by Phillip’s explanation of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo? No? Okay, well then he’s watching Phillip eat dinner and wondering (as he always does) why he’s not allowed a seat at the table. He’s actually a little bit too close but was excused for the sake of art.

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Three squares are better than two

Posted by laurie on January 26, 2012

Sherman slept in the other morning. Only Stanley joined me downstairs. I made both their breakfasts, put Stanley’s down, got my coffee and sat down at my computer. About ten minutes later, Sherman came bounding down the stairs and announced his availability for breakfast. I went to put his bowl down and discovered that it already was. And it was empty, hmmm… I guess the coffee has to come earlier in the process.

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Posted by laurie on January 25, 2012

I bought Stanley this new “Angry Birds” toy. It was an impulse buy in the grocery store.

Stanley loves his toys. Sherman, not so much.

Maybe someday Stanley can play Angry Birds…

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Sleep interruptus

Posted by laurie on January 24, 2012

This might be kind of gross if you’re reading it before your morning coffee, you are warned. The other night I must have woken up half a dozen times to the smell of anal glands not too far from my face. I am a very sound sleeper and it’s not as though I happened to wake up and, oh, that stinks! No, the smell is what woke me up, I’m quite sure of it. In addition to this unpleasantness, when we tried to move Stanley away from the head of the bed, he growled rather fiercely. He’s all bark and no bite but the growling is getting a little out of hand and will not be tolerated anymore. So Stan, if you growl, you’re OFF the bed. And please take your anal glands along with you.

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Posted by laurie on January 23, 2012

Oops! I was going to post the DD from work today, but I forgot to upload the photo. So here are two shots from my phone, taken on the way and at the wonderful Princeton pool.

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Say ahhhhh

Posted by laurie on January 20, 2012

I think this speaks for itself, wouldn’t you agree? Have a good weekend everyone. It’s going to snow and sleet here tomorrow so I am planning a lot of couch time with the boys and “The Stand.” I’m more than halfway through the book. The endless book…..

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Hello tower, I’m coming in

Posted by laurie on January 19, 2012

Phillip has become very good at flying this small helicopter. Not like piloting a B-52 but then, what is? Take note of Stan’s sneer. The boys do NOT like the helicopter. Sometimes Stanley barks at it but usually he just runs out of the room.

This close proximity was made possible by (surprise, surprise) a handful of kibble on the floor. I have to get a video of this, it’s hysterical.

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Posted by laurie on January 18, 2012

Stanley doesn’t usually have to take a mini-nap when he plays with Sherman…

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