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High fashion

Posted by laurie on January 5, 2012

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy got the boys Snuggies for Hanukkah! Stanley’s is red plaid and neither of the boys particularly enjoyed wearing them, but let’s face it, a photo op is a photo op. Uncle Bob and Sherman were playing “High Five” here. Too cute.

12 Responses to “High fashion”

  1. Harper said

    Very cute!!!!

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    AA (Absolutely Adorable)! Cody and Henry (especially Cody) would never wear anything like that!

  3. Kim Henry said

    Gizmo got a blue snugglie, matching the one his mama got for xmas 2 years ago. He hated it! Ferris, loves it and we gave it to him. Ferris has finer fur than Gizmo, that might be why he likes wearing it.

  4. Karen S. said

    Just look at his little face!

  5. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    awww, how sweet is that!

  6. Carol Abilock said

    Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy just want to be sure Sherman and Stanley are always warm! That’s love 🙂

  7. Susan in DE said

    Awww, Sherman and Uncle Bob, how sweet! Jordan would wear a Snuggie. Josie wants nothing to do with “clothing”, although ocassionally if it’s really chilly she’ll let you put a blankie on top of her in the dog bed. But eventually she’s too warm and wiggles out of it.

  8. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    I was needing an Uncle Bob & Shermie fix – thank you!

  9. Bobbie (Casey, Dexter' and Daisy's mom) said

    You can see he adores his Uncle Bob, great pic. I got a great present a wooden Beagle carving now I have one for all 3 of my babies. Check out their web site for the world’s largest Beagles I watched a show on hgtv a few years ago and saw this B & B what great place to stay if your near Idaho.

    • Eleanore said

      I shouldn’t have clicked on that site with the Beagles made from wood. Now I want one. They are really cute.
      Be nice to have one that would stand up to the weather and put it in the front yard.

  10. Angela said

    Yep, that’s pure adoration on little Shermie’s face! And I love it when they lean into you like that!

  11. ChristyACB said

    Shermie clearly loves his Uncle Bob to pieces. So sweet.

    Gigi has a pink snuggie and Charlie has blue. They actually love those things. Charlies shivers outside when it’s cold but I think it is more mental than physical. If I put his coat on, then no shivering. And he loves the snuggie.

    No hoods on ours though. Too adorable.

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