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Archive for January 10th, 2012

Dr. Sherman and Mr. Hyde

Posted by laurie on January 10, 2012

Every so often I am reminded that the boys (not including Phillip) are animals. Like when they eat poop, or try to take down a bicyclist on the canal path. I bought some chewie bones that were in the dog food refrigerator in the grocery store (where I also found another $20 dog bed!). They were quite hard and impossible to break or cut in half, but I didn’t want the boys to eat them in one sitting. You can see where this is going, right? So Phillip goes to our sweet little Shermie who loves nothing more than a tummy rub and as soon as he reached for the bone, Sherman growled. Undaunted, Phillip tried again and was met with snapping and snarling. Can you believe it? Snapping and snarling? Finally he grabbed the angry beast’s collar with one hand and the bone with another and pried it loose. The wild coyote beagle was not pleased at all, and even less so when Phillip gave him a little talking to. My goodness! Who would have thought? Wouldn’t you peg Stanley for this kind of reaction? All it took for him was a few “Drop it”s and he did! Sherm and Phillip have since made up, but some sign language training with treats is in order. The bones, needless to say, went out with the trash.

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