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Dr. Sherman and Mr. Hyde

Posted by laurie on January 10, 2012

Every so often I am reminded that the boys (not including Phillip) are animals. Like when they eat poop, or try to take down a bicyclist on the canal path. I bought some chewie bones that were in the dog food refrigerator in the grocery store (where I also found another $20 dog bed!). They were quite hard and impossible to break or cut in half, but I didn’t want the boys to eat them in one sitting. You can see where this is going, right? So Phillip goes to our sweet little Shermie who loves nothing more than a tummy rub and as soon as he reached for the bone, Sherman growled. Undaunted, Phillip tried again and was met with snapping and snarling. Can you believe it? Snapping and snarling? Finally he grabbed the angry beast’s collar with one hand and the bone with another and pried it loose. The wild coyote beagle was not pleased at all, and even less so when Phillip gave him a little talking to. My goodness! Who would have thought? Wouldn’t you peg Stanley for this kind of reaction? All it took for him was a few “Drop it”s and he did! Sherm and Phillip have since made up, but some sign language training with treats is in order. The bones, needless to say, went out with the trash.

19 Responses to “Dr. Sherman and Mr. Hyde”

  1. Elaine T said

    Some things are just too valuable to give up, even to their favorite humans! That’s why I don’t have anything rawhide in the house. It’s not worth the battle with me or with each other.

  2. I’ve only had one episode with Trumbo. He growled when I attempted to take a barbecue and greasy knee bone. His growls aren’t usually intimidating, but this one was the kind that precedes a snarl and a snap so I let him keep it until he became distracted (which can be any sound or movement from outside) and I took it away from him–he was eating it on the bed, no snacking in the bedroom!

  3. Karen S. said

    Ouch! And I thought Sherm had angel wings concealed under his fur!

    It’s best to let dogs eat in peace, but sometimes you do have to step in and take something away. A useful training exercise is to take the chew from the dog, look at it briefly, and then give it back right away. That way the dog learns to trust you.

    The worst case is when you’re on a walk and have to take something from your dog’s mouth and you don’t know what it is! What you do know is that it’s slimy, stinky, and you won’t be able to wash your hands until you get home. Yuck!

  4. Bailey & Gypsy & Trents dad said

    Interesting…we stopped the rawhide treats for the same reasons…they are very possessive of those things!
    …I recently discovered that even Trent will allow me to pry open his mouth and remove the offending non food items such as acorns, twigs and nut shells…but I have yet to try to take his food or treats away…

  5. Karen S. said

    Forgot to mention: a “trade” is the best way to get something from a dog. Dogs are usually quite willing to trade up!

  6. Nancy J said

    My Eskimo was like that. I made the mistake of giving her raw bones a time or two, and whoa, the beast within came out in seconds. When I gave her cooked bones, it was only slightly better.

    You know what they say about the quiet ones–those are the ones you have to be careful of.

  7. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    My Barney is much like Shermie, except he has Beagle hearing. He does the same thing with bones 😦 So now we know.

  8. ChristyACB said

    Oh my, Sherminator? I just can’t imagine that from that susamaus of a beagly bit.

    In the picture he looks absolutely heartbroken…like he’s watching the trash containing said bone go out to the big bin.

  9. Kim Jackson said

    Ok I am confused….why do you want to take their treat away? Our three love rawhides and play keep away from each other. We laugh because Maggie ususally ends up with all three on her section of the rug. It keeps them entertained and lasts longer than most things they get.

    PS – Only Otis will bite you if you take his treat – the other two will just pout.

  10. Fanniemae's mom said

    training is definitely in order. Makes me remember what happened with my aunt and my 10 pound min-pin years ago. Min-pin was sitting next to my aunt on the couch and snapped at her. My aunt grabbed her hand away. After my aunt went to bed I went to see what FannieMae was snapping about. My aunt had dropped a piece of wrapped chocolate which Fannie Mae somehow secreted under the cover on the couch and NO ONE was going to take it from her. I grabbed her by the collar, dragged her away and out went the chocolate.

  11. Harper said

    I started training Shotzy at 7 weeks by sticking my fingers in her food while she was eating…. As a Shepard she’s not really food oriented though. Now Bartles the Bassett makes Whisky seem less food oriented….since he’s older and a rescue, not sure how to work with him…..

  12. Spunky's Mom said

    I touch Spunky’s food all the time, touch her, move her bowl when she’s eating – never a problem. But my husband got her a rawhide braided thing for Christmas, and when I attempted to take that away, she growled! I was surprised as you are over Sherman. So my husband took it away, without incident.

    What really surprised me, however, was that she was interested in chewing the rawhide at all. In the past we’ve given her rawhide bones or those hard edible bones (made from vegetable starch, I think) and instead of sitting and chewing on them, she walks around the house crying with them in her mouth, looking for a place to “bury” them or begging us to let her outside so she can bury them for real. So weird….. The vet said to give her more hard things to chew on to keep her teeth clean, but she usually won’t chew them, just wants to hide them for later!

  13. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Still waters run deep. My Gomez is the most anxious, timid dog I’ve ever met, but even he has been known to growl, very deep in his chest, if he sees something suspicious – but only if he’s in an absolutely safe place. Such as in my office looking out the window at some guy walking a maltese terrier. I know that’s different from growling at me, but for Gomez that’s pretty remarkable.

    I haven’t had too many occasions to make Gomez drop it and I was a bit concerned when I did – I swapped another treat and didn’t just reach for his snooter like I would do with Lily.

  14. Angela said

    I have experienced nearly every scenario that has been brought up with Truman, who overall is a very congenial, happy-go-lucky beagle. He is actually a perfect mix of Sherman and Stanley! I can give him any other kind of treat: Greenies, biscuits, dried chicken strips, soft chewy treats, etc., and he will eat them right away, no problem. For some reason, rawhides are a different story! He has done the whining around the house, trying to “bury” and hide it. And if he does settle down to eat it, don’t dare try to take it away. Like Sherman, he turns into a possessed maniac if you get near him: low growls, snarling, snapping. I don’t know if rawhides are somehow seen as more “valuable,” thus worthy of storing, saving up for later, and for protecting. It is interesting, for sure!

  15. Jasmine's sidekick said

    So it’s not just our beagle! Jasmine, who is usually gentle, sweet and submissive, reverts to a primal beast when given a “real” meat bone. She does not react this way with other foods, even her favorite dog biscuits and dental chew bones, so we stick with those and avoid bones that bring out the wild behavior.

  16. Donna & Oscar & Spencer said

    Raw hides are banned from our house. The sweet little beagles turn into Cujo….hello Steven King.

  17. Tam said

    Oh, rawhides are a no-no for Elvis and particularly Abbey, though they get them on Christmas from their aunt and uncle. This year was particularly funny–Elvis grabbed both his and Abbey’s and carried them around the house, looking for an appropriate place to bury them (including beneath the Christmas tree…hey, it’s a tree, after all!)…Abbey’s more into chewing them and was heartbroken that Elvis got her treat. They’re still in the car. I just don’t want to go there with them right now on this.

  18. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Cody likes his rawhides and will chew on them often. He also likes to take them outside to “bury,” and then never brings them back into the house. Sometimes I will take it from him before he goes outside and put it back on one of his doggie beds. Henry doesn’t chew rawhides as much, but when he gets one that Cody’s been chewing Cody often will want it back (even if he’d left it alone a few minutes before!). Henry sometimes will actually growl at that point and insist on keeping the thing. Good for him! I’m glad to say they seldom get into tussles over chewies, so I don’t have to do much “refereeing”!

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