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The list grows

Posted by laurie on January 11, 2012

Both Angela and Spunky’s Mom posted yesterday that their beagles walk around with toys/chewies in their mouths whining. Add this to the list of “Things Beagles Do” and append Stanley’s name because he will pick up one of his toys, walk around with it and and whimper. Have to admit I was a bit concerned until I recognized the pattern. When we were new dog owners with just Clayton, we were astonished and in hysterics to watch him “bury” his toy in the living room carpet. Hello, Charles Darwin (and the voyage of the Beagle!)

17 Responses to “The list grows”

  1. Bobbie (Casey, Dexter' and Daisy's mom) said

    When we first got Casey he would do the same thing whimper while carring his baby(toy) around, it was very cute he also would bury his toys in the couch cushions and cover them with imaginary dirt. He was the only one of our babies that has done this.

  2. Karen S. said

    Timmy likes to carry around his treats looking for a good place to bury them. Sometimes a stack of magazines will do. And I love it when they jump on my bed and use their noses to push imaginary piles of dirt over their chewies. The puzzled “what am I doing wrong” look on their faces is priceless.

  3. Linda UK said

    When I mention the W*****s word (daren’t say it in case beagle ears are listening), Dylan sets up in a volley of excited barking (yes, understandable), THEN has to look for something naughty to do (e,g steal something off the counter top), THEN has to have a drink, THEN comes along to be harnessed up!

    • Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

      Oh yeah. My two find all kinds of things to do: get a drink of water, check on the toy/treat situation, run outside through the doggy door, bite the other’s face . . . THEN they’re ready to get saddled up for the er, perambulation.

  4. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Onyx almost always has a toy in her mouth. If you leave the room and come back in, she grabs a toy and greets you. When she’s really excited (like when I come home after work), she trills while she has the toy in her mouth. It’s just so adorable. She also buries things in imaginary dirt. She does it less now than when she used to. But she would bury it, work really hard covering the treat (in something like the couch cushions) and then go to the other side of the room and watch it carefully. If Cobalt got anywhere near it, she retrieved her treat and reburied it. If she caught you watching her while she was burying it, she found a new location. Beagles are just hilarious!

  5. Kim Jackson said

    Ah! And I thought Maggie was the only one that ran around the house in between furniture and under the table whining trying to find a place to bury it! When this happens we have to watch out. She prefers on occasion to “age” her rawhide in dirt – ususally a flower pot. After it reaches the proper color – nasty dirt black and the proper soggy ick…she then likes to hide it in our bed under the pillows for a “nice” bedtime surprise for us!

  6. C Siding said

    See look at how sherman is attacking me. he’s vicious i tell you!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Nancy J said

      Actually, our 1st doberman, SammiRose, introduced us to “burying” her food. We honestly thought that she was, well, weird. Then, our very 1st beagle comes along and does the same thing, only Shelby actually moved her food around. Sammi would just stand there and bury her food with air. Shelby2 buries her toys hither and yon. She can spend all day moving them from place to place. Scottie (aka Pirate) revels in following her around and spoiling her secrets.

      • Nancy J said

        I meant to also say, that this is how my husband is awakened every morning. Scottie and Shelby2 take turns standing on him–it’s love.

    • Angela said

      I know Rawhide-Gate was an isolated incident. πŸ™‚ He is still, and will always be, your sweet little Shermie!

  7. Harper said

    Bartles the Basset is a grand champion hider…. He stole all three Christmas hedgehogs and has buried them all over the yard. I love to watch him bury things with his big ol nose…. He’s too darn cute.

  8. Sue K said

    Finally catching up on the DD – have been w/o internet for almost 24 hours!!!! Huey was fixated on toilet paper rolls and would try to bury them anywhere inside if he couldn’t get outside. The people who bought our house in Maine are probably finding his decomposing toilet paper rolls in the flower beds in the backyard and wondering why! We have a very funny video of him trying to bury one in the family room sofa!

    Brady doesn’t try his toys, but he will pick up his favorite toy of the week whenever anyone comes to the door. He will hold onto it for awhile and then go “hide” it. They are so funny!

  9. Scooby's Mom said

    Scooby doesn’t walk around with his toys and whimper, he does that with his rawhides. If it’s a really good one (don’t ask me what a really good one is, he is the only one who seems to know), he will pace for hours making whining and whimpering noises. He will take it outside, bring it back inside, bury it with imaginary dirt on the couch, lay down for 30 seconds and then runs and grabs it and the cycle begins again! One night this went on till 3:00am, when my husband finally told Scooby (very sternly) to go to bed. So Scooby climbed his doggy steps to our bed, dropped the rawhide between our pillows, went down his doggy steps and curled up to sleep in his bed on the floor. I guess he trusted us to keep it safe for him overnight. Whatever it is that he’s doing, it’s comic relief to us!

  10. Paws for Thought and Joie de Beagle said

    We’re loving all the stories! It reminded us of our dear departed beagies, Caity and Hildy. Caity would “bury” a chew stick behind the floor-length drapes in our condo, working very hard to dig and then cover her chewy” with imaginary dirt. We watched the following drama play out time and again: Caity would energetically work on the burial for several minutes, while Hildy sat across the room pretending not to notice. The moment Caity was satisfied and left the scene, Hildy would run over and steal it. We would be laughing and wanting to cry at the same time. Caity never stopped believing (and we always made sure she got her chewy back). Sweet memories! πŸ™‚

  11. Angela said

    The “burying” with imaginary dirt thing is just too funny! When we first adopted Truman, we were bewildered with the pacing around with rawhides in his mouth (so cute, though!), the whining, “digging,” and “burying.” But now I wonder if it just goes back to those ancient hunting instincts … who knows? Those beagles, supplying endless laughs and entertainment!

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