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Posted by laurie on January 25, 2012

I bought Stanley this new “Angry Birds” toy. It was an impulse buy in the grocery store.

Stanley loves his toys. Sherman, not so much.

Maybe someday Stanley can play Angry Birds…

18 Responses to “Mine”

  1. Karen S. said

    After reading yesterday’s post it seems that Stanley would rather play Angry Anal Glands.

  2. ChristyACB said

    LOL@Karen S. Too funny!

    That last photo of Shermie looks almost like it is posed and professional. So sweet that one.

    I took a good picture of Charlie last night when we were getting ready for bed. I keep a cup of small treats on the night stand and I give each of them one for settling in and stopping the bouncing around each night. Well, it took me a few to get situated and Charlie got impatient and got off his drool towel and came to my side and started staring with sad eyes…and drool.!/christyacb#!/photo.php?fbid=3154570942988&set=a.1207088617147.31908.1226614780&type=1&theater

    I set it to public so I hope everyone can see it. You can see the little balls of drool on his jowelies starting. And his lip is tucked. Enjoy!s

  3. Spunky's Mom said

    At first I was very confused, as I was sure these were pictures of Sherman. But I get it now – takes me a little while in the morning.

    I love Sherman’s look in the last one. As if he’s saying, “What??? Really, I’m just holding it for him….”

  4. Bobbie (Casey, Dexter' and Daisy's mom) said

    Dexter loves his toys too, Casey would always kill them within 5 minutes but after Casey went to the rainbow bridge last February Dexter started carrying his toys(babies) around, kissing them. It was so cute. When we decided to adopt another Beagle I so hoped that they would not kill their babies as Dexter so loves playing with his. We lucked out our Lil Daisy never had a toy before and didn’t know what to do with it, she also loves her babies, but not quite as much as Dex.

  5. Susan in DE said

    Too funny. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw Sherm on the back of the couch with the toy was how leopards take their prey (like dead antelopes) up into a tree so the other predators don’t steal their prize. :->

  6. Ellen said

    Bentley loves playing with toys. Hemi loves de-stuffing them. I had to do a yard clean up not too long ago, because it looked like a snow storm hit from all the stuffing out there.

  7. C Siding said

    the last pic is calendar worthy

  8. Patr said

    Hum, a beagle chewing a pig snout….. Is that kosher?

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