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Three squares are better than two

Posted by laurie on January 26, 2012

Sherman slept in the other morning. Only Stanley joined me downstairs. I made both their breakfasts, put Stanley’s down, got my coffee and sat down at my computer. About ten minutes later, Sherman came bounding down the stairs and announced his availability for breakfast. I went to put his bowl down and discovered that it already was. And it was empty, hmmm… I guess the coffee has to come earlier in the process.

26 Responses to “Three squares are better than two”

  1. suepfox55 said

    Sounds like Stanley ate for two!

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Typical beagle behavior! Cody and Henry get dry food in the morning, but in the evening I put some canned food on top of the dry. I have to be sure to put BOTH dishes down at the same time or they will both be competing for the canned food in the dish that was put down first (and Cody would probably win!)

    Such a precious picture of Shermie all curled up – he’s such a darling!

  3. Harper said

    Yet another calendar worthy picture! Sherm is so darn adorable.
    We have to feed our three at the same time because of Bartles the Basset. He started a fight with Shotzy one morning, I had to throw the water from the water dish to stop it…. Now my poor Shotzy is a bit intimidated by Bartles. She’s got such a soft heart, she’d give him her food. We’re still working with Bartles quirks, but he’s getting better every day.

    • ChristyACB said

      My Charlie is clearly a half basset and half beagle, despite his being rescued by a Beagle org. He has most of the same issues I hear you mention about Bartles. Any tips on working through those things. Seems like it is a basset thing.

      • Harper said

        I’ve never had a Basset before (beagle, yes) Bartles… I thought it was a “rescue issue”, not Basset… We just chastise Bartles and tap his nose when he growls with a “we don’t growl at our brother and sister here…”
        Heaven only knows what goes on when we’re at work….

  4. Karen S. said

    I have to feed Timmy Beagle outside to keep the peace. I can feed Blue the bird dog in the kitchen with Daisy Mae the beagle/terrier. Daisy Mae is not food aggressive, but she is aggressive about her chew bones and very protective of all the shoes and socks she steals. Go figure!

  5. Sue~Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    I have done the same thing Laurie, I have also fed them twice (in the morning). Caffine is required for proper feeding, it should say so on the bag 🙂

  6. Kim Jackson said

    The picture is outstanding…but I must say you made me spew coffee when you said the bowl was already down and empty! hehehehe

  7. Marci said

    Great story! I love the pic. There’s NOTHING cuter than a sleeping beagle!!

  8. Angela said

    Love this sweet picture of Sherman! Stanley was thinking, you snooze, you lose! as he gobbled down his brother’s breakfast. 🙂

  9. Donna & Oscar & Spencer said

    It happens. In my early beagle years I came home and fed the late great Rosco. Then I went outside to discuss something with a repair person. My husband came home 10 minutes later and fed Rosco. Now Rosco didn’t say, “No Thank You, I’ve Already had Dinner” did he? We could have put bowls of food down every 10 minutes for hours and he would have kept on eating.

  10. lois said

    We’ve been known to leave each other notes on top of the food bin to avoid second helpings.

    What a sweet picture of Shermie!

  11. Susan in DE said

    Had to laugh … I’ve been there. Josie would be in heaven if that happened. I just have to make sure I’m caffeinated enough and paying attention so I don’t mess up the medication in her food. I’ll have to ask the vet, “Am I better off not giving it, or giving it twice by accident?” so that if I ever do wonder, “Did I, or didn’t I?” I will have a clear path of action.

    Same story here. Josie is definitely starving, Jordan would often prefer to sleep in. Since they get fed different diets now, Jordan takes a lot longer to eat (bigger volume of home prepared kidney failure management diet). Josie circles like a shark after wolfing down her food. He’ll walk away at some point and let her have the rest, and if there’s really too much for little fat girl to have (bowl licking is fine, half a helping is not), I have to yank it away before she starts her frantic gobbling.

    Sometimes if Jordan has breakfast much later, I’ll shut the kitchen door and leave Josie in the dining room. She bangs on the door, and when I do open it up when Jordan’s done eating, she comes flying into the room like a brahma bull bursting out of the chute at a rodeo.

    I should video tape their food antics, they are pretty amusing (I didn’t even talk about the pre-meal dancing and prancing that goes on).

  12. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Hahaha! It is absolutely amazing to me how a beagle can eat two meals and not LOOK like its had two meals. Or act like it. In fact, they’d eat a third without blinking an eye. We’ve had communication breakdowns where both my husband and I feed the dogs, and you’d never know from their behavior: they’re still just excited to get the second meal, and just as interested in MORE after they’ve finished.

    I also once, in the absence of sufficient serum caffeine levels, crumbled up the puppy vitamins into my own cereal bowl. Yes, I ate it anyway; I may be part beagle myself.

  13. Carol Abilock said

    Stanley must have thought he was dreaming, getting to have 2 bowls of food. Would love to know how Stanley acted after he ate both bowls. Did he act normally, guilty, fortunate, hungry (did he expect another bowl when you fed Sherman?

    Love the picture of Sherm, he is very sweet.

    • laurie said

      Alas, he went right back upstairs to bed, so I don’t know. But I suspect he ate as fast as he possibly could.

      • Darlene Main said

        and if he hadn’t eaten it you would have wondered what was wrong with him…typical beagle behaviour would indicate that “breakfast for 2” means extra if there is only one!

  14. Marilyn Angelo said

    When Tyrant was a puppy my mother was away for a month. I would come home every day and feed Tyrant lunch. One day I mentioned to my father and my brother that she was always hungry for dinner, but she wasn’t as hungry at lunch. My brother said she was always hungry when he fed her. Then my father looked at us and said “so you both have been coming home to feed her too?”

    Turns out Tyrant was getting 3 lunches. She never mentioned it, though by the third meal she didn’t inhale it with the usual beagle enthusiasm. She took time to chew her third lunch, but she ate it, every bit.

    Marilyn and Scamp

    • Martha M said

      Funny! Love the name Tyrant!!!

    • Scooby's Mom said

      Ha ha! I love your funny story! If my husband & I take lunch at different times, the first person home will leave half a cup of dog food on the counter. That way the second person knows Scooby only got half a lunch. Before we figured this out he would get 2 lunches, or else the second person would be the bad parent and get silent treatment from Scooby if he didn’t get anything from the second person home. I can only imagine if Scoo would get 3 lunches! In his dreams! lol

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