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I still don’t get it

Posted by laurie on January 27, 2012

Stanley is fascinated by Phillip’s explanation of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo? No? Okay, well then he’s watching Phillip eat dinner and wondering (as he always does) why he’s not allowed a seat at the table. He’s actually a little bit too close but was excused for the sake of art.

12 Responses to “I still don’t get it”

  1. Karen S. said

    Two “Awwww!” daily digitals in a row! You’ll have to make one of those page-a-day desk calendars if this keeps up.

  2. Carol Abilock said

    Do Sherman and Stanley know how many people are crazy about them? Love seeing their faces in the morning!

    On the spoiled note, When we adopted Eddy we had to promise my husband that Eddy would sleep in his crate, sit on his bed while we eat, and not get on the furniture. Eddy spent one night in his crate before Steve said “he doesn’t have to sleep in the crate. Now Eddy sleeps on my pillow or between my feet. After about eight months, Eddy now sits on a chair next to Steve during dinner. Eddy doesn’t eat from the table or eat “people’ food, but he does spend the whole time looking lovingly at Steve. And Eddy loves sleeping on his blanket on the couch. Oh well, we got our beagle and Steve thinks he’s in charge LOL

    • lois said

      Oh good – Sherry has a soul mate! She sits at the table so that she can supervise what’s being prepared for dinner. I’m usually the last one finished eating, so she gets back on “her” chair, collecting hugs & hoping for hand-outs while I finish. She doesn’t think she’s a spoiled beagle, but we know better!

  3. suepfox55 said

    This site is almost a page-a-day beagle calendar! I also agree that this is another awesome moment. I think this expression is a beagle trait as my beagles have done the same forlorn expression with tilted head (and sad tail).

  4. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Look at that face! You just can’t say no to that head tilt. Well, at least I can’t!

  5. Susan in DE said

    Josie and Jordan are allowed closer to the table, and often quietly lie down by our feet or under the table (staring the whole time.) Jordan had gotten into the habit after dinner of coming over to you, looking lovingly into your eyes, then putting his front feet up on your lap pretending to want to kiss you, then tilting his head sideways to try to lick your plate. It was kind of cute for a while, until he started to do it while you were eating and was pretty pushy about it — and then I drew the line. They both mill about and may occasionally try to take advantage of guests who they think dont’ know the rules, but otherwise they’re pretty good (and thank goodness neither is a counter surfer).

  6. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    My sister and I (we all share the same house) aren’t much for cooking. When we get home from work we usually scavenge whatever we can find in the fridge or on the shelves and eat in front of the computer or TV. Of course, persistent beagle noses are right there, trying to discover what we’re eating. When they’ve been told “No!” several times, Henry will usually lie down with the forlorn face. Cody, of couse, is more persistent. We usually lick our plates quite clean and then let him finish the smidgen of what’s left. (Yes, we do have a dishwasher with very hot water!)

    Cody and I just got back about an hour ago from the vet for the annual vaccinations and parasite blood screening. Blood tests were all negative (I was sure they would be), but YIKES! I knew he’d gained weight, but he tipped the scales today at 42 POUNDS! I bought him a new collar a couple of months ago, and they suggested I buy another, larger one! Also, the usual suggestions about cutting down on his portions were made. I know they’re right, so will make an extra effort to ignore the pleading eyes when I’m tempted to give him just a little more! I’m going to try one suggestion – getting a Kong you can put canned food inside, then freeze it overnight. Hopefully, it will keep Sir Cody busy and occupied for a while every day trying to get the frozen canned food out.

  7. Buddy's Mom in NJ said

    I have a Beagle page a day picture calendar and these pictures are better than the “professional” calendar that I purchased ! Great job Laurie !

    • Karen S. said

      I agree. Laurie’s photographs are just as good as or even better than so-called professional photographs. She invests a lot of time in this labor of love.

  8. Angela said

    I love Stan’s inquisitive little face here!

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