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Do beagles eat popcorn?

Posted by laurie on January 3, 2012

Another year, another television set! Phillip took advantage of the after Christmas sales and to go along with this jumbo-sized TV he also bought a Blu-ray (hope I am capitalizing correctly) kind of DVD (I know that’s right) thing that lets us stream video from Amazon for “free” (after signing up for Amazon Prime). Despite the fact that I spend my days writing arcane software, I am technically challenged with regard to TVs and clickers. (I don’t even know how many clickers we have and frankly I don’t think that will ever be determined.) The other night Phillip was using his phone as a clicker. I kid you not! Speaking of television, I’m not a big TV fan but have become totally addicted to the comedy “The Big Bang Theory” and just bought the first four seasons on DVD. A very funny show once you can learn to ignore the laugh track.

I hope everyone’s holidays were festive, and I wish everyone a new year of peace, health, and beagle smoochies.

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