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Hey bro

Posted by laurie on February 29, 2012

Phillip and I frequently marvel at how well Sherman and Stanley get along. The other night he carried Sherman upstairs to bed. Stanley was already there and Phillip placed the Sherm on top of Stan. If we had done this with Clayton and Spenser, a fight would have ensued immediately. But these guys are like, “hey bro, whatcha doin’ on top of me?” “No worry, I’m cool!” Is this how your beagles get along?

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Open for discussion: Feb 28

Posted by laurie on February 28, 2012

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Posted by laurie on February 27, 2012

I got a number of nice photos this weekend, including a priceless one of the three boys napping in sardine fashion. Unfortunately I hadn’t pushed the card far enough into the camera because there were no images. I’ve done this before and wonder why my camera happily snaps away as it all goes into thin air. So that’s why you have Sherman here, vacuuming up stray molecules of kibble. Enjoy!

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The littles

Posted by laurie on February 24, 2012

My niece Rachel, hubby Bryan and their children Mia and Ari came for a whirlwind visit this week during their trip to New York (they live in Seattle). Mia is 28 months old and this is about the happiest she was with the boys. Mia is not particularly fond of dogs.

As you can imagine, we had to keep her apart from them when she ate.

Sherman is training them young. Ari is 6 months old and already learning the importance of tummy rubs.

This much cute should keep you going for awhile!

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Open for discussion: Feb 23

Posted by laurie on February 23, 2012

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Cave bed, day 2

Posted by laurie on February 22, 2012

Stanley managed to get in some cave bed time.

Hey Sherm! For $80 you really need to use this thing properly!

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The Guest DD: Whisky, Bartles and Shotzy

Posted by laurie on February 21, 2012

I know last week was the guest week, but Harper was one of the first to email me photos and I promptly lost them. So herewith:

“Whisky (left):  This picture truly captured Whisky’s sweet personality, and how much she loved to sit in the sunshine… our lives are a lot dimmer without her”

“Bartles (top):  they say that if you allow a Basset Hound on any piece of furniture, they will expect to sit on all furniture… this is Bartles, relaxing & napping in my husband’s recliner… we’re still working on his manners…”

“Shotzy & Tang:  This is the picture I walked in on one morning while getting ready for work; Shotzy loves her Tang, and Tang loves his Shotzy”.

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Audrey made me buy it

Posted by laurie on February 20, 2012

Like we really needed another ($80!) doggy bed, right? After I bought those two nice $20 ones in the grocery store. Well, I’m afraid that I have to pin the blame here on Buddy’s Mom in NJ. In her comment last week she mentioned this Snoozer Cozy Cave bed and of course I had to google it. I forwarded the link to Phillip who replied “buy it!!!!” (with that many exclamation marks, I’m not exaggerating.) Phillip predicted that Stanley would get in first, because he likes to go under in bed (Sherman doesn’t), but Sherm has pretty much claimed it as his own.

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The Guest DD: Charlie

Posted by laurie on February 17, 2012

This is Christy(ACB)’s Charlie. On the left he’s begging for food and on the right he’s informing her that it is time for his night time snack. Hmmm, I detect a pattern.

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The Guest DD: Baxter, Joe, and Vader

Posted by laurie on February 17, 2012

Monika writes: “In this pic Baxter, Joe, and Vader were politely waiting for a slice of apple. ‘Mom, me next, puhleeeeeaase?!!!'”

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