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Open for discussion: March 8

Posted by laurie on March 8, 2012

18 Responses to “Open for discussion: March 8”

  1. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    In the ‘Does anyone else’s beagle do this’ category: Sometimes when Cobalt is in a really snuggly mood, he puts his head under your chin and rubs. It’s his sign that he wants more snuggles. He will also sometimes nudge hands or arms if he feels he needs more petting. Somehow, when he was a puppy, I purred at him once as he was doing this, and he loved it. So we do that now, if he’s being really loving and he nudges my chin, I purr at him and he gets more into the snuggle fest. Erich wondered if any other beagles do the chin rub thing. I wondered if any other beagles react to purring… 😉

    Also curious if anyone else has a beagle who can shell peanuts! We keep peanuts in the shell to throw out to the wild birds. Recently we’ve found little piles of peanut shells next to the bag, so we knew one of the beagles was helping themselves. Last night I heard the distinct cracking sound of shelling peanuts, and went and looked, and there was Onyx, with a pile of peanuts in front of her. She was cracking the shells with her teeth, eating the peanuts, and then putting the shells in a neat pile. Living with a pair of beagles means there’s very few dull moments in my house!

    • Karen S. said

      Yes, my dogs have done that with peanuts! And one time I saw Figaro reaching low-hanging bird feeder and eating sunflower seeds. No kidding! The seeds came out in piles a few days later. I no longer feed the birds. It attracts rodents which makes the dogs go nuts. (The birds get enough of my raspberries anyway.)

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

      Kramer gets what we call “grumble-y growl-y” where he makes a noise similar to a growl, but it is SO different, and he rubs under our chin when we snuggle with him. He loves it.

  2. Audrey- mom of Buddy & Holly in NJ said

    Our new little beagle girl – Holly – came with this habit, She puts her paws up around your neck and then places her whole head on you neck or on the side of your face- and rungs, sort of like a hug. Then she pulls back and licks your nose one time. So I guess it is her version of a hug and a kiss. Linda, the adoption person said that the foster mom described this habit and said that she may not be good for a family with small children, because of the “hugging”. When she does this when you are lying down, with a small child it may be too much for them. I have no little ones here – so we just love her hugs and kisses. Holly has ” cat like” moves. Both Buddy and Holly come and nudge our hands when they want to be petted. Buddy always seems to make a purr sound when he is being cuddled and being petted. We have always thought that he had some ” cat” type of habits, including hanging his legs from the arm of a chair or couch. When we were looking to rescue Holly, on her foster care paperwork, it said that she had some ” cat ” like habits, so we thought that they would be the purrrfect pair together.
    There are no peanut eating habits here, but then again, we don’t leave any peanuts out for them to get in to. Holly will eat anything, so I am betting if we left some out for her, we woudl be hearing crack crack crack. I will try it and let you knows. Audrey

    • Libby and Emily's mom said

      My Emily does that same “hugging” – but she licks my chin instead of my nose. She generally gives me hugs first thing in the morrning, and anytime I’m sitting on my steps to put my shoes on. I think she thinks she can bribe me to take her with me if she hugs me!

  3. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    No peanut eating habits here, because we don’t buy them. I would think that Barney would eat the whole nut. shell and all if it was available, but I don’t know. Maybe I will test him and get back to you 🙂 He broke into the pantry last night and drug out the bag of treats, he must have had a snack attack….who knows how many he consumed before he was caught. That’s my boy!

  4. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Funny, just a few minutes ago I was thinking about how much Lily the Loaf just LOVES her lovin’s. She comes up and snuggles her head under my chin when she wants hugs. She will also nudge my hand away from whatever I’m doing (usually typing) so that it’s on her beagly head instead of the laptop. She wasn’t that affectionate when she was a little pup, but she figured out that snuggles are good.

    Hula Boy likes to bury his head and makes weird whimpers when he greets me after an absence. We call that Silly Gomez Greeting Noises, or SGGN. He really likes to be folded into a big hug and rub his face on me.

  5. Sam and Sweetum's Mom said

    We have a real lover with our beagle Sam. If he wants attention while I am on the computer, he will get under my knee and rub back and forth.\

    One trick he learned from our oldest cat, Molly, is the tapping of the face with a paw. When we scratch Molly and stop, she gently reaches out to tap your face or arm to say she wants more. Well Sam saw this and imitated but unfortunately he doesn’t have the finesse but just clobbers you with his paw. At our house behaviors between the cats and dogs are monkey see monkey do!!

  6. Susan in DE said

    Josie nudges you with the snoot or whumps you with the paw when she wants attention. She can start purring when she’s really relaxed. Also, if you’re on the floor with her, she actually loves to push her forehead against your forehead while you scrub your fingers through her fur, and she leans on you (and then my husband’s forehead breaks out in pimples the next day … either it’s greasy beagle head clogging his pores, or he could be mildly allergic and that much direct contact sets it off ….). She likes her royal backrubs and occasionally a hug from you, but she’s really not into stuggling on the couch (She uses you to scratch an itch, then tosses you away like a used Dixie cup).

    If you rub the base of Jordan’s ears enough, he’ll start grunting like a pig. He’s not much of a snuggler, he really would rather roll around on the floor chewing on a stuffed toy (kicking, wiggling and grunting) while you scratch his belly, but if he’s zonked out with you on the couch or the bed, then he likes to be right up against you.

    We had to move the bird feeders out of the fenced portion of the yard because Josie would eat all the empty shells as well as any seed. Rob made up a song that went, “There’s sunflower seeds in the pooo!!! The poo that came out of youuuu! (while pointing at Josie, as her tail whumps happily in time on the ground because she’s being serenaded).

  7. Harper said

    Bartles the Basset prefers to be in my lap when I’m in my recliner. Then he crawls up my lap and will put his head or nose under my chin and push…. Not a rub, but a push…. He’s the Love Hog. He loves snuggles.
    JD will come up and rub against our legs like a cat.
    Shotzy likes to put her front paws on my chair or lap and get scritchies on her chest…. Or she’ll walk on the side of my chair and stop so I can give her rubs….

  8. Baci's mom said

    If I sit on the floor cross-legged, Baci sits on my lap and pushes into me for hugs and rubs. Makes it tough to do seated yoga postures.

    Peanuts in the shell have not crossed his path, but he did once open a bag of Pecan Sandies and eat every darn cookie. Fortunately, no ill (gross) effects, but he wasn’t hungry for two days — if you can imagine that.

    A previous non-Beagle dog did not care for shellfish. One day I gave her a breaded shrimp. She ate the breading and spit the shrimp out like an olive pit.

  9. lois said

    Sherry whumps me with her head when she wants petting – or more petting. sometimes she just can’t get enough petting. We don’t keep peanuts in the house, so don’t know what Sherry would do with one.

  10. JB & Cassie's Mum said

    We have two Beagles, JB and Cassie. We’ve had JB from a puppy and he’s always had lots of love and affection, so he doesn’t really ask for it – he knows whenever he wants a cuddle he’ll get one. However Cassie is a rescue and we think she didn’t get much affection in her last home. So she has ‘needy’ moments, when she’ll ask for a fuss. She’ll push her head under your hand so you’ll scratch the top of her head and she’ll roll over on her back alongside you (on the bed or the sofa) so you’ll rub her tummy. She’ll let you fuss her for ages and she closes her eyes and purrs like a cat, so she must love it.

    Beagles are such sweetie pies, so cuddly, so loving and there’s never a dull moment with them! Love to all in the US from Derby, England

  11. ChristyACB said

    We have Gigi the Pusher and Charles the Sniffer.

    When Gigi gets into loves she head butts you as hard as she can like she’s trying to push her head into your side or whereever. Then she rolls over and keeps head butting while groaning really dramatically.

    Charlie sniffs your face and neck. If you don’t comply, he sniffs louder while making these really bizarre sounds. He’s half basset so who knows what’t going on in that head.

    • Harper said

      Yeah those Bassets. Gotta love em 🙂

      Tonight while throwing the ball for the lab and GS, Bartles found his new kong and was having a fine ol time throwing it around and running around with it until the dang lab started barking at him…. Poor Bartles, he gets left out… So I take him out front and let him sniff and mark….
      JD and Bartles are still not liking each other 😦
      They only seem to tolerate the others presence. Not too sure what to do. It’s been 4 months, so I’m hoping that in time they’ll become a pack….

  12. Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    I kind of figured other beagle parents would have similar experiences. Now I can tell Erich! I keep telling him the more I read the board, the more I realize ours are just doing beagle things. I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories- it was a perfect pick me up for a long tiring day.

    Onyx just finished burying some imaginary treasure and covering it with imaginary dirt. Last night it was peanuts, tonight it’s burying imaginary items. Even my most painful, tiring days are made so much better by the beagles- they keep me in stitches!

  13. Bode's mum said

    I had a beagle growing up who found a hidden Easter egg (a real egg – hard-boiled) and proceeded to remove the shell herself and eat the egg! She had amazing dexterity – not to mention patience – to peel the shell, spit out the pieces, and then eat the egg.

    I was just explaining the same imaginary burying technique – last week Bode finished chewing a bone (the first time he didn’t just finish it!) and tried to bury it in a corner of the living room.

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