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Have you seen my loofah?

Posted by laurie on March 19, 2012

It’s spring here in New Jersey and this weekend we did some spring cleaning and bathed the boys. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time they had a full bath. They haven’t needed one. Now they are soft and clean and have forgiven us. They are very easy to bathe and surprisingly don’t do the post-bath twenty laps around the house like the other boys used to do.

Not to worry, this was pre-bath. There was nothing foul that I could see. Don’t you wish you could have a beagle’s sense of smell for a few hours? I would just love that. Maybe just an hour and half, though.

19 Responses to “Have you seen my loofah?”

  1. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    It’s spring here in Wisconsin, too – actually, the past few days have been more like summer! Temps in the 70s and sun! Cody and Henry are loving the time they spend in the yard with no snow and lots of succulent smells.

    I don’t bathe the boys often – maybe once every three months or so. Henry puts up with it pretty well, but Cody streaks around the house like mad for a while after getting out of the tub. I just put his bath towel on the floor and let him roll on it to get the first dampness off, then he’s dashing around the house for about five minutes trying to get his “scent” back.

  2. Buddy and Holly get showers once a month- always on the first of the month. We have a hand held shower head so I take them in the shower seperately with me and give them a good lather up. Buddy gets his allergy shampoo and Holly gets the regular doggie one. They then get very long rinses. Holly is good about shaking the water off in the shower , while Buddy saves his shaking once he is out. They get towel dried and then spend some time licking themselves. They don’t ever run around like crazy dogs after a shower. Then when completely dry- they get their flea and tick meds and heartworm pill. This way- I don’t forget. Holly goes in her crate – so they don’t like each other’s fea and tick meds. That would be bad.

    I took both to the Pet Smart store on Sunday to get their nails clipped. This was the first time for Holly so I did not know what to expect. When I took Buddy before- they asked if they should clip or grind his and recommended grinding, so I said go for it. He hated it and cried and jump around and so they had to stop. I think he hated the sound of the grinder. So he got his clipped and I said to do the same for Holly. He squirmed around again and cried and it took two people to clip him. Holly was a perfect young lady and just stood there until they were done.

    Their vet will cut their nails for “free” when we are there for an office visit. But they are not due to see him for a few months. I am hoping that Buddy does not get his allergies this spring as badly as he did last year. And am hoping Holly doen’t have allergies either. Keeping my fingers crossed. Does any one else get their dog’s nails done using a grinder ? Thanks, Audrey

    • Harper said

      Our Lab HATES having his paws touched let alone trimmed or ground… It took 5 of us last time at the vets. Shotzy will do either a clip or grind as does Bartles. I touched Shotzy’s paws constantly from day one so I wouldn’t have problems later… Bartles came to us pretty mellow about that sort of thing.

    • Spunky's Mom said

      Spunky has always hated getting her nails done – so when I’ve been with her either at the vet or Petco, they have to move fast before she starts to squirm. They tell me at Petco, however, that she always behaves when they do her nails when I’m not there. Last time she was there, they ground them instead of clipping, and they said she was fine with it. My husband has a Dremel tool, so we’re going to try the grinding ourselves and see if she behaves as well for us. Her nails are pretty dark and the quicks are hard to see, so the Petco people recommended grinding instead of clipping.

      • Nancy J said

        We have a much higher success rate with toenails using the Dremel. Clipping was hard on the nerves: mine and theirs. My hubby holds them and loves them up while I work on the nails. We have a long shaft extension, which gets the actual tool away from them. I think it tickles them, so we don’t work on on toe too long. Sugar kicks like a mule, so I have to watch out–she kicks the Dremel right out of my hand. Sophie was the all-star kicker, though, as arthritic as she was, she could kick that tool into the next room.

        Bath time? Oh, that’s a treat. 4 crazy beagles running around, rubbing on everything. After bath time is nap time for mom and dad.

  3. Karen S. said

    It’s been spring here in Connecticut for a while. I took Mom for a picnic on the beach Wednesday.

    I had to give Daisy Mae a bath last week because she scaled my 5-foot chain link fence about 10 pm and took off for a romp. She passed through a swamp and got caked in black muck. I do love how nice and sweet-smelling they are after a bath. The white fur seems to sparkle.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t want a dog’s sense of smell, thank you. It’s already distressing when you can smell someone. Imagine being able to smell everyone!

  4. Susan in DE said

    My dog owning friends make fun of me because we take Josie and Jordan to the groomers for baths. We found a wonderful and reasonably priced groomer about 5 minutes from our house, so it’s easy enough to take them for a bath and a nail trim every 6 weeks or so (Depending on what their nails look like). I purchased a PediPaws tool (basically, a cordless Dremel with a guard over the grinding tip), but I haven’t used it yet. I plan on familiarizing them with it first with lots of snacks.

    Oh, please send good thoughts for Jordan. He’s definitely not been feeling so well the past few days. I’m just hoping it’s a temporary downturn with his chronic kidney failure, but we’re not sure yet.

    • Nancy J said

      I’m holding positive thoughts and sending good ju-ju your way.

    • ChristyACB said

      I’m holding positive, good kidney flow thoughts for Jordan. My kitty, Buddha, who also has CRF has these ups and downs too. It’s terrifying! You might want to ask about an anti-nausea shot called chloropromazine or something like that.

      It has done wonders for Buddha’s outlook. I only give a small shot under the skin every 5 days or so but it seems to keep that general unwell feeling at bay. He can drink better and therefore, pee better. He has to drink a LOT and a lot of water can make a tummy feel unwell.

      Also, you might want to look at phosphorus. They have difficulty with getting rid of too much potassium and calcium yet retaining phosphorus. Low phosphorus food can help. Adding a bit of SuperFood ocmpletx from GNC can also be a huge help because they get rid of so much nutrition via more peeing.

    • Harper said

      Sending good thoughts from the Lash Pack….feel better soon Jordan!!!!

    • Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      Sending puppy prayers for your baby and you 🙂

    • Karen S. said

      Sending lots of prayers for Jordan!

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Sending positive thoughts and prayers to dear Jordan!

  5. Sue K said

    Brady goes through spells when he gets frequent baths because he goes through spells of rolling in something I consider smelly. Today might be one of those days. He hasn’t even eaten breakfast because he has been too busy smelling the backyard. Apparently there was a critter in his yard last night or early this morning. I think the culprit is a squirrel although it could be an armadillo or a oppossum. I think it is a squirrel because we have privacy fence in the backyard and there is no way the other two could get into the yard unless they scaled trees. I don’t see an armadillo doing that – a opposum maybe and defintely a squirrel.

  6. Kate (Kramer and Gandolf's mom) said

    Kramer and Gandolf are in need of a bath. I thought about it this weekend, as it’s been beautiful here in Rochester, NY. The last time I did Gandolf’s outside, I broke his tail. Well, not literally, but he had the Tail Droop that comes with using cold water. It was nice outside, but I used the hose (normally my husband does it in the tub, and I was trying to help, well – you get the idea). Anyway, Kramer still will do the 20 laps around the house, and he’ll take that outside, too. Gandolf just shakes it off, and watches Kramer with bemusement. 🙂

  7. Harper said

    It’s bath time for our pack, but we had rain all weekend …. LoOks like the baths will be postponed due to a wet end to March.

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