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Open for discussion: March 20

Posted by laurie on March 20, 2012

Someone commented on an older post yesterday. His beagle is named Charley. HIS name? Stanley Sherman. Get OUT of here!!

25 Responses to “Open for discussion: March 20”

  1. Sue K said

    I am curious on how many of you beagle owners dog sit and how do your dogs react? We do occasionally for people we know. We take care of my daughters ex-husband dogs one of them being a barky schnauzer (sp??) and the other a mix breed of probably greyhound and golden lab. We also take care of her boyfriend’s doberman, Lexie. (Who thinks she is a lap dog!) We did that this weekend and now Brady is worn out. Between having a friend and defending his yard from critters, he is still sleeping as I type!

    • Harper said

      My best friend won’t let me dog sit her two big dogs because she won’t subject us to her ill mannered female. We do have a couple that we are close friends with and they come for visits and bring their Aussie Shepard … Shotzy loves to play with everyone so they have fun. JD does his JD thing, and Bartles is learning more and more how to Play and have fun.
      Whisky Girl always enjoyed Hoovers company….
      Hoover on the other hand loves to bark at our cat…. 😦

      • Sue K said

        I have found through dog sitting that Brady is a bully. It proved even more true this weekend when Lexie (the doberman) came to visit. She carries around a stuff toy her daddy refers to as “her baby” and Brady would take the toy and stand or lay in front of Lexie just daring her to come and get it. This was of course after he barked at her in his “I am letting you know who is boss.” bark and she was too scared to do anything about the toy except bark so I could rescue her baby!

    • Kate (Kramer and Gandolf's mom) said

      We have before, and our guys and our friends’ are always wiped. They usually fall into their hierarchy soon after they are all together, which takes away some stress. They get tired out quickly. 🙂
      What’s interesting is that Gandolf (whom I’ve mentioned is dog aggressive) usually takes a few minutes to test the boundaries, and he’s put in his place (usually Omega) quickly. He settles in nicely though, and all is well. 🙂

  2. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    We foster for a local rescue (E-Rescue Houston). My Barney Boy just ignores them, he is funny he will walk all around the outside of the living room just to avoid them. Our Jodigirl is a bully and will roll them as soon as she can. She growls at them, is just a baaaddd dog. 🙂 Over the past several years of fostering, we have learned that we can only foster males. Jodi is a mess, but we love her….

  3. Susan in DE said

    Nah, we don’t dog sit for other people. Mostly because the majority of my friends with dogs live too far away, and everyone else has cats, which Josie and Jordan want to chase. And we were just supposed to dog-sit Jordan for a few days while his foster family was on vacation, and the few days is now approaching 6 years. :-> (BTW, he’s feeling a little better this morning … a couple of doses of Carafate in the past 24 hours seem to have helped (appetite stimulant/anti-nausea med)).

  4. Gloria said

    On occasion, I dog sit for my father-in-law. He has a 90+ lb lab named Toby. Our cat, our beagle and Toby all get along great. But at bedtime, Toby paces because he is used to sleeping with his “dad.” Last summer on a hot night, Toby got on the bed (like a small pony) and joined my husband and gang. About 3 am I got a hot flash and so all of us (excluding the husband) got up, went outside and cooled off on the deck and then headed back to bed. The things we do for our pets (and I guess our relative’s pets).

    • I can relate to you and your hot flash. Each of my beagles have a different reaction. Both sleep with us. As soon as I feel a hot flash coming on- so does Buddy and he gets up and either moves to the other side of the bed from me, or gets off the bed completely. Holly on the other hand seems to want to cuddle even closer to me. I hate waking up in the middle of a doggy fur sandwich- so thank God at least Buddy has the common sense to move. I have to push Holly away from me – while I try to cool down. Can’t wait for these damnh hot flashes to end !

      • Sue K said

        Oh yea, the hot flashes. Brady sleeps with us and Lexie is used to sleeping with her parents, so Friday night, I had a hot flash and went to the family room to lay down. Brady soon followed and that is where we slept while Lexie and my husband slept comfortably.

      • Nancy J said

        That’s a big ditto from me on the hot flashes.

  5. Rebecca Campbell said

    Does anyone else in Beagle Land have issues with wild critters that keep the dogs up all night? We live in a wooded area with all manner of wildlife, 3 very vocal Beagles and 2 mini-Dachshunds. We have an ongoing issue with raccoons in the trees, on the deck, and last night, on the roof. Our dogs are all indoor dogs that sleep with us until the raccoons start making racket and then we are all up for hours at a time. Last fall a trapper came out and used kill traps to remove 7 of them. Does anyone have experience with any sort of critter repellent? I have stopped feeding the birds and squirrels, don’t leave anything on the deck or around the property that could entice the raccoons, and yet, they come.

    • Sue K said

      Oh yes. We have been having problems with a critter getting in our yard. (see my comment yesterday) I really don’t think it is anything that can dig because we have a privacy fence and there aren’t any holes big enough for anything to get under it. There are small gaps so I think we have a squirrel or oppossum – something that is small and can squeeze under the fence or can scale from tree to tree. We can’t put Brady out during the night to “hunt” the critter because his hunting bray would wake the entire block! I wouldn’t put any kill traps out but Iwould like to know what the critter is!

    • Susan in DE said

      We’re lucky, we only have groundhogs that climb the fence (yes, climb … we’ve seen it!). I wouldn’t let them hunt critters like that even if they were silent about it … fine if they kill it (ugh) but likely they’d end up with wounds/vet bills/rabies quarantine, so we’re not messing with that, even if Josie thinks she can kick any critter’s butt.

    • Funny you mentioned critters. Last night around 8 pm I let Buddy & Holly out in to the fenced in backyard. About 1 minute later, I heard one of them give a yelp. That was it- they were quiet. I couldn ‘t see them because it was already dark. I called and called but they would not come in. I put on the big overhead light but could not see them and was afraid that they had somehow gotten out. I asked my son go out in yard to find them. He came back carrying one, then went out and carried the other one in. He found them circling around a rabbit that was laying on the ground and they would not leave it- so he had to pick them up and bring them in to the house. He went back out with a flashlight to look at the rabbit. It looked like they had chased it , caught it and probably broke it’s neck. Funny thing is -we didn’t hear any barking or baying at all. This is the first time that they have done this. Buddy has run after rabbits before, but has never gotten one. We just got Holly so maybe they double teamed the poor thing. Well- I guess this is one less rabbit that will ge getting in to my garden this summer.

      • Amber said

        no critters, but Eddie barked at our neighbors new pine tree for three days until we let him go over and pee on it 🙂

      • lois said

        Yes, we get critters at night – we’ve seen both raccoons & foxes . We couldn’t put Andy out at night because his bay would wake up the whole neighborhood. Sherry doesn’t seem to care what’s in her backyard at night,

  6. KaTIE and Charlies dads in Las Vegas said

    Pumpkin Question……

    there was a discussion about pumpkin and beagles. Well we tried pumplin for our 2 beags, and they love it .. I MEAN THEY L=O=V=E it ! the question is , does anybody know what a good amount is to feed them each day ? I know that too much will do the same to dogs as it does to people.. can I have feedback onthis matter !

    Thanks Rob

    • Susan in DE said

      Rob, I think it depends on the size of the beagle (or other dog). Josie and Jordan are “jumbo” beagles in the 35-40 lb range, and they’ve been fine with a quarter cup or a bit less of pumpkin with each meal (I’d probably do less if I was feeding it all the time). A smaller beagle would definitely need less. But, I think if you monitor the – ahem – “output”, that will give you an idea of how to adjust accordingly.

    • Buddy & Holly are 27 lbs and 21 lbs. Vet said that 1 tablespoon a day is good

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Since the discussion last week about putting pumpkin in their food I have been taking one of the suggestions made and using 1 teaspoon of pumpkin for every 10 pounds of dog. I mix it in their canned food in the evening (they get dry food in the morning), and so far they eat it up. I have yet to know if it makes a difference in their weight or Henry’s anal gland issues.

      • Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

        I keep giving it to them, I hope it is helping the anal gland issues that Jodi has, time will tell. I will let you know 🙂

    • Harper said

      Sounds like you have plenty of feedback… Since we lost Whisky Girl, we’re now a beagle-less household…. but we’re still “hound parents” since we have the Basset 🙂
      I’d definitely try 1 teaspoon per pound of beagle and check the “output” as Susan puts it 🙂

  7. barb and my gang said

    Is there anything that beagles won’t eat???? My three girls will eat EVERYTHING! Including things that should’nt be injested. I tried pumpkin for anal glands, but I didn’t see any difference. My Bella likes to do that anal thing in the middle of our bed when we are sleeping, or laying in my lap in the evening. Then she jumps up and looks at us in denial, or licks herself clean.(and the sheets)! Last Sunday morning, when we were having a cup of coffee, I noticed that my husband had a strange mark on the back of his tee-shirt. He had slept in it and Bella had did her thing on it!!! But before I could say anything, Chuck started talking to Bell, in a calm voice, thanking her for the gift on the shirt! I started to have flashbacks of that certain licking sound they make when cleaning up their butts. It was very funny!!! Then Chuck proceeded to take a shower.

  8. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    We tried green beans the other night. We had been bad parents and were dangerously low on kibble. So to supplement, I let them eat our leftover green beans from dinner. They were the happiest beagles! They were very disappointed when the fresh bag of kibble appeared. I’m still looking for pumpkin that isn’t the pie kind.

  9. Patr said

    My mother has been puppy sitting for us for 9 years now. They dogs do WONDERFUL and she gets a good nights rest with no snoring husband. She comes over at about 6 pm and leaves by 7 am. She loves it. Sadly, her health is diminishing, so we are looking at other people we can hire. Our admin at work sat with them over a long weekend and that worked great, but I don’t know about a long week.

    I do have cousins to talk too.

    Them staying in thier own home and yard is very important to me for their health.

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