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Try this at home

Posted by laurie on March 21, 2012

The bad news is: I have to mow the lawn. The good news is: I have to mow the lawn!

Yesterday morning, as usual, the boys went outside after breakfast. After a couple of minutes Stanley started to bark. And bark and bark and bark. Too much barking at 5:30 and I didn’t even know where he was because it was dark. “Oh, what the heck,” I tbought, “I’ll give it a try.” I opened the living room door and yelled “STANLEY! TREAT!” And to my amazement he came tearing back into the house a very happy and (still) hungry boy. A beagle miracle!

22 Responses to “Try this at home”

  1. Karen S. said

    Isn’t it great! They haven’t figured out that “cookie!” means come here!” (Stan is looking very handsome in that picture!)

  2. Kim Henry said

    Hmm, wonder if this isn’t a Beagle training trick. Stan could be attempting to train you to give him extra treats…. These Beagles are clever!!

  3. Harper said

    That’s the only way I can get my dogs in their room (that has their doggie door to the backyard) before I leave for work… “cookie” is my word usually to get them herded in… Sometimes treat, but usually cookie.
    Stan is looking very handsome!

  4. Susan in DE said

    Stan is so intense! (and handsome :->). Yeah, “Cookie!!!” was my one hope that if Josie ever escaped, that would get her back (Jordan actually listens to you, as much as one can expect a beagle to listen).

  5. Angela said

    I love you, Stanley! 🙂

  6. If they have a favorite squeeky toy – try to call them with that too. It usually works for me.

  7. Nancy J said

    nuthin says “come on in” like rattling the treat jar….Well, maybe “Supper!”

  8. ChristyACB said

    That is a simply gorgeous shot of the Stanlicious! Truly a beautiful doggie there.

    We use cookie too. When Gigi and Charlie are extra slow on their walks I say to Gigi, “You ready for a cooookie?”

    She walks faster and Charlie keeps up.

    Then I ask her, “You want a coookie with BACON on it?”

    She usually looks up at me, licks her chops and walks faster. Charlie usually looks like he wonders why and keeps up.

    Then I ask, “Do you want a Coooookie and Bacon Sandwicccchhhh? With Bacon and cookie and MORE bacon?”

    She almost always starts jogging from that point on.

    It’s not real pork, it’s those Beggin’ Strips, but we call it bacon. It’s hilarious and it pretty much works every time.

    • Gunner and Bailey's mom Anne said

      Hilarious, you need to make a video and post it on YouTube and here!

      I just even gently touch the lid of the treat jar and they come running in. Weeee. Isn’t Stanley the one with ‘selective hearing’? or is that Sherman? I forget.

    • Susan in DE said

      Hilarious!! Sounds something like the Ultimate Dog Tease video on YouTube (If you’ve seen this, you don’t mind watching it again. If you haven’t seen it, be sure you don’t have a beverage in your mouth while watching or you will spew it all over your computer):

  9. Beaglemom to Ben and Tito said

    Yep. “Cookie” and “treat” work almost every time.
    Unless, of course, they are particularily enthralled with whatever it is that is currently residing under our deck.

  10. Treat is the magic word here. I’ve noticed something lately when I’m outside with the dogs and John is filling the dog dishes. I thought Elvis was hard of hearing. But he hears that bowl from the farthest point in the yard and charges toward the back door.

    Elvis: The gig is up.

    • Harper said

      LOL. My Whisky Girl would hear me filling a glass with ice and come charging into the house for her “treat”. I use ice cubes as treats because they’re no cal and they like them….

  11. lois said

    “cooke’ & “walk” work for sherry – even when she’s escaped. Andy would come for “cookie” -if he was in the back yard. If he escaped, the only thing that worked was an offer of a car ride.

    I retire on March 30 – & sherry has put in her order for extra belly rubs & asked to assist me in preparing for Passover.

  12. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    Our Sweetums has her Daddy trained to give her a biscuit for going potty…is it any wonder she is 2 lbs overweight and the vet had a discussion with Dad!! Mom doesn’t give her any. Now when she scratches at the door, we say she is begging for biscuits!!

  13. Carol, Libby's mom said

    Our beagle, Quasi, trained us to give her treats if she would grab and run with a dish towel, bedroom slipper, dinner napkin, or anything else that was supposedly “forbidden.” We would then call out “Ransom! Ransom!” and she would return the item to us for a treat.

  14. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    “Cookie” or “yum-yum” work for us. When we go out to dinner, I’ll save something and bring it home. When we get home, I’ll tell the boys, “Go pee and get yum-yums!!” You’ve never seen dogs pee so fast! 🙂

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