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Open for discussion: March 22

Posted by laurie on March 22, 2012

43 Responses to “Open for discussion: March 22”

  1. Nancy J said

    My question to all of you in DD-land, if you care to answer, is why beagles? I wonder if Laurie would answer, too. What made you choose a beagle (or beagles)? For us, it started with Snoopy. My husband has always had a love affair with Charles Schultz and his cartoon beagle. With me, it was just meeting our very first, my sweet Shelby Louise.

    • Margie - Trooper and Lucy's mom said

      Anybody remember the Banana Splits cartoon hour many years ago? – they had a beagle named Fleagle and that started us on beagles – got our first in 1969 (and named her T.H.E. Beagle) – she lived to be 18 and we’ve had one ever since – have two now (number 3 and 4) I call the first one our Saint because she was pretty darn perfect compared to our other rascals(well almost – if you don’t count chasing squirrels and rescuing the roast beef off the table). To me, there is just nothing cuter than a beagle puppy and then they grow up to be the sweetest dogs ever.

      • Susan in DE said

        A child of the 70’s, I love it! Josie’s name comes from another 70’s Saturday morning classic, “Josie and the Pussycats” …. except our Josie barks at pussycats (And yes, I have rewritten the lyrics to the entire theme song just for her … I’ll share them some day).

      • ChristyACB said

        Susan that is hilarious. I’ve done the song thing too. We’ve got a slew of them for the various situations. Glad to know I’m not the only one who does that. 🙂

      • Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

        Na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah na na na na nah . . .

        Yes, I remember the Banana Splits, and I’m going to be singing the song for the rest of the day I’m sure!

    • JB & Cassies Mum said

      My husband and I visited the US on holiday around 2002 and whilst at Miami Airport we met with a Beagle working for the FDA, sniffing out food in traveller’s bags. This gorgeous little dog wearing a green FDA jacket came over to me and to my horror indicated I had contraband food in my bag! I had forgotten I had a bag of sweets in there I’d brought with me from England! Nevertheless we both fell in love with Beagles at that moment. In 2004 I was made redundant from my job and decided to take a few months off work, which is when we decided to get a puppy. When thinking about which breed to get we both remembered the little Beagle at Miami and that’s how we ended up with JB. In 2010 my husband retired and we decided to rescue another Beagle and we got Cassie from Beagle Welfare (an English charity that rescues and re-homes Beagles). They are both wonderful dogs, amazing characters and we wouldn’t be without a Beagle in our lives now! Love to fellow Beagle People in the US from England!

  2. Ximmi and Kammi said

    How can you not love the eyes with all the knowledge, and willingness to learn, the soft ears for listening to all your troubles and then ignoring you when a scent comes by, the white tipped tail so that you can follow until the scent is gone or you can distract them with a food scent,and of course the voice which your neighbors love at 5 am on a weekend. Then there is the beagle willingness to to cuddle up on a rainy day and just nap with you. And last but not least all the color combinations.

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

      Beautiful answer. My love affair started when I was young. 🙂 I grew up with dogs, first a very high strung Irish-setter, then Beagles. My love for them began when I was young. The gentle soul is what struck me. That, and their trusting eyes.

  3. Joan said

    We had beagles when I was a girl. My dad was a hunter. I have loved hounds from the get go. They have such personality. Loving and stubborn.

  4. Karen S. said

    Personality! Once you have one, you just run with it. Of course, I have a mixed pack now, but have one full beagle and a mixed beagle in the group. A little beagle goes a long way.

  5. Harper said

    We started looking for a Beagle when my mom wouldn’t give me my dog Rebar back 🙂 We were looking for a buddy for our lab. My husband always wanted a Beagle. That’s how I found BOTW ( looking for a rescue). We got lucky and found an ad in the paper for a 7 mo old female Beagle. There seems to be a dearth of beagles in our area of California. After we lost her to cancer, we couldn’t bear getting another beagle because it wouldn’t be our Whisky. Hence, the Basset 🙂

  6. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    When my parents got engaged, mom bought a beagle for her sister. (Dad’s best friend raised them). I guess Mom thought the beagle would keep her sister company since Mom was getting married. I grew up with Rusty, and have always adored beagles. I never questioned what kind of dog I would have. Turns out, beagles run in the family. I found a picture of a great-great aunt holding two beagles, and found out she used to raise them (which might be why my aunt always liked beagles).

  7. ChristyACB said

    For me it was pretty accidental. I’ve always loved hounds with their laziness, big voices and that dim-witted way they flip their heads around (you know the one when they just know there is something good but don’t know where and their ears fly out). Personality, cuteness…you name it; hounds have it all.

    Beagles are smaller hounds however and in suburbia where no fences are allowed a big hound can be unhappy. They need to roam a bit. So, Gigi the beagle was adopted. (She was 7 and pathetic after losing her lifelong human to brain cancer. He wouldn’t give her up and couldn’t take care of her well at the end so she was a hot mess.) Then Boscoe ….then Charlie.

    Well, I’ve gone Beagle and I can’t go back. They are just so special.

  8. Gunner and Bailey's mom Anne said

    I got Gunner the beagle because I wanted a small athletic dog that was low maintenance in the fur dept. I had never grown up with dogs so I was looking for an ‘easy’ breed as a first time owner. I also went with purebred as I wanted the full experience of raising my own from puppy and at least a good idea of breed profile (again a newbie). Gunner had terrible separation anxiety so found a local breeder and got Miss Bailey and I was hooked on beagles then. Now that they are 11 and I’m more experienced dog owner, rescue will probably be the way to go for me, although my vet always seems to have a litter of beagles around with their rescue group…. so tempting… I just love our daily sniffing expeditions and their snuggly personnality!

  9. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    My husband had a Beagle when he was a boy and it ran away (imagine that). We were looking for a companion for our Mix Breed, Hoover. Looking at the website of Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue, I saw our Barney boy. Had to have him. Then I started fostering for HBHR and Jodi was our first foster failure. Now I volunteer for an all breed rescue, E-Rescue Houston, but it seems that we always have a Beagle or two in the mix 🙂

  10. Eleanore said

    I always loved animals but our landlord said “no pets.” My mother never had pets when she was young but my father did, He was truly an animal lover. So when my parents bought this house, the first thing my father did was to bring home this beautiful Beagle, from the town shelter.. He was an older dog, but a great little guy. He even went on vacations with us. The next dog was a 3 month old Beagle. Then came Muffin from SOS and now Lucky and Heidi also from SOS. Can’t imagine having anything but a Beagle. They are precious.

  11. Susan in DE said

    My husband Rob and I both love the hound personality. We’d both been around bassets at some point in our lives (my teen years were spent next door to a basset named Humphry, who we could borrow whenever we wanted, and Rob owned one for a while before we met), but we both realized that’s a heck of a lot of dog, even though they’re short. Dachsunds were a little too small. Beagles are the perfect size — athletic, but you don’t need to take them for a 5 mile run and play frisbee with them for an hour every day to wear them out enough to keep them from destroying your house (If I could deal with a big dog, I’d pick a black and tan coonhound, or maybe a foxhound – we have a ton of the latter around here, we’re very close to Pennsylvania fox hunting/landed genty country). And as others pointed out, even though there is plenty of dog hair all over everything I own, they are relatively low maintenance for grooming (Wipe off whatever grossness they’ve rolled in with a good wet rag, and you’re good to go!).

  12. Lisa in Chicago said

    My parents got a Beagle puppy in 1971, a few months before I was born. Snoopy was a total sweetheart. Unfortunately, people didn’t know then what they know now about puppy mills; Snoopy had AKC papers but also had pancreatitis, chronic kennel cough, and epilepsy. He only lived five years. My parents were heartbroken and didn’t want another dog. I was too young to understand the sickness and only remembered Snoopy for things like racing up the stairs every day and pouncing on my bed to wake me up. I always wanted another Beagle and couldn’t imagine having any other breed. As soon as I was out on my own, I got a Beagle named Spot, who lived 12 crazy years. A year after he passed away, my husband and I adopted Ruthie…or she adopted us. Beagles are just ideal: they have such strong personalities and a sense of humor.

  13. My father was a hunter so we always had coonhounds, blue ticks or redbones around. At least that is what my father called them. They were all huge hunting dogs. We use to have quite a number of batches puppies from time to time also. He use to train them for hunting and then sell them. He also use to swap dogs from time to time. I never knew how many or what kind of dogs I would find when I came home from school. It was my job to help feed them and give them water. As a child of 7-8 , they use to knock me down in the dog pens and I would cry. My father would just laugh and tell me to toughen up. When I got married and we decided to start a family, I wanted to get a dog, first, to make sure I could handle the responsibility of taking care of something all by myself. We purchased a golden retriever because I heard that they were very good with children. Well, I kept the dog alive so then I got pregnant and things went along pretty well. We had the golden until he got cancer when he was 13 years old. I swore of dogs after that becase it hurt so much. I girl friend of mine had a beagle and every time I went to her house, he followed me around and cuddled with me. Their son even got mad because “his” dog paid so much attention to me. I just loved the way he was so affectionate.

    My mom died last year and as I was leaving her house, on the way to the services, I had to get out of the car to scrape the frost off the windows. When I got back in the car, there was a beagle seated on the front seat in the car, right beside me- straight out of no where. I had a heck of a time getting it out of the car. No one knew of any one that owned a beagle and she just wanted to stay with me. My sister said that is was our mother- come back to visit in the shape of a dog and wanted to go to church with me. LOL. Well, when I got home, I still kept thinking about that beagle. Since I was raised with hounds, I had always liked them. I didn’t want another golden – too big. Hounds were too big too. So to fill the gap of a broken heart over the death of my mother, I looked up SOS beagle rescue and got Buddy about 2 months later. One of the best things I ever did. He was wonderful at cuddling and helping to mend my broken heart. Everytime I look at him, I think I my mother and father. Now – last month, I just had to go and rescue Holly as a girl friend for Buddy. I am hooked !!!

  14. Scooby's Mom said

    When we bought our first house, I started researching different medium-sized breeds for about a year. I narrowed it down to a beagle or a jack russell terrier. My husband picked a beagle because when he was a kid, his neighbour had a beagle that came outside to play with his cat. So I checked the paper and visited the local shelter looking for a beagle, but couldn’t find one. The nearest beagle breeder was 5 hours away. It looked like it was going to be a struggle to find our beag. Until one day when fate intervened!

    It was a Thursday night and I had a gel nail appointment across the city. When I got there the receptionist told me that my nail tech called in sick, I should have been called about the cancellation but wasn’t. So now that I was all the way across the city, what was I gonna do? I decided to go to the nearest shopping mall and walk around. (A mall I don’t ever go to.) I entered the mall at Petland and walked past all the puppies. And there in the bottom window sharing a “room” with a basset hound, was my Scooby! He was on sale because he was a bit older than the other puppies, he was already 15 weeks old. He was wrestling with the basset and was biting the basset’s ears. The basset tried to bite Scooby’s ears back but they were shorter and he couldn’t reach! It was so cute! So the next night I brought my husband to see him and we filled out an adoption application and were approved! We had absolutely nothing ready at home for a puppy, not even a dish or bed! So he stayed there till Sunday, October 31. We brought him home and the rest is history!

    If I had been called about the cancellation for my nail appointment, I would have never found Scooby. I don’t like the idea of supporting pet stores that sell dogs, but I think we were meant to rescue him from there.


    • Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      Our two came from pet stores (before I knew any better… I was new at the dog thing). I too think we were meant to rescue them. We didn’t have anything for a dog either, it was an impulse stress related buy that I’ve never regretted!

  15. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Why beagles? My dog when I was growing up was a basset – dachshund mix, and 100% hound dog. People used to ask me if he was a beagle – some even insisted he was. Fast forward a few (hundred) years, and one night on a date with the guy who is now my husband, we stopped at a pet store next to the club we were going to, and spied a beagle pup. It was simply the cutest thing I had ever seen ever, and I resolved that one day I’d have one of those.

    So when that guy and I moved in together, we got a beagle pup, our beloved Kichwa Tembo, and I was completely and utterly hooked. We now have the two Adventure Beagles Lily & Gomez, and are contemplating adding a third because we’re nuts. We thought about another breed, or a mix, but I guess it’s “the devil you know” thing – my default dog is a beagle.

  16. Spunky's Mom said

    When I was a little girl, we had a beagle-brittany spaniel mix who was the best and sweetest dog ever. When I met my husband, he had a beagle named Snoopy – so right there, we were already drawn to beagles. When we started talking about getting a dog, we wanted a “real” dog – that is, no little foofy Paris Hilton dogs – but one that wasn’t too big. Beagles are the perfect size. We also were so drawn to their faces – they seem to keep something of that puppy look no matter how old they get. So based on looks alone – knowing nothing about personality or grooming or training or any other traits – we talked about getting a beagle if we ever got a dog.

    My husband came home one day and said he heard from someone at work that there were beagle puppies at a local pet store, so we had to go check it out. There were 4 – all female – and one of them just loved on my husband. I was hesitant to get a dog from a store as I’d heard it wasn’t a good idea (though I didn’t know then as much as I do now about puppy mills and such), but she was so cute we just couldn’t leave here there. We kind of argued over names – I wanted Lucky or Bailey, my husband wanted Zoom (who names their dog Zoom?!?!). Driving home, we stopped to see my mother-in-law and let the puppy run in the yard. It was as if she had never been outside running free before. She ran as fast as she could, stumbling all over and rolling over herself in the grass. My MIL said we should name here something like Spirit or Spunky because she was so full of it – and Spunky stuck. It was appropriate, as she was a very active, energetic, and terrible puppy. At about 11 weeks old, she had me sitting on the living room floor crying because she was so horrible and I was sure she hated me. She was bitey, a chewer, into everything, and never slept. We all learned a thing or two about raising puppies, and she mellowed out, and is now the love of our lives. I know she’s goint to leave us someday, and when she does, it will probably a beagle we get to fill in the hole she leaves behind. Or, maybe next time we’ll get two…..

    • Scooby's Mom said

      Scooby had me on the floor crying too! He chewed a blue marker and our carpet and linoleum was stained blue! Pet damage isn’t covered by our house insurance and cleaners weren’t taking the stains out. I know what you went through!

  17. laurie said

    I had two boyfriends who had beagles and thought they were great dogs. When Phillip and I were on our second date I mentioned, oh by the way, I’d love to have a beagle. Little did I know he grew up with beagles, and consequently he immediately proposed. I had to turn him down but when he proposed again two months later, I of course said yes. We bought our first house four years after that and brought Clayton home from SOS Beagle Rescue two days after we moved in.

  18. Baci's mom said

    A few months after our husky/german shepherd died, my late husband and I were contemplating getting a mature mixed breed dog from a shelter. His boss asked if we were interested in his four-month-old beagle pup. I think Baci was not quite what his wife was expecting in a dog (she bathed him several times a week — he came to us with lots of shampoo AND skin conditioner). We took him in, and he’s been a mixed blessing for 10 years. I don’t know if I would have taken him if I had known what I now know about beagles. He’s mellower now, as am I, and most of the time it’s good. Except for the other night when I found him munching on my glasses.

    Here’s a story that will make your blood boil but then will warm your heart. Baci and I were talking to a man working at a neighbor’s house. This guy has two rescued beagles. One was found when a highway department worker went to pick up a plastic bag littering the side of the road. The bag started to squirm, revealing a beagle puppy so young she hadn’t been weaned yet. Whatever immortal hand and eye led someone to find the bag in time, she’s now a happy, loved dog.

    • Baci's mom said

      I forgot to finish the story. This puppy bonded so closely with another beagle at the shelter that the man ended up with a twofer. The dogs were so miserable when separated that he and his wife took them both.

    • Spunky's Mom said

      I hope whatever immortal hand and eye led someone to save that puppy also leads whoever left it by the side of the road to their “just reward”. Inconceivable.

      • Harper said


      • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

        Me,too – absolutely.

        We got our first beagle, Bogie, from a guy at work. He, his wife, and kids thought a beagle puppy was so cute, but with work, school, and night-time activities they never had time for a puppy. (Never thought of that beforehand, of course!) He gave Bogie to us at age 7 months, with no potty training or training of ANY kind. We never had experience with a dog before and didn’t realize at the time there were dog training groups who could help. Bogie totally ruined our living room carpeting before we even realized he was pottying on it! He also became terribly overweight, as we didn’t understand the beagle tendency to overeat and gain weight. We learned a lot about having a beagle from raising our dear Bogie.

        When Bogie passed away from cancer we adopted Benny from a shelter. He never was overweight, as we learned our lesson with Bogie. Benny was a complete darling, and we had him for only five short years. After he left us, we adopted Cody from a shelter, and six months later adopted Henry, also from a shelter. Cody is currently taking an obedience class (for the second time in his life!), and I’m hoping I can get him under better control on a leash. The trainer suggested I get him a Gentle Leader, which I did. He currently “pitches a fit” when I try to walk him on it, but I’m hoping things get better.

        My sister and I love beagles, as they are so funny, friendly, and have those soft ears and big eyes. I just wish they weren’t quite so bull-headed — but then, they ARE hounds!

  19. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    After we bought our townhouse 15-16 years ago my husband kept talking about getting a beagle. When he was a teenager hIs mom had a beagle/basset mix named Clyde. My grandfather’s name was Clyde, so I thought that was a sign.

    About a year later I saw an ad in the paper for two beagle pups for sale. When I called I was shocked on how much they wanted and told my husband no way. He made me call back “just to check them out”. Of course they were so cute it was unbelievable. We couldn’t decide on which one, so picked the one that the owner said was the favorite because he was the Pack Leader. I didn’t know what a Pack Leader was back then….oh boy.

    We spent the whole day arguing about the name. The next morning there was an article in the paper that the same day we got the beagle pup the Alpha Chimpanzee at the Honolulu Zoo broke out of his habitat and chased the visitors around the park. They even had to close the zoo for a while. The Chimps name was Rosco. It was a perfect fit.

    He was still trying to boss us around to the end. It broke my heart when he died. I didn’t think he could ever be replaced. But then we got Oscar (the anti-Rosco) and then Spencer. I couldn’t have another breed! All the trouble they get into is worth it.

  20. Jake came to me by way of the Song Feed Jake….I had his name picked out for a year. I went to shelters in the DFW area and searched high and low for my Jake. I never found him. My sister had a beagle named Bubba and I thought he was cute but he was awesome and I didn’t want my Jake compared to King Bubba. Well I found an ad in the paper for beagle pups and I went to look at them. One little guy just looked like my Jake! I had found him! I play his song for him (even though he no longer hears it or remembers that it’s his song) and I am so glad I held out for the dog that fit the name I had choosen. It worked so well the first time that when I bought my house a five years ago, I decided I needed a beagle for each room of the house. I decided the next dog (on the advice of my vet) would be female and she would be LIly. The search started all over again. It didn’t take a year to find her but maybe we should have taken more time…anyway, 6 months after moving into the house, Lily came to join and run the pack. I already have the next one’s name picked out—the third beagle will be Hank. I haven’t started looking yet, but I will be ready when the time comes to search high and low for Hank. As someone said earlier once you go Beagle you never go back—how could you. They are like fine wine….they get better with Age!

    • Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      Beagles are like potato chips, you can never have just one! One of my favorite T-shirts says “I suffer from Multiple Beagle Syndrome” LOL it should also say “and I love every minute of it”

      • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

        I received a bag last Christmas that says:
        Rule No. 1: Obey the beagle.
        Rule No. 2: If beagle is being unreasonable, refer to Rule No. 1.

        Maybe that’s why Cody is taking his second set of obedience classes 🙂

  21. Nancy J said

    What wonderful stories. Thank you, one and all, for sharing these. Isn’t it great that such a fun, sweet, maddening, stubborn, lovable bundle of fur and nose can be the common denominator in all of our lives? And, we all seemed to have followed that bushy, upright tail straight to this site, just so we can share the trials, tribulations, and good times of being owned by a beagle.

  22. Gretchen Kasch said

    When my husband and I decided to get a dog we couldn’t agree on what type. He grew up with weinnie dogs and I grew up with big mutts. I wanted a Golden, he wanted a wennie,but we both thought a beagle would be a good dog because it wasn’t too big or too small. We knew nothing about beagles,but contacted an ad in the paper,and went out and got one. We knew nothing about beagles. I was shocked that you couldn’t let them off leash and that they really don’t come when called,but we fell in love with our beagle,Dilbert. We got Dilbert a sister, Frazzel two years later. We still have Frazzel (who was a guest DD),but Dilbert has been gone for 6years now. She was an awesome dog.but she drove me crazy at times with her obssesion over food!! She got me hooked on the breed.

  23. When my brother moved into his first house–not long after that, Heidi the beagle came to live with them. And after that Peaches (who didn’t stay, long story), and then Satchmo (Mo). Not long after they brought home Mo, my brother and sister in law divorced. Intitally, the ex ended up with both beagles, but then she dropped Heidi on my brother’s doorstep and we ended up getting Mo because my brother couldn’t find a place that would allow two dogs. They knew me, because I was chief puppysitter, but I didn’t have a dog at the time because I lived in a place that didn’t allow dogs. Around the time of the divorce, John and I bought my brother’s house, and adopted Linus, who was a beagle/cocker mix. He came to us with some sort of issue, we found out later, to do with his intestines, and died about 9 days after we adopted him. So, for awhile, we didn’t have any dogs and the house felt empty. And then we brought home Max. And not long after that, Mo came to live with us. Awhile later, my brother asked me to take Heidi (he was in the last stages of pancreatic cancer), so we had Heidi and Mo for some time…both are gone and I miss them…I miss all of them. Our current beagles are Abbey and Elvis (Elvis is a beagle/walker coonhound mix–think tall beagle).

    I love all dogs, but hounds in particular.

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