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Open for discussion: March 29

Posted by laurie on March 29, 2012

Carol, Eddy’s Mom asked: “How did you choose the boys names? (or were they already named?) There seems to be an ā€œSā€ pattern, aside from sweet Clayton.”

Phillip and I debated beagle names for several years before we had any (beagles). He was a huge fan of “Ruprecht,” a character in the movie “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” I was dead set against it. When we brought home Clayton we decided he was perfectly named (for the NJ town in which he had ended up in the shelter). A year later Spenser joined us and we thought that name was great, too. Scooter started his life with us as a foster beagle so we used that for several weeks. After we decided to keep him, I tried to rename him Sherman, but he really was a Scooter. Jump ahead to the new guys; I got to name Sherman and Phillip got to name Stanley (conceding defeat on “Ruprecht”). I’m not sure if the “S” thing was intentional or not. A few people have told me we should adopt a “Sheldon” after the character in The Big Bang Theory.

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