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Open for discussion: March 29

Posted by laurie on March 29, 2012

Carol, Eddy’s Mom asked: “How did you choose the boys names? (or were they already named?) There seems to be an “S” pattern, aside from sweet Clayton.”

Phillip and I debated beagle names for several years before we had any (beagles). He was a huge fan of “Ruprecht,” a character in the movie “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” I was dead set against it. When we brought home Clayton we decided he was perfectly named (for the NJ town in which he had ended up in the shelter). A year later Spenser joined us and we thought that name was great, too. Scooter started his life with us as a foster beagle so we used that for several weeks. After we decided to keep him, I tried to rename him Sherman, but he really was a Scooter. Jump ahead to the new guys; I got to name Sherman and Phillip got to name Stanley (conceding defeat on “Ruprecht”). I’m not sure if the “S” thing was intentional or not. A few people have told me we should adopt a “Sheldon” after the character in The Big Bang Theory.

29 Responses to “Open for discussion: March 29”

  1. Harper said

    Neat way of choosing names…

    Did anyone catch the news about the Basset in the UK that saved himself??? He got his neck caught in the phone cord And in trying to free himself dialed 9 over and over….when the operator heard gasping for breath, they dispatched an emergency crew and they found the Basset and untangled him.

  2. Sandy G. said

    We took MONTHS to figure out a name for our sweet Bela. I tried Daisy…he wouldn’t walk a dog named Daisy. We threw out all sorts of names and couldn’t agree. The day before I was to pick Bela up I demanded I have a name so I could talk to her on the long ride home. I said how about Lily? He said it sounded like a funeral flower; why not just call her dracula. Wa la! We named her Bela after our favorite monster Bela Lagosi! She was the sweetest most mischeivious beagle I’ve ever met and we miss her dearly. We adopted a second dog while Bela was still with us and we named him Boris after… guessed it, our second favorite monster Boris Karloff. Boris is a 7 lb. Chihauhau/pooldle mix and the BIG name fits the little guy. Can you tell we love old horror flicks?

  3. Susan in DE said

    That was one lucky Basset!

    When we got Josie from BREW, they were calling her Clarabelle, and that was just not going to stick. She had been a stray so she didn’t know the name, so no big deal. We spent about a day trying to pick something else and went through all the usual names — Casey, Daisy – aand stupid names — Digger, Tater. I started thinking of other animal names, and recalled the Quarter Horse I owned at one point who had been named Coyote, and he had a bunch of famous relatives (rodeo horses) with Coyote in their names … Gold Coyote, Flossie Coyote, Josie Coyote … and I thought Josie was good. Rob liked it because of The outlaw Josey Wales, and also, Josie Barks at Pussycats. :->

    When the opportunity to adopt Jordan came about 14 months later, he already had the name and knew it, and it wasn’t objectionable. It was fate that we were supposed to have him, they have the matching names and I get asked if they’re twins all the time because of their very similar size and markings. For the first two weeks when we had both of them, you had to look twice to be sure you knew which one was under your feet.

  4. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    My husband always wanted a Beagle named Barney. Barney answered to it, so we kept it. Jodi was already named when we tooker her in as a foster so we kept that.

    Hoover showed up on our doorstep one cold night in October. He was so hungry. We had cats at that time and all I had to give him was kibble and I threw in a couple of cans of tuna fish. He was a large boy. He sucked that food up, I told my husband, if he stays we are going to have to name him Hoover. It stuck, He was a very sweet man, gone way too soon.

  5. Phil said

    MY beloved spenser was a sheldon

  6. Kramer and Gandolf's mom, Kate said

    What a lucky Basset!
    Our guys we adopted when they were too old for a name change. 🙂 But, Kramer certainly fit Kramer when he was younger. Now, probably a Barney or Winston or something would fit. Gandolf, well, that’s an awkward name to call, but he knew his name, and he is mostly white (Gandolf the White from Lord of the Rings – I never saw the movies).

  7. Ellen said

    Shorty and Bentley were named because of their tails. Shorty’s white tip was cut off at some point before we got him. So he has a stubby tail. Bentley’s tail was broken and healed with a crook in it. Abby was named after the NCIS character. She’s mostly black, and very quirky. Hemi was the only name my husband and I could agree on.

    I do like the idea of adding a Sheldon.

  8. Lois said

    I also like the idea of adding a Sheldon.

    Sherry was named by our rescue group – the name fits her, so we kept it.

  9. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum said

    One of our Beagles is called JB because we originally decided to name him Jeremy Beagle. At the time there was a very popular English comedian called Jeremy Beadle, so it was a play on his name. However we decided we didn’t like Jeremy and shortened it to JB. Cassie is a rescue Beagle and was called Custard when we got her! She used to live with another Beagle called Roobarb, but we decided the name Custard just had to go!! So we changed it to Cassie, thinking it sounded a little the same, and she responded to it the first time we used it! She’s a pretty girl and deserves a pretty name – Custard certainly wasn’t!!

    • Susan in DE said

      Love it that Cassie responded to her name right away. About a week after we named Josie, I told Rob I thought I might have found out her real name, because she started hopping up and down when I said, “Lunch Meat” out loud. Actually, if I had better known her personality, I probably would have named her Audrey after the giant plant in “Little Shop of Horrors ” that was always demanding to be fed.

      • Harper said

        Lunch Meat …. That’s funny…. Actually that would be a good name for a hound…. I want to get a tiny dog and name it Kibble.

  10. Harper said

    JD the Lab was for John Deere (we’re in construction….originally, though I always say it was for Jack Daniels). Whisky Girl was originally Missy (yuck)… My husband thought Whisky was close to Missy so named her after the song he says is mine “Whisky Girl” by Toby Keith, Tang the Cat = orange cat and Tanquerey… Shotzy (get the liquor cabinet theme here?) schatsie (sp?) is little treasure in German so we “mixed” it up to Shot-zy…. And now Bartles who was named Barney by the rescue group… The construction foreman on my current job is Barney and I couldn’t get past that…. So Bartles for Bartles and James….
    I did like “Inger” for Ingersoll Rand (construction equipment brand) for Shotzy but Rick hated that….I also liked Honey (honey mead)…. No go on that one either.

  11. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    My new guy Saber/Sabre has had his name from birth, apparently, which is unfortunate. I don’t like the name, and the spelling is inconsistent which drives me crazy. The poor guy has had such a rough time I hate to throw more change at him, but I really want to change it to Mr. Peabody. He really looks like Mr. Peabody (from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons), and he’s smart, too.

    Maybe not smart enough to build a time machine, but who knows?

    • Harper said

      I say go for the name change… Love Mr Peabody… Cool name. New life new name and dogs are pretty adaptable….
      He might like the new name better….
      I too go nuts over inconsistency….

    • Susan in DE said

      I agree with Harper. I think Saber needs a new name for his new life, and if he looks and acts more like a Mr. Peabody, then he definitely shouldn’t be called Saber.

      • Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

        I think you guys are right – dogs are pretty adaptable and he is a pretty smart little guy so he should pick up pretty quickly.

        Who the heck names a *beagle* after a weapon, for pete’s sake?

    • Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

      I would say go for the name change. Ours have so many nicknames, half the time they don’t answer to their given names anyway!

  12. Martha Mathews said

    My daughter named our new girl, Ruby Leigh after one of the women who, in the late 1800s, founded her college sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Hayley said that Ruby was her favorite founder because she was apparently quite a character and jokester at Longwood College. We had also just lost our beloved Shiloh, and since the woman Ruby Leigh lived to be 104, it seemed like just the name we needed!

  13. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    When we adopted Sweetums from her college bound owner, I wasn’t sure the girl liked her as she was named Stinky. I liked Sweet Pea but hubby(who the beagle was for a present) named her Sweetums and sweet fits her. Sam was a rescue and was named Gus…too old fashioned and the picture they had of him was of him biting another dog’s tail and looking very mischevious about it. Since we already started with “S”, then it became Sam. Now for another dog, I would like Sophie but hubby is voting for Samantha and calling her Sam…..tooooooo confusing!!

  14. We rescued both beagles. They had the shelter names fo Cesar and Cici – we got Cesar first and since i had worked with a Cesar and did not like him- we changed his name to Buddy. When we were picking out our little girl, CiCi seemed to get along with Buddy, but Kevin had worked with a CiCi and wanted to change her name. We where trying to think of what name would go with Buddy. We had just watched the Buddy Holly movie the night before. We are not super big fans of his, but the two names go together. So we ended up with Buddy and Holly !

    • Sparky's Mama said

      I picked up on “Buddy Holly” from your prior posts – too cute! Teachers I know had a hard time picking baby names in light of their association with students; I can see that dog names would be similar. My extended family began names from Peanuts (Snoopy, Lucy) but put that on hold since our last two are adoptees who came with good names already! I picked Sparky’s name before I picked the puppy, so when visiting his litter, I called out “Who wants to be my Sparky?” For the poster earlier this week about how long to wait after one dog’s death to get another, I still think of Sparky every day almost four years later. Then in DecemberI said I’m ready for a new dog and the next day Bosco showed up. On Christmas night he nuzzled my hand for more petting just like Sparky used to do. The vet tech said maybe Bosco is Sparky in disguise, but I know they are individuals with Sparky whispering down to Bosco how to find us and how to act ( sometimes sweet and sometimes mischievous!)

  15. Joe O'D said

    Nothing is better than “Ruprect the Monkey Boy”! Sorry to disagree with you, but I think Philip should have held his ground on that name 🙂

  16. Scooby's Mom said

    Like Maureen (from her post on Mar. 22), I had Scooby’s name picked out almost a year before we got him. I had a dog (cocker spaniel/poodle mix) named Snoopy that passed away, and wanted to stay with the “cartoon dog name” theme. And boy is he ever a Scooby Doo! Just like the cartoon, he will eat anything and will do anything for a Scooby Snack! He is silly and cuddly and rambunctious at 12 years old. Wait till he turns 13 in July!

  17. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    When we adopted Cody we originally named him Bentley. Then we decided it was too similar to my dear Benny, who had passed away a short while before. We then decided to name him Cody. Then my sister said Henry would be a cute name for a beagle. I agreed, but said we had settled on Cody and Cody would remain his name.

    Six months later we went to a local shelter and decided to adopt “Bolt.” As soon as we decided to take him home I said, “This one will be Henry.” Henry had his new name by the time he arrived at his forever home.

    As I’m sure everyone in DD land knows by now, they are both dearly loved!

  18. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories. I think I’ve already told ours, so if it’s a repeat, please forgive me. When we brought Cobalt home, I was a manager of a jewelry department in a big department store. I was surrounded by pretty gems all day. Erich has a Bachelor’s and either his Masters or his Doctorate in Geology (or some form of it. He is always quick to correct me- but it’s all rocks to me! 🙂 He is working on his sixth degree (third Bachelors’) so it’s hard to keep track of what all he majored in). We decided to go with a gem/mineral theme. Since Cobalt is a blue beagle, we were looking at blue names for him. We tried Sapphire, and decided it would be great if the puppy we had just adopted was a female. So we decided on Cobalt. The next day, when I called my parents to tell them about their new grandpuppy, my father’s reaction was ‘what is a Cobalt?’ I explained to him what it is, and that it’s also a shade of blue. When we adopted Onyx, she was mostly black with very little brown. Deciding to stick with our theme, we tossed about Obsidian, but she was such a tiny dog, it seemed like an awfully big name to give her. So she became Onyx. Yes, we named our blue dog Blue and our black dog Black. I have said if we get another one, we should get a lemon beagle and call it Topaz, or one in the ‘red’ family and name it Ruby.

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