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Archive for March 30th, 2012

This and that

Posted by laurie on March 30, 2012

Susan in DE take note, here is photographic evidence that Stanley is not always “on”.

Nancy In AZ asked a few questions. “What’s in Phillip’s garden?” to which the answer is the hot tub. No garden this year. She asked when is Phillip’s next video, and that actually might be soon. The other night Uncle Bob came over while Sherman was sleeping. Phillip got the camcorder, Uncle Bob sat on the floor, and they woke up Sherm. There was much joyous celebration. Nancy’s last question was what am I reading. At the moment I am between books, catching up on the pile of The New Yorkers. My last two books were just wonderful. Somehow I missed reading “A Wrinkle in Time” growing up, and thought it was just fantastic. And I highly recommend “Defending Jacob” which is a courtroom and family drama. A compelling page-turner. says this reviewer.

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