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This and that

Posted by laurie on March 30, 2012

Susan in DE take note, here is photographic evidence that Stanley is not always “on”.

Nancy In AZ asked a few questions. “What’s in Phillip’s garden?” to which the answer is the hot tub. No garden this year. She asked when is Phillip’s next video, and that actually might be soon. The other night Uncle Bob came over while Sherman was sleeping. Phillip got the camcorder, Uncle Bob sat on the floor, and they woke up Sherm. There was much joyous celebration. Nancy’s last question was what am I reading. At the moment I am between books, catching up on the pile of The New Yorkers. My last two books were just wonderful. Somehow I missed reading “A Wrinkle in Time” growing up, and thought it was just fantastic. And I highly recommend “Defending Jacob” which is a courtroom and family drama. A compelling page-turner. says this reviewer.

12 Responses to “This and that”

  1. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Oh My Goodness. What a sweet boy. Love this picture.

  2. Rebecca Campbell said

    Stanley appears to be recharging. For the readers out there, I recently finished “The Dog Who Danced” and “One Good Dog”. They are well written character studies with dogs at the heart of them. The author is Susan Wilson. Not plugging anything, found them through my nook.

  3. beaglemusic said

    I didn’t read Wrinkle in Time until I was an adult, either, and agree with you that it’s wonderful.

  4. Joan said

    I just finished 1Q84. 900+ pages. It’s Japanese so it has lots of descriptive passages.

  5. Spunky's Mom said

    Just read “Eat, Pray, Love” a week or so ago. Did not expect to like it as much as I did – I was pleasantly surprised. (separate note – is there a way to make text bold or italicized or underlined in here? don’t like putting book titles between quotation marks….)

    If the title was changed to “Eat, Poop, Love” it could be about beagles!

    Love the image of Stanley recharging….

  6. Nancy in AZ said

    Thanks Laurie for the answers. Looking forward to Phillip’s new video.

    I always like to hear what people are reading and what they think of the books. I’m almost exclusively a non-fiction reader.

    One of the few books I have re-read a couple of times is The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl. If you think you’re having a bad day read what these people had to endure. I tried to read A Dog’s Purpose but couldn’t finish it because I bawled too much. I liked Pack of Two: The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs by Caroline Knapp. I just started the Steve Jobs book – after catching up on my New Yorkers. Love that magazine.

    Oh, and Spunky’s Mom, the way to modify your text is to use old-fashioned HTML. At the beginning of the text you want to underline type (without the quotes) “” altogether and then to turn it off put “” at the end. It you want to bold use a “b” and to italicize use an “i” in both places. Hopefully it worked above!

  7. Nancy in AZ said

    Guess my underlining didn’t work!

  8. Lois said

    I just finished Midnight Rising by Tony Horwitz. It’s about John Brown’s anti-slavery uprising in Harper’s Ferry. I don’t usually like non-fiction, but this is a good story.

  9. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    I read my books the old fashion way. No ereader for me. You go on and pick out the used books for $.01 and pay $3.99 for shipping?? Go Figure.

    Does anyone remember the Library Card?? My mom used to take me down to the library every summer and sign me up for the book club. You read 10 books during the summer and your name went up the list until it got to the top. No reward or gift at the end. Just the satisfaction that you read the 10 books.

    I read the entire Little House on the Prairie series during one summer. Loved them. About 20+ years ago I was talking to my (ex) boss about the books and she looked shocked. She said “you mean there were books?? I thought it was a T.V. Series” YIKES. And she is older than me. She should have known better, especially with a daughter. You think?

    If I can find A Wrinkle in Time for $ 0.01 on Amazon I’ll give it a go.

    • Rebecca Campbell said

      I lived at the library when I was a kid. Mom and I would walk to the library when the weather was good and come home with a wagonload of books for 2 weeks of escapism. The town that I currently live in has a very sad excuse for a library – built in the 50’s with little upkeep and evidently no funding. I do have a current library card, but I find it less stressful to look for new reads on my nook, or visit the brick and mortar bookstore a town away from here. People who don’t read worry me.

    • Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

      I still own the full Little House collection. In a boxed set. I bought the same set for my niece before she was born. My mother had read the books too, and used to read them to us. My sister reads them to her children now. My sister was named Laura because Mom loved the books so much! We both have literary names. Mine is for Little Women, another of Mom’s favorites (and one of mine- although I think I’m more a Meg or Jo!) 😉

  10. Susan in DE said

    Responding late because my employer actually allows one work day a year for volunteer work in the community, and I got to help with a local Habitat for Humanity project yesterday. The young man in charge of the project said I had, “mad ceiling painting skills,” at the end of the day, I’m guessing that’s a compliment? :->

    I love the photo of Stan recharghing (I don’t see the power cord … does it plug into the back end somewhere? ;->), and I cannot wait to see the video of Sherm waking up and realizing Uncle Bob is there, that’s going to be awesome!

    I, too, have kind of turned into a non-fiction reader. I’m usually plugging away at horse and dog magazines (how I ended up getting 4 a month is beyond me, I can barely keep up … Horse & Rider, Dressage Today, Practical Horseman and The Whole Dog Journal … oh, and the quarterly publication of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association, “The Voice”), and I’m always reading knitting and cook books. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and hate to say I usually end up just playing Mah Jong on it all the time, but my sister got me a few fiction e-Books that she liked, so hopefully that will get me started with some non-fiction on that (I am reading a rice cooker cookbook right now, it will be good to see if “how to” books are practical in an electronic version). I’ll have to check out the John Brown book that Lois mentions, we’ll be in the Harper’s Ferry area in a few months on vacation (Got to go there as a kid when we used to live out that way, it really is a beautiful place, in addition to the historical importance — same thing with Gettysburg and Antietam).

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