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Posted by laurie on April 9, 2012

It’s amazing how much stuff you have to pack just for one night when you’re bringing the beagles. The crate, two beds, dog food hidden way up front under the seat. This year we started a new tradition of going to Phillip’s niece and hubby’s (Gabrielle and Chad) home in Connecticut.

Chad is allergic to dog hair but the dogs were welcome anyway, with the proviso that they stay off the furniture. I swear, we did our best. This was during the seder. Moses did not arrive until just as we were leaving so I’m sorry I can’t share photos of him.

But how about this cute baby? He’s Coleman, Gabrielle and Chad’s 18 month old son. Who is going to be a big brother this summer…of twins!

And this is Shannah, Gabrielle’s sister. She just got married last month in New Zealand!

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