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Open for discussion: April 12 – 20

Posted by laurie on April 11, 2012

12 Responses to “Open for discussion: April 12 – 20”

  1. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Hi Laurie, hope you and Phillip have a great time in Jamaica, looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

  2. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    I want to thank Laurie for her tip she gave us a few years ago about how to induce vomiting in a dog. Spencer got into the doggie vitamins and ate almost a whole bottle, plus the plastic top.

    For you that missed the tip:

    Put hydrogen peroxide inside a plastic suringe (cheap from drug store). put suringe down beagles throat and push as much hydrogen peroxide you can down his throat. My suringe is 12 ml. I did this three times and within 20 minutes we had lift off.

    I did this once before with Oscar when he swallowed some small individual foil packet of peanut butter.

    It’s not pretty, but effective.

  3. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Donna- we had to try that last year. Erich thought Onyx had gotten a piece of aluminum foil that was covered in baked cheese out of the trash. Ok, not a piece. It would have been enough to cover a cookie sheet. So we tried the hydrogen peroxide, and after 3 times when she didn’t throw up, the vet said she was probably ok. We watched her closely for a few days, and eventually decided she hadn’t gotten it like we thought.

    Another tip our Vet has given us is to feed them whole wheat bread. When Onyx ate a used teabag (someone, who’s name starts with a vowel that is not A, seems to forget even after 10 years that beagles will put anything in their mouths), our Vet laughed and said to feed her a couple pieces of whole wheat bread and just watch her for any signs of distress. Of course, this is for things that they shouldn’t have eaten but aren’t really harmful. In the case of something very bad, you want it out immediately so you want to induce the vomiting.

  4. Karen S. said

    I would show them my oil bill. That at least makes me vomit.

  5. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Laurie and Phillip – Have a wonderful vacation! Shermie and Stanley – looks like you two will have a fun vacation, too!

  6. Karen S. said

    This comment thread will be VERY long by April 20!!!

  7. Gloria said

    Just a quick note to add to the hydrogen peroxide “remedy.” Our vet told us about this method and added that after the eruption that we could give our beagle a teaspoon of pepto-bismol to help calm her stomach. Having had to use this technique once, my recommendation is to do the process outside – its a violent foamy mess.

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