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The fastest 8 days you can imagine

Posted by laurie on April 23, 2012

Hi! We got home Friday night. Uncle Bob picked up the boys from Camp Lawrenceville so they were waiting for us. Huge thanks to camp counselors Courtneay and Lance, not only for taking such good care of the boys but for posting during the week so we could check in on our iPad (which I heartily endorse as a vacation Internet device). We missed the boys but never worried about them.

Anyway, yes, it IS this beautiful! We had a wonderful time. Cathy and Judy came with us and we met up with some people from last year. Unfortunately I could only dive once due to a cold I got right before we left, but there was still not enough time to do everything. I read two books: a science fiction book called Triggers (a big meh!), and Anne Tyler’s new novel, The Beginner’s Goodbye, which was wonderful. The food was equally wonderful, maybe even more so, and the weather was B+/A-.

I remembered this couple from last year. By 8 AM, they’d dragged their chairs close to the water and spent the next 8-10 hours in full sun worship, getting up only to rotate their chairs, have lunch, and (to their credit) reapply sunscreen.

When not in his pup tent or out for a walk, Stanley was glued to my side this weekend. Don’t worry, Stan! We’re staying home!

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