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Maggie, and the Deputy Mayor

Posted by laurie on April 25, 2012

There was one beagle missing in the photos that Courtneay posted – Maggie! Apparently she was a little camera-shy. But not here, in these pics from yesterday – Maggie’s 8th birthday. Happy birthday, Maggie! Courtneay said, “These are some shots of her waiting patiently to gobble up some shredded wheat (see foreground). In the second shot, she continues to wait patiently, but the chop-licking and uncontrollable drooling has commenced!” I think that Nabisco could use these in their advertising.

The Township Council meets twice a month and they broadcast it on the local cable access channel. The Mayor couldn’t attend last night so the Deputy Mayor ran the meeting.

I’m going to ask for his autograph!

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