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Open for discussion: April 26

Posted by laurie on April 26, 2012

11 Responses to “Open for discussion: April 26”

  1. I’ll start today – with a question to all of you beagles owners out there. It pertains to their behavior ( if you have two or more )
    I just recently rescued a second one, and have never owned two dogs at the same time before. I believe that my new female – Holly is the more dominat one- even though she may be about a year younger at 1 + as opposed to Buddy – who is 2+
    Buddy hates the rain. Holly does not seem to mind it all all. When she came in from playing out in the rain last Sunday, she was drenched. Buddy quickly ran over to her and as she sat there, he licked her all over, starting at the neck and worked down to the rump. Then she stood up and presenter her rump to him and he licked her legs and tail. Then she turned to face him and he licked her face and ears dry. I am guessing it was sort of a squeegie / drying sort of maintenance that I have only seen cats do, and usually not to each other. Buddy did this same ” ritual ” 3 times that day when she came in from outside dripping wet. The whole process took him about 5 minutes, as she just calmly sat there. I know he was not thirsty, because we have two full bowls of water in the house, one upstairs and one downstairs.

    Has any one else ever see this sort of pet grooming with with dogs ? He seems to just fall all over her and she just seems to take it all in stride. My son was laughing so hard watching him do this to her. He calls Buddy her little servant.
    Thanks , Audrey

    • Harper said

      JD lab does his own paw cleaning, but not much else. Bartles the basset too with the typical paw cleaning. Shotzy the German Shepard LOVES to “kiss” everyone, and will lick Bartles’ head in a sort of cleaning…. Shotzy also grooms (licks) the cat (male) who most often will calmly lay there …. The cat usually ends up with a Mohawk on his head. When all 4 of them are soaked from the rain, there doesn’t seem to be much grooming. They all just air dry. Thank goodness for wood floors 🙂

      • Susan in DE said

        When I was a kid, we had a GSD named Lady, who loooooved her little kitty-cat, Lucky (who loved her right back). Yep, she’d groom him and he’d end up with the dog-slobber mohawk, too. :->

    • Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

      We got Cassie our female beagle in June 2010; she was a rescue from Beagle Welfare and had always lived with another beagle. JB (our big boy) had always been an only dog and so when Cassie tried to clean his eyes and ears one day it was a bit of a shock! He also didn’t like her cuddlng up to him to sleep and always jumped off the sofa or bed if she tried to join him.

      Two years on and he’s now far more tolerant of her being up close and personal! He’ll let her rest her head on him to sleep and cleaning is sort of OK, although he’s still not sure! One thing Cassie has had to learn is how to play with humans because although she wasn’t ill treated in her former home, they never played with her or walked her much. JB has always walked and played, although he found doggie play a bit strange! So they’ve learned from each other about playing, although Cassie still doesn’t really know what to do with toys. She’s such a sweetie pie though, cuddling on the sofa with her is more than enough!!

  2. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    I haven’t seen that exactly, but it does sound like submissive behavior on the part of Buddy, and dominant behavior by Holly. From what I’ve read, it’s common for females to be dominant in a small group of dogs, and that’s how it is at my house.

    My older boy Gomez will often (as often as I let him) lick Lily’s tags – the plastic and metal jewelry on her collar. I assume in this case Gomez mostly likes the taste of all the stuff that accumulates on Lily’s accessories, but there’s also some kissing up involved too.

    I think it’s great that your two dogs are already good friends and have worked out their relationships in the pack.

  3. Nancy J said

    We have 2 females and 2 males (beagles, that is–the honorary beagle, aka, the doberman is a girl). Both girls are in-your-face pushy: they knock over the boys to get to food, treats, toys, and loving. We’ve always had multiple dogs and have never seen that kind of “grooming”. Shelby2 (the younger of the females) will clean others’ ears once in a while and occasionally you will see a one of them give a few licks to another ones face–that’s it.

  4. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    I have a male and female as well. The male was there first along with my Hooverboy (he was a 70+ mix). The only time we have “grooming” is when Barney is doing something that Jodi doesn’t want him to do, then she licks inside his ears until he goes away. Other than that they act like only dogs.

  5. Susan in DE said

    That’s something I haven’t heard before, Audrey. I know initially you were concerned that they’d get along, sounds like they’ve worked out who’s in charge. :-> Jordan was an only dog before we got him, so he’s always been a bit clueless about proper dog-to-dog etiquette and has gotten himself in trouble. He loves playing with people, but has no idea how to play with another dog. Josie doesn’t really play at all, although she has been known to flirt (but not with Jordan). They do interact, but no playing, snuggling or grooming together. It’s more like they sort of orbit around each other, or maybe it’s better described as swirling around like a school of fish or a flock of birds.

  6. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    I’ve got a male & female too. Cobalt (male) was here first, but Onyx is the dominant one. Cobalt will occassionally groom her ears. When Onyx licks him, it is a sign of dominance. For example, if I am petting him and she wants the attention, she has a ritual she goes through to get him to move. First she gives him a dirty look. When he doesn’t respond to that, she comes over and sits next to him. Then she sniffs him, like his presence irritates her. Then she starts licking. First the ears, and if he STILL doesn’t obey her, then she licks his nose and his eyes and works her way down his side (he usually leaves before this point). Other than that, the only grooming they do is Onyx grooms herself in a cat-like pose. She puts her paws over her head, licks them, and uses the paws to clean her face. Weird little dog!

  7. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    I have 2 males and they never groom each other. The cats, on the other hand, will groom Kramer but not Gandolf. Kramer’s more tolerant and patient.

  8. Tuckers Dad said

    My two girls Yuki and Niko groom each other all the time, they lick each others eyes and ears. They are sisters so they are the same age. Niko is definately the more dominant one. They are both 3. However, they don’t do that with our 11 year old Tucker. He is the top dog and occasionally lets the girls know it if they do something he doesn’t like.

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