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Posted by laurie on May 2, 2012

Phillip and I sat out on the Taj Ma Patio last night after dinner. The weather was splendid and there was not a single annoying insect to bother us. Stanley tried to get Sherman to play with him, but as usual he was rebuffed. So Stanley played with a stick for awhile and then burst out into song. By which I mean annoyance barking at any movement coming from next door. As Phillip says, “Stanley! Turn on your shut-up!”

10 Responses to “Woof”

  1. Harper said

    Yet another great picture!
    Shotzy will bark at the dogs behind us…. She chews at the fence ready to do battle…: this is my wimpy GS who cowers to Bartles and JD…. But protects with all her shepardness at anything she sees as a threat to her yard…. And we are always saying SHUT UP SHOTZ!…. Not that she obeys…. 😉

  2. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    I feel sorry for my Lily. She would love to play, but Gomez is mostly Not Interested in running around and having fun. I’m hoping our new little guy Mr. Peabody will be more amenable – he’s already pretty froggy at times.

    I’m really glad our neighbors don’t have dogs – Lily would be doing a lot more roooing.

  3. Cody and Henry's aunt said

    Cody and Henry bark their butts off at anyone walking past. Last night they were barking at the neighbor’s pit bull who was walking past (on a leash). The pit bull looked at them as if to say, “Come on over; I’ll take you both on at once.” Just want everyone to know, the owner is very responsible.

    • Spunky's Mom said

      So glad to hear there are responsible pit-bull owners out there. We have one in our area who apparently thinks it’s macho to walk his pit-bull through the neighborhoods off leash.

      • Cody and Henry's aunt said

        I have met a lot of pit bulls who are very sweet. This is not one of them, but, as I said, the owner is very responsible. He’s an OTR truck driver – gone for weeks at a time and the dog goes with him, so that’s another plus.

  4. Ximmi and Kammi said

    I have2 female beagles who protect the yard and bark at anything (people or beast) walking by. BUT you have someone come to the door knock or ring the doorbell and they just lay in the chair and don’t even react. No sound out of either one of them. Does anyone else have this issue? Okay it sounds nice but it would be nice to be alerted when someone is walking up to the door.

  5. We have a cute little french bulldog named Vegas who lives behind us. These neighbors do not have a fenced in yard, so they come out in to their backyard and walk her on a leash. She has to make a point to come to the back fence to see if my two are out and can play. My two do the same thing, they sit in by the window ledge and look for Vegas and then beg to go out to play with her when they see her. I feel sorry for her, because she is limited because her owners have her on a leash and she can’t run up and down the back fence. My two act crazy and chase each other and up to her and back again and up on a show for both Vegas the their owners. They love the entertainment.
    I guess that we don’t get enough visitors, because Buddy and Holly do not react to the door bell either. I have a security system and I have it programed so that when ever a window or door is opened it beeps three short light beeps. The two of them just love that. First they hear the garage door go up, and they pick up their heads and listen, then they hear beep beep beep, when the door opens and they know it is time to jump up and go and greet Mommy, or Daddy – or Matt. They always get so excited when they hear the beeps. When the door bell rings – no reaction. LOL

  6. Karen S. said

    for i = 1 to 1000
    response.write ( “Daisy Mae, Shut up!”)
    next i

  7. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    We will try saying that as we have our female who barks everytime the dog who lives behind us goes out! We have tried saying “Use your inside voice” but clearly she doesn’t have one!!

  8. Nancy J said

    Do you remember the the movie “Finding Nemo”? The one thing I retained from that movie is “goldfish memory”. You know–retaining something for 5 seconds, tops. Well, that’s my beagles. They see the dogs across the street, they bark, we hush, they go over to the other side of the yard. Upon reaching the other side of the yard, they turn around, see those dogs again and say “oh, look, strange dogs”, and off we go again. Goldfish memory. It pertains to many other aspects of our lives with beagles, but barking is number one.

    Oh, the doorbell thing?–Mine bark when it’s on TV; also, when they hear knocking. And, heaven forbid that a dog barks on TV.

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