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Posted by laurie on May 4, 2012

Most of you know this story, but it deserves retelling. Early on a Saturday morning not long after Scooter came to live with us I found blood in the hallway. An immediate check of all three beagles revealed a small chunk taken out of Clayton’s ear. It had to have been done by Scooter because there was no evidence of a fight and Spenser and Clayton didn’t play together. As you know, ears bleed like crazy and this was such a gusher that we knew he needed to go to the vet. Trouble was, the vet didn’t open for about an hour. So Phillip applied pressure, and kept applying, and kept applying pressure until he just couldn’t apply pressure anymore and off we went to the emergency vet. They of course have a large cover charge, I believe it was $150 just to walk in the door. They took Clayton back to have a look-see and when the vet came out he asked how important it was to us for the ear to be restored to its original shape, or could we live with a notch in it. Of course we could live with the notch, we’ll call him Evander Holyfield, which pleased the vet. Clayton was such a good boy that they didn’t even have to knock him out for the suturing. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some details from this story so maybe Phillip can chime in. That notch really became a part of Clayton’s identity. It was adorable!

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