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Open for discussion: May10

Posted by laurie on May 10, 2012

14 Responses to “Open for discussion: May10”

  1. Joan said

    Has anyone had to switch dog foods because of the Diamond dog food recall?

  2. Jeanne Kaiser said

    Yes, I am very concerned because more and more foods are being added to the list daily. Three out of the four foods I feed my dogs are on the list, although we have not gotten a tainted bag. I ordered Fromm dog food on the internet from yesterday. (free shipping on this site) Chose that because of several recommendations on a site I follow on Facebook. Many of these people’s dogs love it and it is made in only one place and there has never been a recall. It looks great, I’ll let people know how it goes with our 3 dogs. According to my email, the food is going to be delivered today!

  3. Susan in DE said

    We don’t feed any of these brands, so we’re okay. But for people who might not be aware of this, here is the official website with all the details (only dry food is impacted):

    This is a decent company that makes good quality items, I applaud them for doing this voluntarily as a precaution and being very forthcoming with the information.

  4. A friend of mine who does a lot of cat and dog rescue work warned me about food recalls or companies going out of business and recommened that I get at least two good dog foods ( dry ) and mix them together, so that if one company goes out of business or has a recall, I at least have the other food already in their diet. I mix Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken and brown rice and Wellness Super mix for small breeds. I also mix in at night 1/4 can each of wet/ canned food – Wellness – either duck or beef stew and 1 table spoon of canned pumpkin ( NOT pie mix ) My two love it. I am so glad that I listened – to my friend about not just using 1 brand of food – just for peace of mind

  5. Nancy J said

    We feed Taste of the Wild. With 5 dogs, we have to watch our pennies and TOTW is a good food that we can afford. It is included by the recall, but only a certain production codes. We checked ours and we are ok. It is terribly frustrating to have to go through this again, but, at least these companies are considerate enough now to put out the alerts and avoid more problems. Blue Buffalo is an excellent food, too. It would be my next choice if I couldn’t feed TOTW.

    • Harper said

      We buy natures domain (diamond) and so far haven’t had any issues. We tried Kirkland on the advice of a coworker, but it seemed to make my pups sick… I returned it with nO problems. Also california isn’t listed, but I’ll be checking product codes and dates tonight.
      I’ve been trying so hard to find good quality food at a reasonable price…. VERY DIFFICULT.

      And a late happy gotcha day to Ruby snd Martha!!!

    • Cody and Henry's aunt said

      We feed Taste of the Wild to our cats. I don’t believe cat food is in the recall, but I checked the product code and date anyway, and we’re good.

    • Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

      We feed Taste of the Wild, but I don’t keep the bags so I don’t know for sure if ours is affected. I guess I’m going to have to start cutting out the lot numbers or whatever from the bags. Fortunately I bought the latest bag after the April 12 use-by date noted on the recall website so it’s likely not included in the recall. Also fortunately no one has fallen ill. Yet.

  6. Susan in DE said

    You’re all probably tired of this, but once again I have to say how valuable I find my subscription to The Whole Dog Journal.

    $20 a year for 12 issues (it’s a monthly publication), or $30 for 24. In addition to training and health issues, they regularly have dry and wet dog food reviews. They do not sell advertising, so there’s no influence regarding any product recommendations. Also, these reviews will tell you where they manufacture, so you can see which brands might be using the same processing facility (To Audrey’s point, you might be picking two different brands without knowing they’re actually produced in the same plant!)

  7. Scooby's Mom said

    If anyone’s interested in some help finding good dog foods, here are a couple of sites that I found quite useful. Some of the info is a real eye-opener.

    You get to search for your dog food & read analysis about the ingredients.

  8. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I’ve been feeding Cody and Henry the Evo small bites dog food for several months now. I switched from Wellness because the small bites were easier for Henry to chew. Evo has a VERY high quality rating, and the boys are doing very well on it. They get the Evo dry in the morning and Wellness canned food at night. I also brush their teeth daily with Petrodex doggie toothpaste.

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