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Open for discussion: May 15

Posted by laurie on May 15, 2012

23 Responses to “Open for discussion: May 15”

  1. Nancy J said

    As we were getting ready for work this morning, I realized I could learn a lot from my 2 boy beagles. They are always wagging their tails. They seem very happy just to be here. I know I am projecting human feelings on my furry kids, but, I can’t help it. Dexter avoided a terrible fate when we took him away from his 1st master. He came out of paralysis with a herniated disc even happier than he was before. It’s like he realizes he got another chance at life.

    Scotty was a holy terror when we first brought him home. But, he didn’t know how to be a pack member. I don’t think anybody ever petted him, held him, or told him he was a good boy. And, I don’t think he got much chance to be outside. Now, he’s the first one there to get lovin’ and the first one out and the last one in. He’s happy as soon as he wakes up.

    I guess they’re trying to teach me to take joy in the little things in life; the things most take for granted. Cuz, those things aren’t always there.

  2. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Aww how sweet! I should take a lesson from them.

    I finally did the peanut “experiment” with Barney. He ate the whole thing, shell and all. Of course he wanted another one. Jodi just turned her head. LOL

  3. Karen S. said

    “Eat, drink, and be merry” is what my dogs go by. And they make me merrier too!

  4. Rebecca Campbell said

    What a great thread today! We have 3 Beagles and 2 mini-Dox who are always happy to see us. They wake up “smiling” and wagging their tails. Pete, a big hambone of a Beagle, did not want to get out of our bed this morning. He stretched, wagged his tail, did the full open mouth grin and just made me happy even though I was running behind as usual. Instead of getting stressed about it, I sat down on the bed and hugged him and rubbed his belly. It made us both feel good and I got to work in a better frame of mind than usual. They really do enrich our lives.

  5. Harper said

    Great topic! Shotzy girl is ALWAYS happy… JD and Bartles are mostly sleepy-content in the morning… Tho JD is grumpy when Shotzy begs him for attention in the morning…
    But all three are wiggly waggly happy when I get home from work and it always helps me let go of work stress.
    New bad manner from Shotzes girl… On Sunday with my mom and my in laws over she managed to table cruise and took a few nibbles out of the angel food cake my sister in law baked…. I couldn’t stop laughing…. I didn’t manage to catch her in the act so i couldnt scold her.

    • Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      Gotta love those food bandits. Last Easter Jodi took a piece of ham off the platter. oops πŸ™‚

      • Harper said

        The funniest part about it is that Shotzy is not food-driven. She’s a German Shepard (not a Beagle or Basset πŸ™‚ )….

  6. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Our two always have waggy tails whenever you speak to them or even look at them, especially Cassie. I think she was born wagging her tail! They always greet you when you’ve been out as though they haven’t seen you for years, even though it’s generally only a couple of hours! Guess Beagles are just happy dogs ………….. !

    • Karen S. said

      I had a beagle once named Holly who wagged her tail for anything and everything. She was such a sweetheart! Her nickname was wiggy-waggy.

  7. laurie said

    Clayton’s adoption listing included, “happy-go-lucky with a tail that never stops wagging.” So true! He was such a happy boy.

  8. Spunky's Mom said

    Spunky seems filled with such joy…….joy because we’re home, because someone’s visiting, because she gets to go outside, because it’s supper time, because she heard a bag crinkle and there might be a treat in store. They certainly know how to live in the moment, don’t they?

  9. ChristyACB said

    Mine are also joyful souls. So wonderful to be like that. I’d love to be a coddled beagle for a life!

    Mine are sleepers though. They sleep until it is absolutely required to get up and then they loll about, making strange noises and groans and gruntings in protest.

    When paws hit the floor, however, it’s all smiles and wags. πŸ™‚

  10. Kramer and Gandolf's mom, Kate said

    I have learned from my boys. Kramer, he approaches life so full-heartedly and light. He’ll try anything, and excell at it. Gandolf, my abused boy from another family, is so reserved, and assumes strangers are still going to hurt him. When we first adopted Kramer, he had seperation anxiety so unbelievably bad that my husband and I seriously considered taking him back. We worked with a wonderful trainer, and now – well, y’all know he’s the canine love of my life. πŸ™‚
    Gandolf has learned to trust, but he’s very cautious, and has never had the full bond with my husband and me. I love them both, and they, too, are the most joyful souls when it’s just our pack. They wake and are happy, they go to bed and are just the same. Certainly easy to project human feelings, but those wagging tails, and the smile on their face makes it hard to not assume they are happy. πŸ™‚ Love my guys!

  11. Harper said

    When we first rescued Bartles, it seemed that he looked so sad… but then I figured, it’s just the Bassett face/expression. However, it seems to me that in the last month or two, he seems to have a happier expression…. After I throw the ball for Shotzy & JD (Bartles is SO NOT into playing ball/fetch, although sometimes he’ll grab a kong or tennis ball and go careening around the yard like a crazy bat out of hell, with a skip “jump start”), I take him out front for some “Bartles Time”. He’s off leash and I’m very careful to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t leave the yard. And when I call him to me, he does the “skip jump start” and runs to me with a happy face; he has that same happy face when I get home…. those of you who know Bassetts, am I just imagining this????

    • Nancy J said

      No, you’re not imagining anything. Our basset, Stacey, would get that happy face too. Even with all those lips and wrinkles, you could tell there was a smile under there. And, when she would look up at you and do that head-shaking “roo-roo-roo”, there was a twinkle in the eyes and a rascally-look to her. Oh, how I miss our “Roo”.

      • Harper said

        Oh good. I was hoping that was the case. Perhaps Bartles finally knows he’s forever home. Although he does love truck rides… If we leave the truck door open, he’s in before you can say Bart….even if were not going anywhere

    • ChristyACB said

      Nope, you’re not imagining it. Charlie may only be part bassett, but it’s all over him! Like a smaller version of one. When he lifts that head sideways and careens off sideways toward me it’s like a big joyful lightbulb goes off in him. So cute and funny. He does the skip jump start too so I wonder if that is a bassett thing? And then their bow legged little jiggly butted bouncy step when they are happy, omg..the cuteness of it all!

      • Harper said

        Christy, you nailed it!!
        Sideways…. And jiggly butted bouncy step ….
        Too funny….

  12. Nadine Wiseman said

    I wrote this when we had our bassets:

    Things I learnt from my Basset Hound

    If someone wants you to do something you don’t want to do, dig your heels in. If necessary, lie down.

    Never stand when you can sit. Never sit when you can lie down.

    Remember two pillows are better than one and three are better than two.

    If you feel like sleeping in instead of exercising, sleep in!

    Cleanliness is over-rated – hide, don’t wash

    Beware of looking up at the stars. You might miss something very interesting in the gutter.

    If you feel like going home, just turn around and go!.

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