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Open for discussion: May 17

Posted by laurie on May 17, 2012

14 Responses to “Open for discussion: May 17”

  1. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Greetings from England! Has anyone else experienced Beagle Tail? Our rescue girl, Cassie, has had a couple of episodes where her tail hung down limp and seemingly paralysed since we got her two years ago. Over a couple of days it improves, until it’s back to normal. We couldn’t understand what it was, although the second time she had it we gave her a quarter of a paracetamol tablet and she became brighter almost straightaway. Anyway, a few days ago I bought a doggy magazine and it featured an article on beagles and their ailments. It described a condition called Beagle Tail, which explained this affliction exactly! It seems sometimes beagles can shake themselves quite violently, usually when they’re cold and wet, and the nerve endings in their tail can become concussed, almost like bruising. Apparently it is painful, which is why when we gave Cassie a painkiller the second time it happened she perked up quite quickly (although the tail remained limp for a couple of days). It’s something peculiar to beagles and it clears up on its own. JB has never suffered from it but it appears Cassie might be prone to it – at least we know what the problem is now! I was worried it might be a spinal problem or we even wondered if she’d had a broken tail at some time in her life. So now we know what to do if it happens again – thought I’d share this in case anyone else has been puzzled by a poorly tail!!

    • K - Bode's mum said

      Interesting! We have seen something similar in Bode. It only happened once, and we had no idea what had happened – we just knew that he appeared to be severe pain. It cleared up on its own after a few days.

  2. Scooby's Mom said

    Wow, never heard of Beagle Tail before. Good to know about it though in case we come across it in the future. Thanks for passing along your knowledge!

  3. Susan in DE said

    Julie, that’s interesting. I had not heard of that, although I do know of dogs that have had tail injuries that have caused them pain, and then difficulty squatting to do their business while it was healing (my friend’s dog had his tail caught in a slamming storm door … just bruised/concussed, but still painful).

    If Cassie is prone to it, perhaps there’s something not properly adjusted in her spine and chiropractic might help? Both Josie and Jordan go to a chiropractor every few months, and it does help them. I might actually be looking into acupuncture or physical therapy for Josie, who’s about 12 years old. She’s been having occasional bowel incontinence in the house, and when walking on leash, she basically keeps moving while relieving herself. And now she’s started doing that while urinating as well. I’m not sure if she has hip pain and/or a loss of feeling and she either doesn’t entirely realize she’s not done yet, or it’s painful to “hold the pose” for more than a few seconds. I might not have thought about addressing this right now, but she recently had peed in the house a few times (I think it’s related to the allergies we’re treating her for, she tested negative for a UTI), and I have to get out the rug shampooer every time because it’s an 8′ long trail rather than just a simple puddle to mop up. *Sigh* … the trials and tribulations of aging dogs.

    • Nancy J said

      Susan, I am experiencing the same problems with my present Doberman. However, besides being elderly (she’s 13), she has Wobblers. She will sometimes poop in the house–but, many times I don’t think she knows what’s happening. When she lays down or tries to roll over, it’ll squirt out. Outside, she poops on the move–she can’t squat.

      She piddles now and then, too. It’s mostly just dribbles.
      Yeah, having aging dogs is more work and worry, but they are sooo worth it.

      I urge you to try acupuncture. The dober gets spinal manipulation and acupuncture. I firmly believe that these treatments are the reason she has been able to keep going for 6 years. She seems much better after having one.

      • Susan in DE said

        Thanks, Nancy. I’m leaning towards trying acupuncture. Jordan went to physical therapy two years ago, after he had vestibular syndrome. It wasn’t going to really fix his dizziness, but he had a bit of hind end weakness and it did help him to get stronger and not stagger so much. Eventually he stopped being dizzy, but it took a whole heck of a lot longer for him to recover than the “few days” that is normally expected (and he was one of the rare cases where it reoccurred … lucky us).

  4. Nancy J said

    Wow, I’ve never heard of Beagle Tail. Nor have we had any problems like that. We had a similar situation, however, with our 1st Doberman. Sammi had a full-length tail; no one docked the litter she was in. The first year of her life she went through that same thing. 3 times. She was miserable–and so was I, since I was up with her all night. We gave her a baby aspirin and after a day or two, she was better.

    She probably hurt her tail sort of the way your beagle did. She wagged a lot, hit a lot of things, and chased it a bunch.

  5. laurie said

    Spenser had this once. His tail drooped for a few days, then he was fine. I’ve heard it “cold water tail”, and Wikipedia has even more names for it:

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

      It happened to our guys too. Cold Water Tail. Gandolf once when I gave him a bath with the hose (it was warm out, but I guess the water was still too cold) and Kramer had it once when he went wading in a fountain long ago, in his younger years.

  6. Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Jodi has had this twice. Guess some are more prone to it than others.

  7. Patr said

    George had down tail syndrome and one of his anal sacks was infected, so when it happens be safe and get their anal glads checked. I have had 3 beagles and one Bassett and all of them have had anal sack issues at one time or another.

    But good information about other tailments. 🙂

  8. Beaglemom to Ben and Tito said

    Tito had it last fall. I think the vet called it frozen tail (maybe cold tail). He was on Metacam for a few days and was back to normal.

  9. Harper said

    Thanks for the good info. Bart’s tail looks like its bent in 2 places and naturally hangs down unless he’s wagging it…. He came that way, so not sure if he had injury to.cause it.

  10. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Onyx had it once when she was maybe 3 or 4. We had bought a nice stainless steel tub (think old washtub) and thought it would be better to bathe them outside in it. It was a very warm sunny day, but we used the water from the hose which you can’t control the temp on like you can in the bathtub, and apparently it was too cold. So after that, they get washed in the tub in warm water.

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