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Biker beagle

Posted by laurie on May 21, 2012

On Friday morning the boys were outside after breakfast and I was drinking my coffee. I heard a single piercing shriek from Sherman which is his trademark hunting noise. Then silence. A few moments later I saw him heading to the doggy door with what appeared to be Mr. Unstuffed Raccoon toy in his mouth. Except it wasn’t Mr. Raccoon. Sherm came inside with what now appeared to be a dead bunny in his mouth. I grabbed him and yelled for Phillip who ran downstairs and blessedly took over. He managed to pry open Sherman’s mouth and the dead bunny dropped to the floor. Except it wasn’t dead, it was alive and quickly hopped under the couch. Phillip beat the beagles to it and brought it outside on the other side of the fence. I washed my hands for the next fifteen minutes (just kidding!) and Sherman thankfully went back to bed.

This is our friend Cathy on her new motorcycle! Doesn’t Sherman look tough up there?

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