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Biker beagle

Posted by laurie on May 21, 2012

On Friday morning the boys were outside after breakfast and I was drinking my coffee. I heard a single piercing shriek from Sherman which is his trademark hunting noise. Then silence. A few moments later I saw him heading to the doggy door with what appeared to be Mr. Unstuffed Raccoon toy in his mouth. Except it wasn’t Mr. Raccoon. Sherm came inside with what now appeared to be a dead bunny in his mouth. I grabbed him and yelled for Phillip who ran downstairs and blessedly took over. He managed to pry open Sherman’s mouth and the dead bunny dropped to the floor. Except it wasn’t dead, it was alive and quickly hopped under the couch. Phillip beat the beagles to it and brought it outside on the other side of the fence. I washed my hands for the next fifteen minutes (just kidding!) and Sherman thankfully went back to bed.

This is our friend Cathy on her new motorcycle! Doesn’t Sherman look tough up there?

24 Responses to “Biker beagle”

  1. Ellen said

    *Gross alert* It could be worse. Shorty once barfed up part of a rabbit. I’m the one that had to clean it up.

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    What an experience for the bunny to tell his grandkids!
    Love the pic of biker Shermie! All he needs now are a black leather jacket and cap and a pair of doggles.

  3. Yes- ’tis definitely baby bunny season around here too. Buddy and Holly almost got one too – thank God it just slipped though the fence , just as they both got there. I like the way you describe the single pierceing shriek as their hunting noise. I am coming to recognize it too. The first time I heard it, I thought one of them was hurt. It now reminds me of a frustrated type of noise , as their prey gets away.

  4. ChristyACB said

    Poor thing. I’ve been doing the distraction dance while walking with Gigi and Charlie a lot lately. At least the bunnies around here are smart enough so that when they see us coming they freeze so I can do what I need to do. πŸ™‚

  5. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    That is a way to start a Monday morning! πŸ™‚ At least the bunny lived to tell the story!
    Nice picture. Awesome, awesome bike.

  6. Steve said

    Don’t feel bad. A Basset hound I knew brought a field rat in his owners’ house, and the rat wasn’t a “dead parrot”. It sprang back to life and burrowed into the innards of their living room couch. After much screaming, they dug the field rat out of the underbelly of the couch, took it outdoors, and dispatched it accordingly.

  7. Susan in DE said

    Initially I thought, “Sherman? Really? I would have expected Stan, but not Sherm,” and then I remembered he was the relentless baby bird killer the other summer. Mild-mannered Sherman’s evil alter ego is, “Beagle Death Star.”

  8. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    When Lily and Gomez were young – probably about 4 – 5 months – I took them with me to the pet food store. We went strolling in and encountered a pen of baby rabbits right there in front of the Iams display. I’m still not sure what the heck the guys at the store were thinking, but the beags were *extremely* interested in the bunnies.

  9. Donna, Osca & Spencer said

    What. No video?

  10. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Bunnies abound in our yard this year, and last week one night Erich said ‘aww, come look, there’s two bunnies out here’. Which was immediately followed by swearing as he realized they were eating his freshly planted pepper plants, so the beags were sent onto the patio to scare them off (they did… temporarily). The bunnies got away, and with any luck, now that we have fencing around the peppers, the plants will live.

  11. Gunner and Bailey's mom Anne said

    Our one dead bunny incident this year was when we dogsat our neighbour dog Lola, who is a shepherd mix. I told the beagles they would lose their beagle card! oh and I used to put Gunner in a backpack when he was a puppy and hold him between my ex and I while going on the motorcycle. He loved it!

  12. Gloria said

    While I thought the photo of your friend and her motorcycle was cute, it would have been fun to have a shot of Philip trying to catch the bunny and keep the beagles away πŸ™‚

    • Sue ~ Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      hehehe. Guess its too hot and definately not enought wooded areas here in Houston. No bunnies around us. Jodi did get a bird last week. She was so proud 😦

  13. Spunky's Mom said

    Two babies survived after Spunky got into the nest a few steps from our back door. They finally left the yard last week – much to everyone’s relief. Spunky has free run of her yard again, and I don’t have to watch her eat tiny bunnies or “finish off” ones she has injured. She saw one of the survivors just beyond the fence in the neighbor’s yard the day after it left, so now she spends all her time outside walking the fence and sticking her nose through to sniff. I keep telling her the bunnies are gone, but she’s convinced they are right there, just beyond her reach!

    And Sherman, awesome, super-cute Sherman, in leather on a motorcycle would almost be too much coolness to handle – kind of like the James Dean of beagles!

    • Karen S. said

      Biker Sherman looks much cooler than his brother did on that lawn mower a while back (and riding with his Mommy!). Sherm probably reminds him of that every day.

  14. Karen S. said

    When I took my first beagle Barney to the “Blessing of the Animals” he showed great interest in someone’s pet rabbit. I convinced him that it was a nice kitty. It was a peaceable kingdom, (for that afternoon anyway).

  15. Harper said

    Tang the cat working in tandem with either Bartles Basset or Shotzy Shepard got a gopher a week and a half ago; the gopher was still alive, so I yelled for my hubby who promptly whacked it with a rake. No more gopher.
    Then this morning, Tang brought in a bird, and Shotzy had been carrying it around (the poor bird, still alive, was covered with dog drool when my hubby put it outside).
    After that early early morning episode, Tang spent the rest of the morning cruising around the stereo area… he must’ve brought something else in. I can’t wait to find out what it was… 😦

  16. Harper said

    Postscript: very gorgeous motorcycle and a very dashing looking Sherm.

  17. Carol, Libby's mom said

    Your friend Cathy and Sherman look great on the motorcycle. My first thought was of the movie “Easy Rider.” With a black leather, or, even better, a faux leather jacket he could look like Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper. With a football helmet he could be like Jack Nicholson. I can almost hear Shermie aaarrroooing “Born To Be Wild.”

  18. harperlea said

    Just testing to see if my new avatar shows up…

  19. beaglemusic said

    Elvis and Abbey have been hanging out at Stoneleigh (the hospice house my husband is now in) quite a bit lately. It is beagle nirvana. Bunnies and other wildlife abound. Those bunnies seem to know that the beagles cannot get them through the glass door leading out to John’s patio. So, in the evenings, they hang out by John’s door and tease our two. Abbey doesn’t seem to care. Elvis wants. the BUNNIES. NOW! He tells me he is VERY jealous of SHerman and wants hints as to how he can get his own bunny toy when he doesn’t have a doggy door.

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